GTA V PC, PS4 and Xbox One graphics potential

Product-Reviews writes: We all know that a PC version of GTA V is inevitable, but we would also like to think that GTA V will come out on PS4 and Xbox One at the same time as well. Presuming all three versions are on the way in 2014 on PC, Xbox One and PS4, can you imagine how amazing the game is going to look graphically?

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danswayuk1424d ago

GTA V is one reason loads of people will not rush into next-gen.

RumbleFish1424d ago

I speak fo myself: R*'s release tactics are the reason why I wait until the game costs me 15 Euro with all DLC on steam.
Why do we have to wait for a PC version? It's a shame!

inveni01423d ago

I wait for the cheap Steam version, too. But I also own a PS4.

ShinMaster1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

@ danswayuk

""GTA V is one reason loads of people will not rush into next-gen""

No, I'm pretty sure each console sold at least 1 million on day 1 and PS4 broke launch records. Sounds to me like a lot of people ARE going into next-gen.
I bought GTA V and I also bought a PS4.

Kran1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

Hmmm... 1 million consoles sold per console......

yep. People aren't rushing into it alright...

Cmon man. You can't say 1 game will slow down the sales of next-gen consoles -_-'

cleft51424d ago

That might have been true before how terribly they handled their multiplayer. After they turned gta online into a bad f2p mmo I am not even sure if I would buy the game on next-gen console. I would definitely do a cross-buy though, but if how they handle gta online is any indication they will expect you to pay full price.

MikeGdaGod1424d ago

i bought my PS4 at the midnight launch and just finished GTA5 yesterday....why would one game make me wait???

gta28001424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

I have GTA, was hooked on the online when PS4 came out but still got a PS4. Now I haven't touched GTA ever since.

pkb791423d ago

Next gen console is the reason i did not rush out and get GTA 5.

frostypants1423d ago

I'm already bored of GTA5. The online is dull and they've only made it worse by nerfing payouts, and the single player is OK but it's the same old tired formula they've used ever since GTA3.

Audiggity1423d ago

I agree... not only is GTA V better than ANY game available for the now-released next gen systems... but the only next gen games I'm remotely interested in (that have release dates) have PC versions.

If GTA V comes out for next gen, great! But, if it comes out for the PC at the same time, once again, I'll pass on next gen.

Until there are good reasons for next gen consoles, I'll stick w/ my far superior PC... and the 360 for GTA V.

TrueJerseyDevil1423d ago

GTA V was awful in my opinion, got so bored with the single player and the multiplayer was very boring as well. I could not wait to get my ps4 and play the games i have been holding off on on 360

robtion1423d ago

You got it backwards. Next gen is the reason I haven't rushed out and bought gta5. I'm waiting for it on ps4. If it doesn't come to ps4 I will pick up the ps3 version dirt cheap in a year or so.

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Cuders1424d ago

Even though it would be cool i can't see GTA V coming to a Next Gen Console i think in 2015 rockstar will be either releasing a new one or working on next ten IPS.

Zizi1424d ago

It does not need to go into next-gen consoles. It is an opus, but please just stay on this gen.

Mr Tretton1423d ago

That's a pretty absurd point of view.

TrueJerseyDevil1423d ago

you must be out of your mind... 8 years and no need to go to the next generation? obviously you have not seen the next gen games so far and the potential

Perjoss1424d ago

I love Red Dead because you're not forced to play a criminal, that and the world is just such a great place to explore. A next gen Red Dead for me would not even be in the same class as other video games. Take a week off, stock up on food and water, turn off the phone!

Very sad Redemption never came to PC, but its all good, its still a damn fine game on the consoles.

mediate-this1423d ago

Interesting very very interesting...

SlapHappyJesus1424d ago

Just the up in resolution and framerate for this game would do wonders.

LordMaim1424d ago

And draw distance. That would be a major bonus when flying.

Mr Tretton1423d ago

And add proper anti aliasing


I would trade all those graphical enhancements for them to sort out that cloud thing... Still getting randomly kicked out, sometimes can't join friends (server timeout error), still see cars popping out of the blue on wrong lane and pedal to the metal... Not that I care that much, trading in PS3 and GTAV today (I'm gonna miss it, it was a great generation).

Not to mention the fact that this game turned into an online hub, almost no one is doing any jobs or anything else anymore (don't even waste the time to send invites to anyone but friends), everyone is just hanging out being the best jackass they can to anyone else they can find on the huge map... And unfortunatelly this is beyond fixing (it's not even broken), it's just the way the game was designed, lack of of meaningful jobs (where are the online heists?) and you can always rely on people to ruin everything is they are left alone and bored for too long (just like a house pet and your sofa).

SlapHappyJesus1423d ago


Well, yeah.
Any amount of improvements is welcome. I was just talking about how, in terms of a basic upgrade to the game, just doing the stock stuff would help the game a lot.

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