PS4 vs Xbox One: Clockspeed Battle Says PS4 Likely Ahead

The Playstation 4 is already released on the North American market and many are revealing the console to run on an AMD Jaguar CPU, clocked at 1.8GHz. Before the machine’s release, it was thought that the PS4 will run on a 1.6GHz CPU only. On top of that, it is the AMD Jaguar so we can see the PS4 capable of going to 2GHz since the CPU is built for that speed.

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Ulf1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

It's very unlikely that Sony would push even more power through their hardware than 1.6 GHz would do. The heat design just barely fits within the envelope they've created with the svelt little PS4 box.

Heck, look at FP games like Killzone. The AI is pretty bad in that game, yet the graphics are downright spectacular. Kinda screams "lack of CPU muscle", since AI is not something you can run effectively on the GPU.

It's 1.6 GHz, until proven otherwise. Sony would scream it to the masses, if it were faster than the 1.75 GHz of the XB1, and would have screamed it back when the XB1 was still 1.6 Ghz as well... that's PR 101. Rumors to the contrary are just wishful thinking.

Don't worry, when more devs get a handle on actually using the 6-7 cores they have available, the PS4 will be just fine in the CPU dept. Clock, as they say, isn't everything. Given the extra latency of GDDR5, and subsequent extra cache miss delays, bumping the clock actually has even less effect than it normally would, so its not worth stressing over.

If Sony had the heat headroom to bump the clock, they would have likely bumped it on the GPU first, in any case -- and we know they didn't.

MEGANE1644d ago

...delusional. U don't now what are u talking about. U r only speculating on what u wish to be true, but u are far from reality,

Ulf1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Feel free to back up your comments with some facts, or intelligent commentary. I'm always interested in a good tech discussion.

johndoe112111644d ago


Firstly, to everyone saying that the AI in KZ is bad, I would love for you to show me a video demonstrating that.

Secondly, your ability to sound very intelligent while actually talking a massive pile of sh!t is amazing.

Ulf1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )


Check out AngryJoe's review of KZ:SF -- you can see the shoddy AI in his video review pretty clearly, during the several sections in which he hammers it. Having played the game, I completely agree.

Oh.. I see you have already seen the AngryJoe review, since from your recent comment history, you posted on that article. Maybe you're just trolling?

There are plenty of other video reviews that point out the same issues, so you'll have some trouble using that as an excuse.

Enemy1644d ago

PS4 is ahead in GPU, RAM, clockspeed, 1st parties, and sales. It's the definitive next gen console.

nukeitall1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

An change in clock speed is highly unlikely considering it will affect the entire system, just like it did on the Xbox One.

On top of that, if you upclock your speed you have to inform your developers that would surely leak it to the press.

Thus the chance of this being true for the PS4 is as close to nil, as possible.

That is not to mention how Sony would trumpet the horns if it was true. So sorry, this is false!

Dir_en_grey1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

No, Killzone's AI is smart; they have one objective and it is to kill you. They flank, take cover, shoot, sense danger, reposition...etc, and they do a great job.

AngryJoe is angry at the AI being too good at killing you, while he wasn't even using the owl which is a big part of the game, of course the difficulty is going to be built around that basic mechanic.

However when he showed the vids he wasn't using his owl in any of those parts, gets killed; then he thought he out-smarted the game by just hiding in the first part of the raid mission where you had to take out/soften the enemies, but he didn't and then later again said there are too many enemies shooting at him at once.

Because he wasn't even using a basic tool, he complains about they give you too many waves of enemies because it was hard for him to clear levels; well normal players are just supposed to take the enemies out using the owl so you can play around and have fun with it. This is a shooting game they are giving you stuff to shoot, AngryJoe was angry because he forgot he could use also his left hand in a boxing match and cried the other guy cheated.

You on the other hand saw a review and thought you found your weapon for your trolling (and spewing a bunch of uneducated & idiotic BS) without even knowing the basic fact that gaming AI in shooting games barely take any effort to run, and how retarded you sound to even use it as an argument for CPU comparison.

NewMonday1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )


the AI is very aggressive attacking the player, the problem is in the initial spotting and with some NPC's not responding to the players pressense, this comes down to unpolished AI development.

johndoe112111644d ago


Again, that ability you have is amazing.

Since when does having very difficult AI equate to bad AI? The AI in KZ is difficult, they are very accurate, they constantly move from cover to cover, they flank you, they bounce grenades off of walls to get you out of cover and they attack you using several different AI types at the same time. That is called difficult, not bad.

