What We Want to See More In Xbox One – Some Suggestions

As with the release on Xbox One on 22 November, lots of players are now enjoying the games on it. But as there is nothing which can satisfies a Gamer, same with the Xbox One. So far Xbox one is the best and users of Xbox are enjoying it, but they need some improvements in it with its upcoming updates.

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SilentGuard1578d ago

I can't believe some of what is suggested, particularly features the 360 already has, aren't offered already on the one.

mcstorm1577d ago

Is Dedicated app which helps user to access music, video and picture files stored on computer. (Not with Sky Drive to add files). Exactly how it is on the X360, it’s perfect" Coming soon if so bring it on.

I hard xbox music as being added to work in background soon thought which will be good.

christocolus1578d ago

Pretty good suggestions.but some of those features have already been confirmed to be included with coming updates...

KingDadXVI1577d ago

I agree that some of the suggestions are pretty good but shouldn't website called guide4games already know that many of these have been announced already for coming updates?

One item I would like to mention is the Auto login without Kinect. It won't work if your wearing a tinfoil hat. Just kidding.

Nocando1577d ago

The article is just another way to criticise the XB1 while appearing to give a shit, its pretty much saying "look at what the x1 doesnt have". They know most of this stuff is coming via an update.

VENOMACR12271577d ago

Do you have a link? I'd like to see what updates are coming I can't seem to find any.


IcicleTrepan1577d ago

I too would like to see an official list just so I can know what to expect is coming soon :)

christocolus1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

Just look it up on google...n4g also had a few articles on that some days back. The 3d blu ray, 5.1 dolby surround and some other stuff have been confirmed and will be coming soon via updates.

sparrowknight1577d ago

ya some of them already announced but this is for all what should be done..

sonofmrpsychotic1577d ago

Gears of War!

85% of those features listed there have already been confirmed for coming updates.
I'm loving my Xbox one, it wouldn't be next generation if it all looked the same as the 360.

When the status quo is changed, then that's next generation!

Hartsy1577d ago

A simpler party chat system ?

Nocando1577d ago

Yes, I have had issues with party chat, its needlessly complex. Why do my friends have to choose voice chat even if they are already in my party? Ridiculous.

Gamer1871577d ago

How about the ability to change the channel other than a specific network I have 7 hbo channels in my cable package and no channel up or down voice command just isn't cutting it Xbox watch HBO always just takes me to the same channel I can't even say go to channnel 903(atleast it hasent worked for me yet)

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The story is too old to be commented.