Quantum Break uses Remedy Entertainment's new Digital Molecular Matter (DMM) Playback System

Pixelux Entertainment announced today that Remedy Entertainment is the first to use the new Digital Molecular Matter (DMM) Playback System for high quality in-game destruction in their upcoming Xbox One Title, "Quantum Break"

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lifeisgamesok1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

Man this is incredible. Destruction tech used in film and tv shows :)

Wood splinters, steel bends, everything big or small destructs realistically

Mixed with Quantum Break's amazing graphics. I can't wait

snipab8t1608d ago

DMM is significantly underused by developers which is a real shame. From memory the only game which uses it is Star Wars the Force Unleashed 1 & 2. Google the destruction in these games it is amazing. Also I hope more games will begin to use Euphoria A.I. (used in GTA and SWTFU). People put so much importance on graphics but I personally would prefer realistic destruction and AI.

theRell1608d ago

I remember just watching videos about DMM and Euphoria for Star Wars and just being amazed by both. So many games could benefit from them. So I must agree with you.

snipab8t1607d ago

^ Yes I did too bro. I remember watching a video of a guy throwing r2d2 at some wood and watching it splinter and stuff.

AngelicIceDiamond1608d ago

"DMM is a deformation-based fracture system that simulates the physical properties of any material using finite element analysis. If a structure exists - big or small, dense or thin, floppy or rigid - DMM causes it to react in the same way as dictated by reality. For example, wood doesn't simply break along a predetermined seam every time - rather, it bends and splinters into pieces from the point of impact. The same rules apply to any substance imaginable: rubber bends and snaps back into place. Glass shatters. Steel dents and bends. Plastic deforms. DMM can even simulate plants and organic objects through the adjustment of 14 different material physics settings ranging from toughness to volume preservation."

"DMM has played a key role in shaping Quantum Break, our vision of next-gen entertainment. We have been able to simulate complex scenarios on a scale that hasn't been possible before and then allow players experience them in real time. Can't wait to show the world more of what we're able to do!", said Mikko Uromo, Tech Team Lead at Remedy Entertainment."

Wow sounds great. Can't wait to see this in action.

Jamesonbond1608d ago

This is one of my most anticipated games, i really cant wait to see more about it. Remedy is an amazing developer and they are in full force with Quantum Break, cant wait for this!

SlapHappyJesus1608d ago

This is my most anticipated console release at the moment. Hoping to see more of the game soon. Not entirely sure what to expect from it at this point.

Pintheshadows1608d ago

See, this is next generation.

Ausbo1608d ago

"only if its 1080p and 60fps though"

-Every sony fanboy

Pintheshadows1608d ago

I think we should accept that we have to expect both innovation and 1080p 60fps for next gen games.

Moncole1608d ago

They need to new consoles are for games that wont be able to run on their predecessor.

Pintheshadows1608d ago

Wow, to the four that disagreed with me. You have low standards. This is a NEW console generation. A console generation after the one that was meant to have 1080p as a standard.

You need to stop acting like children and start encouraging the people who YOU pay $60/£45, to work harder. They should be producing games at that level consistently.

Innovation coupled with technical prowess is surely the goal of a new generation. No, we won't see it straight away, but I fully expect a game further down the line like Quantum Break to provide.

starchild1608d ago

What I hate about that attitude is that MOST PS4 games don't live up to it either. They might have the resolution, but they are at 30fps. Or the might be 60fps, but 900p. It is fairly rare for a PS4 game to be both 1080p and have a solid 60fps.

AC4.. nope
KZSF.. nope
Knack.. nope
BF4.. nope
NFSR.. nope
Destiny.. nope
Infamous SS.. nope

Most of the biggest titles on PS4 fail to reach that bar. If people really care a lot about making sure they get 1080p AND 60fps they should build a powerful PC.

They will never consistently reach that standard on consoles. And with fixed hardware I don't even think it is a good target to shoot for. It would be much better to work on framerate consistency at 30fps than have a stuttery framerate that tries to reach 60fps but doesn't reach it much of the time.

Also, trying to force all developers to give you 1080p and 60fps on consoles is only going to limit what the consoles can do in other areas. I say, ask the developers for a polished, stable product that looks nice and let them decide how they will achieve it.

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