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Is the Game Hype meeting our expectations?

There is little doubt that a very fundamental part of a gaming launch is the advertising and marketing from the development companies involved. The question is: With so much emphasis on advertising and marketing, is the hype meeting our expectations? (Culture, Diablo III, Industry)

plut0nash  +   146d ago
Game hype will never meet expectations :)
Ezz2013  +   145d ago
i was hyped for TLOU and it did meet my expectations and even pass them
HanCilliers  +   146d ago
When I think back on medal of Honor: Warfighter I am really disappointed. I got so excited about the game because we were promised to get a look inside the psyche of the soldier - it wouldn't just be another FPS - what we got instead was even less than a decent FPS. Hype like that is uncalled for, don't promise something about the core gaming experience which you totally miss.

Another example is hte Mass Effect final ending. The promise from EA was that your accumulated choices from the series would have an effect - it didn't.

Just deliver a good game, hold back with the unrealistic hype/promises.

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