PlayStation 4 “Ultimate Bundle” pricing revealed, Includes PS Vita

UK retailer GAME have started taking pre-orders for the next bundle thats being offering which includes both the Playstation 4 and the PS Vita, plus a stack of games.


This looks like a UK retailer GAME bundle, not an official Sony bundle.

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Kayant1427d ago

Oh good I thought this was the leaked bundle but is just a game bundle. The leaked official bundle shows everything in the box & doesn't have games from what it seems. Well at list not this many.

Mr Pumblechook1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

The whole point of a bundle is that it should be better value to the consumer then buying separately, not charging more!

£349.99 for PS4.
£150 for Vita.
Separate price is £499 . So the bundle should be the same price but have some downloadable games thrown in. Sony would then profit by these two extra devices spending in the PS ecosystem.

But we have to wait for confirmation of the final prices.

pompombrum1427d ago

Remember this is GAME.. it's probably going to be cheaper everywhere else!

Either way, at 600 they've just completely priced me out of it and I was really excited at the idea of picking up a vita alongside the ps4 at a cut price. The bundled games aren't the most desirable either, they should have scrapped bundling games and just offered both systems at a good price point and letting people pick what games they wanted.

PoSTedUP1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

i called it in the other article. 600 to test the waters with the 3g (this is a much better deal than what i said, tho). then they should release an OLED wifi-only one for 550. and finally the finishing move of the LCD one in the U.S. for 500. yeah, that sounds about right; that sounds very "sony"-like.

El_Assenso1427d ago

Game are ripoffs as everyone has known for quite a while now. Their PS4 bundle deals are ridiculously highly priced.

I thought bundle deals were supposed to cost less. But in Games' case if you take a look at their PS4 bundles you would be better of buying each item separately from say Amazon or Gamestop and save near £100 (depending on bundle).

ChronoJoe1426d ago

Bundle cost £599.99

It comes with

PS4 (350)
Knack (60)
Lego Marvel (60)
Vita (150)
LBP Vita (20)
Tearway (20)

It adds up to £660; that's still a saving. If a small one.

That said you can get all of that much cheaper if you'd rather get a second hand vita.

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MikeGdaGod1427d ago

if Sony manages to offer PS4 and Vita bundle for $500 they will decapitate any and all competition

3-4-51427d ago

Brack Friday Bunduru ? Kind of want one just so I can start playing BF4

xander707691426d ago

I came here just to see this comment. Knew it would be here. South Park FTW.

lpc1426d ago

lay la bund ona di fair

SonyNGP1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )


Edit: Oh wait. It also includes games for both the PS4 and the Vita, a 16GB memory card, and a 2 week trial for PS+. That's not too bad then!

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GroundZeroesBob1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

£600 seems about the full retail price of them all seperatly so not much of an incentive really. Not many people have £600 to throw down these days. As the main feature of the PS4-Vita bundle is for remote play maybe removing the games and charging £500 and let the customer choose their games later. I'd happily hand over £500 for both if i didn't already own a Vita.

listenkids1427d ago

You're not allowed to put £ in this thread, be careful.

JohnnyTower1427d ago

Any deals for us in North America?

SilentNegotiator1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

North American GAME retailers are giving away free PS4s and Vitas. Find the one nearest you, and quick!

buffig1427d ago

not the official bundle. Just what price GAME are selling them both together for. Robbing bastards.

troylazlow1427d ago

Wow! using a $ converter that's $970 USD and $1025 Canadian.

mcstorm1427d ago

Yeah but the issue with us here in the UK is 20% of that price is Tax.

troylazlow1427d ago

Tax man gets you wherever you live I guess. :(

SmielmaN1427d ago

Here in Ontario Canada it's 13% tax on everything too. My PS4, killzone, battle field, and extra controller were $580 + $75.40 = $655.40. It's a lot, buts completely set for me and buddies. So I guess if remote play was a big deal to you then it's a pretty good deal. I would love it but I don't have time for remote play stuff in my life. Squeezing gaming between work, new baby, and sleeping is tough but baby don't mind the gaming lol. I digress, tax sucks, but it's a great deal if you have he cash and the opportunity to remote game.

pompombrum1427d ago

Yet the inflated cost is a fair bit more than 20% still. We're used to paying a lot extra though for electronics I guess.

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