PS4 vs. Xbox One: Side-by-side speed tests to decide which console is faster

If you’re buying a PS4 or Xbox One for an exclusive launch title, such as Killzone: Shadow Fall or Forza 5, then you’ve probably already decided which console you’re going to buy. What if none of the launch-day exclusives appeal to you, though? What if you’re more interested in Assassin’s Creed 4, Battlefield 4, Madden 25, NBA 2K14, or one of the other big-name games that are available for both the PS4 and Xbox One? How do you decide which console to get? You could go on graphics quality, or which gamepad you prefer — or, or favorite option, you could choose the console that’s faster.

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Ulf1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

A better series of tests might involve task/app switching, and the like.

You would think the X1 would have the advantage in that department, but Anandtech showed that the Sony browser will actually use all available cores when running things like Javascript, whereas the X1's browser will limit itself to the 2 cores devoted to the OS.

That's both a good and bad thing, for both camps. Sony's machine will perform better when its just doing browsing, for sure. But when you're playing a game, and want to browse in the background, I'm thinking the X1 will perform better.

Both machines really cater themselves to their respective audiences (Sony: hardcore, MS: general) pretty well. Not a surprise, really.

That said... isn't it kind of disrespectful to not include the Wii U in these kinds of comparisons? It's entirely possible that it doesn't come in last in a lot of these comparisons.


Do we even need this type of comparisons? i mean if im using my PS4 or X1 im not actually going to count the seconds until the game loads or the console starts, a few seconds won't drive me crazy.

In fact im hating all those comparisons all over the internet, can't everyone just enjoy the console they bought?

I know this won't stop because of what im starting to notice websites are just loving this type of comparisons to get more hits.

We all should be enjoying the Next-Gen now and stop this pathetic console war because you know what? there is no winner here.. some people will still love PS and some people will still love xbox.


Bigpappy1609d ago

I can't find anything in your words to disagree with. So, I agree!

1609d ago
MasterCornholio1609d ago

I understand where your coming from but if someone wants to do a comparison they have every right to do so. And if people dont like them then they have every right to not look at those comparisons.

amiga-man1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

Mildly interesting but I hark back to a time when games took forever to load so a few seconds here or there is hardly a problem,

one thing I will say is the guy seems to be rooting for the Playstation more than the xbox, not that he wasn't being fair in what he was showing though.

thisismyaccount1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

Probably the most unprofessionally edited video i´v seen in a long time. 1x game only and 2 or 3 boot-up test with a lot of rambling about why the XB1 OS sucks and why not in 11min.

Next time focus on what it´s important in a console, the friggin loading times in games.

They obviously ignored this part completely... and few of us know why.

MRMagoo1231609d ago


I got the complete opposite feeling, during the start up phase of the show he gave the xbox 3 chances pretty much, to beat the ps4, but when he was demoing games load speed he gave the ps4 one chance.

kewlkat0071609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

The comparisons are getting's tiring and dumber some of the things they compare as if these consoles are FINISHED onthe software-side.

Are we going to see a new comparison every time there is a patch, software tweak that speeds things up?

We already know the UI's will condense and get tweaked a lot. The thing is the Xbox One is doing so much with the UI(3x OSs and all this integration), I wouldn't even compare them. Sony is barebones. It's not apples to apples.

ABizzel11609d ago

The only comparison that matters are

1. Games
2. Where you friends are
3. R9 270 > R7 260

Underworld1609d ago

How is there anything wrong with comparisons? These are new consoles and people like to compare them, whether it's just out of curiosity or to help them decide which to purchase. Has nothing to do with console wars.

Do you compare phones, TVs, tablets, etc, when you're purchasing a new one? Of course you do.

I think speed is pretty important.

SpinalRemains1381609d ago

I know right?

I mean, the idea of comparing and contrasting two machines which are in direct competition with one another is such a silly idea.

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B-radical1609d ago

Your forgetting the x1 has 3 operating systems to boot up

DragonKnight1609d ago

Which is society's fault because....

frostypants1609d ago

Right. Galactically dumb design decision by MS.

SL1M DADDY1609d ago

Ulf: "That's both a good and bad thing, for both camps. Sony's machine will perform better when its just doing browsing, for sure. But when you're playing a game, and want to browse in the background, I'm thinking the X1 will perform better."

Do you even read what you post before posting it? I may not speak for you but I suspect that the majority of us when we play games do not have the browser open at the same time. This just seems silly if you ask me.

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1609d ago

No the ps4 had the faster times overall apart from 2 of the tests

phoenix_dusk1609d ago

In what alternate reality?

Pintheshadows1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

Don't you mean so Xbox One?


And no, it didn't.

Oagoz1609d ago

People,like you are so annoying...

IcicleTrepan1609d ago

I believe the reason it won in the game loads is the difference in how the games are installed. I don't believe the PS4 actually fully installs to the HD and is going to the disc for some stuff, while the XB1 installs the game fully, at a cost of time up front. So it's a bit of a trade off. More time on first install = faster load time every time after that.

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chikane1609d ago

Man at this point i'm really getting sick of this Xbone VS PS shit? Are we really gonna do this for the next ten years? God damn give a fucking rest already about which system is better and just play the one you like must.

KillrateOmega1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

My thoughts exactly. I expect that it will blow over after the PS4 and Xbox One are about a year old, but if doesn't...If it goes on past that, then I'll have no patience left for N4G.

Seriously, it's so annoying to go to this site and see that 80% of the 'hot' articles are just more PS4 v. Xbox One garbage. And the threads in these articles all seem to develop in the same way.

Fluke_Skywalker1609d ago

Sadly yes, we will be doing this for at least most of the next 10yrs. Has history taught you nothing!?

BOLO1609d ago

Calm down grasshopper...Comparison tests are made to give consumers an idea of what gives the most "bang for the buck" performance. Whether that be tablets, phones, TV's, cars, etc...Would you pay a Ferrari price for a Toyota Prius?

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Inception1609d ago

Lol, what next? Which console that can cook omelette in 5 seconds?

Bathyj1609d ago

Maybe you need to go over to the thermal images thread.

Evildoomnerd1609d ago mean they CAN'T cook omelettes!?!

Preorders cancelled!!

Pintheshadows1609d ago

That would be a great feature. For some reason I always struggle with omelettes even though they are so fundamentally simple. I can create a nice Thai Curry from scratch but give me eggs and I crack.

NatureOfLogic1609d ago

I'm sure killzone PS4 loads faster than any Xbox One game.

Pintheshadows1609d ago

The X1 seems a bit pedestrian at times when it loads things. It seems to be a bit 'yeah, i'll do that, give me a second though'. Not really surprising considering the UI shares that problem with what it was based on. Windows 8. The apps take a while to load there as well. It does get a bit tiresome but that is not to say you couldn't live with it.

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