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Battlefield 4: DICE has found a “solid fix” for headshot glitch, will push it out ASAP

Battlefield 4: DICE has found a “solid fix” for headshot glitch, will push it out as soon as possible (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

r3f1cul  +   729d ago
ive felt like this game had some i guess fluke type moments in it, now just some more netcode work and a few weapon balances this will be truly great IMO, also it goes without saying the sooner the better
SolidStoner  +   728d ago
"Last week, we posted that Battlefield 4 had an annoying one-hit kill bug that irritated some (most?) players since that meant, y’know, that their character bit the dust after getting hit with on bullet on the head even at full health."

does it mean now that killing someone would require 2 bullets in the head? really? I dont play multiplayer shooter when you need to shoot 2 bullets in the head.. thats why I chose hardcore mode in the first place... was that even a glitch? or some kid figured this out and other kids shout "yaaaay, this needs a fix asap".. lol when did real players miss this part.. lol they probably played BF4 at that moment.. sadly they soon find out that shooting someone in the head will require 2 or more bullets in the eye ball, if you shoot the alien type skull it will require 100 bullets... did I get it right?
zeee  +   728d ago
wait so they want to make us shoot someone twice in the head? what? wtf?
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Detoxx  +   729d ago
Kudos to DICE for working day and night to fix the game.

It's all because of EA that the game launched flawed.
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AllroundGamer  +   729d ago
so you're new to BF games? probably never enjoyed the quality of DICE updates right? because they only bring more bugs and fix almost nothing just like in BF3. But why listen to me... just read all the lovely comments on the battlelog. Dice programmers are crap, and now considered as the worst developer, they can shake hands with EA, lovely couple.

@venom06 that is definitely the truth, simply read the battlelog people what they have to say, you know the gamers.
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venom06  +   729d ago
that not true at all.. DICE is defiinitely one of the better devs out there that are quick to fix bugs and glitches when brought up by the community..
tutt22  +   729d ago
You must be a COD Fanboy.
AllroundGamer  +   729d ago
tutt22 i would consider me more of a BF fan, since i played them since the first BF1942 one. But with BF4 it's the last time i give DICE my money and many gamers will do the same.
Detoxx  +   729d ago
I've been playing Battlefield for 10 years, I wouldn't consider myself new.

This time around it really does seem they work the problems out without creating 5 more in the process. The game will be fully fixed within a month time.
Nintenja  +   729d ago
Stop posting and get in front of my cross-hairs ya noob.
SolidStoner  +   728d ago
meanwhile, Im having no issues on my ps3.. lol never stopt working, never crashed, no lags.. it is almost perfect.. (besides that it is on PS3 and the PS3 isnt fully capable to show everything BF has to offer, it is quite limited...) but it works!!!

sadly I know that PS4, XBO and PC are having problems...

but it will get fixed, it always is fixed.. the game is a bit rushed, but there will be alot of updates like always!!

Just have fun with it, its very BF like.. and it feels good!
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smash1031  +   729d ago
Shouldn't you die after getting shot in the head? Not sure if they should fix this.
Mr7Beans  +   729d ago
Yes, but this is a game after all.
VENOMACR1227  +   729d ago
It's a game but it's not supposed to be an arcade game. COD to me is more of an arcade style. It should be 1 shot in the head and your dead, simple. Not that your head can take multiple bullets. Give some type of a reward for people with good aim.

