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PlayStation 4 “Ultimate Bundle” pricing revealed, Includes PS Vita

UK retailer GAME have started taking pre-orders for the next bundle thats being offering which includes both the Playstation 4 and the PS Vita, plus a stack of games. (PS Vita, PS4, Sony)

Update This looks like a UK retailer GAME bundle, not an official Sony bundle.

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Kayant  +   367d ago
Oh good I thought this was the leaked bundle but is just a game bundle. The leaked official bundle shows everything in the box & doesn't have games from what it seems. Well at list not this many.
Mr Pumblechook  +   367d ago
The whole point of a bundle is that it should be better value to the consumer then buying separately, not charging more!

£349.99 for PS4.
£150 for Vita.
Separate price is £499 . So the bundle should be the same price but have some downloadable games thrown in. Sony would then profit by these two extra devices spending in the PS ecosystem.

But we have to wait for confirmation of the final prices.
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aiBreeze  +   367d ago
Remember this is GAME.. it's probably going to be cheaper everywhere else!

Either way, at 600 they've just completely priced me out of it and I was really excited at the idea of picking up a vita alongside the ps4 at a cut price. The bundled games aren't the most desirable either, they should have scrapped bundling games and just offered both systems at a good price point and letting people pick what games they wanted.
PoSTedUP  +   367d ago
i called it in the other article. 600 to test the waters with the 3g (this is a much better deal than what i said, tho). then they should release an OLED wifi-only one for 550. and finally the finishing move of the LCD one in the U.S. for 500. yeah, that sounds about right; that sounds very "sony"-like.
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El_Assenso  +   367d ago
Game are ripoffs as everyone has known for quite a while now. Their PS4 bundle deals are ridiculously highly priced.

I thought bundle deals were supposed to cost less. But in Games' case if you take a look at their PS4 bundles you would be better of buying each item separately from say Amazon or Gamestop and save near £100 (depending on bundle).
ChronoJoe  +   366d ago
Bundle cost £599.99

It comes with

PS4 (350)
Knack (60)
Lego Marvel (60)
Vita (150)
LBP Vita (20)
Tearway (20)

It adds up to £660; that's still a saving. If a small one.

That said you can get all of that much cheaper if you'd rather get a second hand vita.
MikeGdaGod  +   367d ago
if Sony manages to offer PS4 and Vita bundle for $500 they will decapitate any and all competition
3-4-5  +   367d ago
Brack Friday Bunduru ? Kind of want one just so I can start playing BF4
xander70769  +   367d ago
I came here just to see this comment. Knew it would be here. South Park FTW.
lpc  +   366d ago
lay la bund ona di fair
SonyNGP  +   367d ago

Edit: Oh wait. It also includes games for both the PS4 and the Vita, a 16GB memory card, and a 2 week trial for PS+. That's not too bad then!
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listenkids   367d ago | Immature | show | Replies(5)
italian-gamer  +   367d ago
650 euro for us? :(
GroundZeroesBob  +   367d ago
£600 seems about the full retail price of them all seperatly so not much of an incentive really. Not many people have £600 to throw down these days. As the main feature of the PS4-Vita bundle is for remote play maybe removing the games and charging £500 and let the customer choose their games later. I'd happily hand over £500 for both if i didn't already own a Vita.
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listenkids  +   367d ago
You're not allowed to put £ in this thread, be careful.
JohnnyTower  +   367d ago
Any deals for us in North America?
SilentNegotiator  +   367d ago
North American GAME retailers are giving away free PS4s and Vitas. Find the one nearest you, and quick!
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lpc  +   366d ago
mera lun haiga
buffig  +   367d ago
not the official bundle. Just what price GAME are selling them both together for. Robbing bastards.
troylazlow  +   367d ago
Wow! using a $ converter that's $970 USD and $1025 Canadian.
mcstorm  +   367d ago
Yeah but the issue with us here in the UK is 20% of that price is Tax.
troylazlow  +   367d ago
Tax man gets you wherever you live I guess. :(
SmielmaN  +   367d ago
Here in Ontario Canada it's 13% tax on everything too. My PS4, killzone, battle field, and extra controller were $580 + $75.40 = $655.40. It's a lot, buts completely set for me and buddies. So I guess if remote play was a big deal to you then it's a pretty good deal. I would love it but I don't have time for remote play stuff in my life. Squeezing gaming between work, new baby, and sleeping is tough but baby don't mind the gaming lol. I digress, tax sucks, but it's a great deal if you have he cash and the opportunity to remote game.
aiBreeze  +   367d ago
Yet the inflated cost is a fair bit more than 20% still. We're used to paying a lot extra though for electronics I guess.
Crossbones  +   367d ago
It's not the official bundle.
sonerone  +   367d ago
this has nothing to do with the official bundle, this is up on the site for at least 2 weeks
Megaton  +   367d ago
Brack Friday Bunduru?
SmielmaN  +   367d ago
Lmao! Brilliant South Park reference! Trey Parker knew this was coming!
pyramidshead  +   367d ago
Can't wait for the round off this week. It's been a funny few episodes. Game of Thrones and console wars, couldn't have had a better marriage :P.
nameen  +   367d ago
I cant even open the link. This is not official. lol
DanielGearSolid  +   367d ago
This title is misleading
Klad  +   367d ago
Vita cant sell well on its own, so it has to piggy back ride on the PS4. imagine if Nintendo had to do the same thing with the 3DS. a bit sad i think. this move will surely de-value the Vita.
SpinalRemains138  +   367d ago
That's a good deal.

memory card, games and + trial all included? That's so sweet.
CLOUD1983  +   367d ago
Not 3G VITA & I'm sure the screen is LCD not OLED also the memory card is very small that means u will need to pay to buy a new one anything under 32 GB is not good not enough & 600 pounds is 720 euro that's sick! & don't tell me about the games because I'm sure most ppl don't interested for most of those games so this bundle imo is teribad & very expensive better make a new one with 3G VITA w/ OLED screen & 32 GB memory & no games at an affordable price now this would be good not this one...
josephayal  +   367d ago
Dam too expensive
listenkids  +   367d ago


Let's counter your point with basic facts, again, ignorant shit.

