New Tomb Raider Game Could Be Coming To Xbox One & WII U

In addition to a rumored Playstation 4 release, the new tomb raider game could be making its way to the Xbox One and Wii U according to IGN. Following the rumor, Square Enix trademarked “Tomb Raider: Reflections” and the speculation has begun whether or not this is indeed the next gen game. Square Enix Origin has more on the next generation Tomb Raider game and a possible release date.

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Snookies121639d ago

Uh, why wouldn't it be releasing for PS4 as well?

Snookies121639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Wow, I read it but I swear I missed the first sentence... Not even sure how that happened, lol! Probably just a lack of sleep. :\

ErryK1639d ago

It's actually a case of a misleading title.

ShinMaster1639d ago

They should have added "also" to the title.

UltimateMaster1638d ago

Hopefully they'll take advantage of all the controllers (Touchscreen/Touchpad/Rumbles)

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Agent_00_Revan1639d ago

Can't wait for the next Tomb Raider. I really enjoyed the last one. A next Gen sequel would be fantastic!

triforce791639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Square Enix has got a little ignorant in recent years towards Nintendo for not releasing their games and tech on Nintendo's hardware and now they are in trouble financially they will include WiiU and hype the console up that's what i think will happen expect the game on all 3.

If they decide to not support WiiU then with Smash bros 4,Mariokart8,Project Cars,DK,X,Zelda,Bayonetta2,ect i don't think anyone will care and Square Enix will go bankrupt in fact most of these Multiplat leave Nintendo out studios will go bankrupt FACT.

MehmetAlperTR1639d ago

I want a Tomb Raider for my PS4. Not for Wii U. Because if they ll make this for shitty consol then graphics will be downgraded. I sold my wii u. Because there was no game other than mario, pikmin and zelda. No third parties. % 95 of third parties leaved Nintendo alone. I m planning to buy PS4 right now. I have PS3, Xbox 360. But Xbox One is not releasing in my country ( Unfortunately ). PS4 will be release 13 th December in Turkiye. So waiting for that. It's about 700 US $ here. And the games.. So sad but games are about 100 US $. But we are still trying to play games. I really hope they ll release new Tomb Raider PS4 and PC as well. I have GTX 760 ( 4 GB DDR5 ) and 8 GB DDR3 Ram with AMD 8 Core PC as well. I played last one at my PC. But sorry for Wii U. I really had great hopes for that machine. My sister broguht it to me from Germany. Wii U is also not released in Turkiye. They are selling Wii U Games arround 125 US $. I bought Zombi U, Super Mario Bros and Nintendoland ( Which is came with a console ). But please make the new TR for PS4 and PC as well. Please. And sorry for my english. I learned English via playing games ( Final Fantasy 7 and 8 with a dictionary at my hands ).

Stringerbell1639d ago

Of course it will, Square will also come out with another crazy expectation of sales. We expect to ship 30 million units! Next year on N4g "Tomb Raider game sells 8 million units, Square disbands Crystal Dynamics"

GentlemenRUs1639d ago

Square killed TR... I'll just get my fix from the level editor from now on.

NatureOfLogic1639d ago

PC version looks great. I haven't played it yet so this is exciting news for me.

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