Sniper are supposed to camp. Would you like them to run around with a bolt action sniper in the middle of battle? You find a good spot and pick people off. They aren't assault guys.
HeyYouGuyz  +   729d ago
I second that. I hate being a sniper, shooting someone in the face and they live. Doesn't make sense.
tutt22   729d ago | Immature | show
VENOMACR1227  +   729d ago
Not to mention the real snipers are bolt action, and the beginning sniper sucks. One shot, they live majority of the time and by the time you get another round in the chamber, enemy has run off. Sniping is really more of a chore then being fun.
Detoxx  +   729d ago
You don't get it. With this bug you can basically kill anyone at any range with 1 bullet to the head, even with a pistol.
HeyYouGuyz  +   729d ago
And in real life that's what would happen, so I don't see the issue.....
bmwyaseen  +   729d ago
Bf3 is better than bf4, bf3 was completed game at lunch camper to bf4 lunch I really hate EA because they forced Dice to lunch the game.
TheNocturnus  +   729d ago
You must be hungry. It's lunch time!
deadie  +   729d ago
Adexus  +   729d ago
Can't wait for them to release a patch that'll break more things than it fixes.
T2  +   729d ago
Yes as others mentioned dice always find the need to nerf and buff guns on every patch, usually wrecking the game more.. don't they actually use beta test?
Slysi  +   729d ago
Can't wait for the fix that stops the Xbox one from constantly crashing
AllroundGamer  +   729d ago
it's crashing on every platform, it's the main feature of the game :/
VENOMACR1227  +   729d ago
"Usually you gotta pay extra for that Cotton" (Dodgeball movie)

Yes, it's extremely frustrating to being in the middle of a game and get kicked to the dashboard. I've played roughly 15 games and got kicked probably 10 times. It's also nice when the game stutters when your running or driving.
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Skate-AK  +   729d ago
Weird. I have never crashed on PS3.
Prototype_79L  +   729d ago
So the supa-dupa realistic shooter, will eliminate the one headshot kill, great. And you can't join games as a squad? I will think twice if i want to buy ths for my PS4. As i read, it is again full of bugs and yet CoD:Ghosts get talked shit all the time.
JustInTlME  +   729d ago
Ummmm….if you shoot someone in the face they SHOULD die...
Pandamobile  +   729d ago
That's not how game design works. This isn't Counter Strike.
xxxsiegezzz  +   729d ago
Not rapid firing smgs..
bondsmx  +   729d ago
Game has issues sure, but when it is working right, it's a thing if beauty. Fix the crashes, fix the one hit kill, and this game will be incredible, as most BF games tend to be. While most BF games are a little rough at launch, this was the worst, I'll agree on that. But, when it does run right, it's something awesome. I'll keep playing until they fix it, but I'm looking forward to the day it runs correctly!
BobBelcher  +   729d ago
Is there a 'hardcore' mode for BF4?
LordDhampire  +   729d ago
Yes sir, all I play(ps4)
BobBelcher  +   729d ago
Is it the same as regular, just one shot kills or what?
xxxsiegezzz  +   729d ago
In hardcore you have 60% of hp, so you die more quickly, but not often to one bullet. (except snipers) Headshots do about 90-100 dmg
Skate-AK  +   729d ago
Also no mini map and limited HUD in hardcore.
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LordDhampire  +   729d ago
How about instead of minor problems like this, they fix game, and add more servers
xxxsiegezzz  +   729d ago
Not really minor. And these kind of a things are easier to fix
matrixman92  +   729d ago
played the first 2 missions on launch night, never touched it again. Waiting for the save data corruption to be fixed.
Detoxx  +   729d ago
Buying BF4 to play the single player LOLOLOLOL.

Do you also buy a Big Mac to eat the salad?
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matrixman92  +   729d ago
i play campaign first no matter what the game is...didnt matter anyway. The corrupt data would affect mp as well
bondsmx  +   729d ago
Actually, all mp stats are saved online, so corrupt data doesn't affect mp at all. I've had the corrupt data at least 7/8 times, and I'm still rank 50 online.
sovietsoldier  +   729d ago
Battlefield 4: DICE has found a “solid fix” for headshot glitch, will push it out ASAP

this must mean it will come 2 months later and after 5 dlc packs.
PsyMonk3y  +   723d ago
Agreed Dice patches tend to break more than they fix but this headshot glitch is frustrating so I hope its fixed asap!

I really hope they don't ruin things with nerfs and buffs again too.
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