You can get Lego Marvel for £25, Knack won't be far behind - if not a PS+ game in 1 month. Let's be generous and call that £60 for now.

PS Vita - still £99
PS4 - still £349
Teraway - £30
16gb memory card - £20

Lets round it up in a generous way to £570, according to game you save £40, so it should come to £640. Where is the £70 coming into play detective?

No matter how much you spin it, you're going to get ripped off.
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ELpork  +   367d ago
Sony should do this, the Vita is an awesome and totally underrated system.
skyrimer  +   367d ago
wtf? 16gb card can download 3 games? The biggest games for Vita are about 3gb, and there are not many of them, still that would make 5 games fit easily.
vergilxx3  +   367d ago
Killzone Mercenary 4608 MB
Persona 4 Golden 3267 MB
Soul Sacrefice 1865 MB
Assasins Creed 3 Revelations 2986 MB
Walking Dead 2340 MB
Gravity Rush + 3 dlc 1467 MB
WipEout + fury+HD 2318 MB
Ridge Racer + all dlc 1741 MB
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bjmartynhak  +   367d ago
I got the Vita Tearaway+LBP+16GB bundle for £140
The super f*** PS4 bundle for £430 (Killzone, camera, 2 dualshocks)
= 570.

Well, it is GAME...
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Tidybrutes  +   367d ago
Game are rubbish I havent bought a new game from them since the PS2/Xbox/GC gen.

I went in there about a month ago and laughed at the prices £37.99 for Killzone Mercenary.. Shopto were selling it for £27.95 at that time.
Angeljuice  +   366d ago
They're often the cheapest in online comparisons, it varies from game to game but why would you walk blindly into any highstreet store to check prices?
Most places have two prices these days, one for online, one higher price for the store. Game is more than competitive if you know what you're doing.
caseh  +   366d ago
Game isn't competitive. Go in and ask if they will price match their own online store prices. Comical response inbound, online store isn't competition but they won't match it.

When it comes to price matching other stores, they will only match the price if the other store has it in stock *scratching head* It's as stupid as it sounds.

This bundle price isn't extortionate, the con here is Game are not offering the console only. they know stock is limited and everyone wants one for Christmas, so they are bundling a load of crap knowing people don't have an alternative option if they want a PS4 that badly this side of chirstmas.
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Angeljuice  +   366d ago
Then order online you dumbass, where they ARE competitive. SMH
Tidybrutes  +   365d ago
But thats the point, they might be competetive if you know what your doing but all gamers I know who know what theyre doing use Shopto.

Game prey on moms and dads who buy overpriced games for their kids for xmas. Two chrismases ago my cousin bought Street Figher 4 for 3DS from game for £34.99 for her son.
I got that game from shopto the month before for about £12

Game are a rip off pure and simple, ive boycotted them for this long and dont plan on changing.

They dont even stock most JRPGS anyway.
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Sathur  +   367d ago
Do you know if you want cheap remote play.... Buy a WiiU. Its been doing remote play with its Game pad for a year now. No brainer really. Bigger screen and better picture than Vita also. And much cheaper.
Xer0_SiN  +   367d ago
he said buy a wii u. wii u! LOL.
Ol_G  +   366d ago
How dare you state the obvious and prefer a Nintendo product on this Sonydrone infested site
How dare you sir how dare you
Angeljuice  +   366d ago
WiiU is hardly an alternative to a PS4. It has a completely different place in the market. Also try remote play on a WiiU when you're miles away from your console, not a good comparison at all.

It would be the same situation If I said I needed a new car for work and someone suggested I get a bicycle. Both would get you from A to B, but they're hardly the same thing.
FANTA1180  +   367d ago
praystation bunduru
TheRatedD  +   367d ago
ninjahunter  +   367d ago
How about NOPE.
Sony must be out of their mind to let a price that high with their name on it.
domford1981  +   367d ago
Was just going through the list of PS4 games on game.co.uk and they have The Dark Sorcerer listed as TBC-2014 release date. Thought this was just a tech demo? There's an, albeit temporary, cover art picture too : /
FireStorm50  +   367d ago
Greatness has arrived I REPEAT GREATNESS HAS ARRIVED, Xbox One has already made many mistakes, first of all, the design incredibly too big and looks like garbage (even some youtubers reviewed it as "worst" console, go check it out), an unremovable HDD (why would Microsoft do that??), no backwards compatibility (blame it on Microsoft developers for doing that), “Always On” & 24 hour check-in, like that is the most stupid thing I've ever heard, no self-publishing for indie developers (what a sad thing), Kinect stupidly mandatory and of course no sharing games (that's really a heart break for gamers)

Yes I go crazy ranting and hating everything about Xbox because it never should have existed in the first place, you Xbox fanboy losers can hate me or comment whatever I said in this comment because in the end, Playstation 4 is FAR superior to Xbox Loser console and I am absolutely certain everyone will agree with me

...Playstation 4 for life
Ol_G  +   366d ago
How old are you 5?
greenmeanie  +   367d ago
Tzuno  +   367d ago
well they got to fight with something against kinect .
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Angeljuice  +   366d ago
Kinect is one of PS4's greatest selling points (the fact that it doesn't have one).

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