Hashino Talks About PersonaQ: Shadow Of The Labyrinth And The Other New Persona Games

New interview with Katsure Hashino, producer of the Persona series. The interview covers PersonaQ: Shadow Of The Labyrinth and the other new games that have been recently announced by Atlus.

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Snookies121822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

It's not really about the Persona "games" on the Explosion site, but just the 3DS one in particular... I wanted news on P5, forget the portable spin-offs.

ShadowHarp1821d ago

P5 was already confirmed for winter of 2014 i believe, along with this game and the persona dance game for the vita

Whxian1821d ago

the translation is quite bad, i thinka previous post translated it better, google translate is useless for such stuff.