If you actually played that game you would know this. But you're too busy coming here and and lying through your bloody teeth that you played the game. Hogwash!!

People are complaining because the AI is too damn difficult, if that's the case then go play the noob fest called cod. I want someone to post a video showing BAD AI not difficult AI that they assume equals to bad.

jebabcock1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

The much more reasonable answer ulf... One that actually logically makes sense is that the killzone team focused on the visuals with their near complete rewrite of their engine. The idea that a processor that is way more powerful than last gen not being able to provide reasonable AI is a hardware limitation doesn't even make sense... listen to what you are saying before you hit reply man...

You throw out alot of technical information... But you do little to tie your argument to the "facts" you present. It makes it sound like you are just trying to jump at some opportunity to troll on the ps4.

Edit:The ps4 is hotter than the xb1 only in specific areas.. The internal brick and the vents near it... It is called good design that heat is effectively vented out without heating up the entire box. The thermal images of the boxes paint a far different story than ulf suggests..

EmperorDalek1644d ago

Killzone 2 had amazing AI, 3 and SF's enemies act like a bunch of retards in comparison. Seriously, some of you need to play KZ2 again.

Angry Joe's review gave a lot of valid criticism. But what's the point of saying that? Most of you are a bunch of in denial PS4 die hards, you will find ANY way to say otherwise.

Ju1644d ago

Angry Joe needs and AJI upgrade - and Angry Joe Intelligence upgrade - to keep up with the superior KZ AI. Looks like SF at least outsmarts AJ. Can't be that bad, then, can it?

AI is a non issue. Problem with AI usually is, it goes onto your frame budget while at the same time AI does not need to run at full frame rate. This can easily be achieved running it in parallel since the Jaguar has 6 cores available to the game.

unspok3n1644d ago

Killzone AI has always been terrible. The easiest FPS by far, easier than COD which is pretty sad. Pretty game, pretty easy game.

Xsilver1644d ago

you joined this site 37 minute ago and even with that small comment history its amazingly how obvious it is that your a xbox fanboy probably never played KZ smfh and I'm pretty sure you have another account :/.

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scott1821644d ago

Hasn't the PS4 been tested to run a lot cooler than the X1? I don't see why there would be any problem with a faster CPU clock speed...

Ulf1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

The PS4 has been observed to run 10-14' hotter than the X1, according to Kotaku.

scott1821644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

huh, didgital foundry ran tests to find PS4 runs cooler.

"Gaming and multitasking leads to 45 Celsius(113 Fahrenheit) temperature on PlayStation 4, similar activity on Xbox One can bump the temperature up to 49 Celsius(120 Fahrenheit)."

BBBirdistheWord1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

independent tests confirm that the ps4 runs 10-14 degrees celcius hotter.

It has also been confirmed that the FCC only approved an ambient operating temperature up to 35 degrees for the ps4.

Dat trouble

HighResHero1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Lol, then he used kotako as his source.

"An change in clock speed is highly unlikely...."
What change? Was there any official announcement that the cores were locked at 1.6 ghz anyway?

I've maintained that 1.8 Ghz+ felt more reasonable and I'll wait for an official confirmation.

NewMonday1644d ago


DF are more experienced with testing hardware and they say XBone is runs hotter.

MasterCornholio1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Arstechnica also claims that the PS4 runs cooler than the Xbox One.

"The Xbox One got noticeably hotter after continued operation, though; our IR thermometer measured a top temperature of 115 degrees Fahrenheit coming off its top vents compared to about 100 degrees for the PS4."

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jebabcock1644d ago Show
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stuna11644d ago

You mean the way Microsoft screams to the masses about their little up-clock that from what I can see has literally done nothing!? Or better yet their cloud service that without them actually understanding what they are saying, are telling millions of potential customers that without it "WE" "Microsoft", are selling you a gimped version of every game you buy on our console, unless you buy into our vision of the cloud!? Of course we can't leave out the reasoning as to why Forza 5 is able to achieve 1080p/60fps because of that same cloud, but yet every other big game on the Xbox1 somehow is unable to utilize the same resources of said cloud! And just so I'm getting all this correct; isn't the Xbox1 supposedly 3 to 4 times more powerful when jacked into the cloud?

By the way while we're on the subject; Has Neo been located? If so, has he seen the Oracle? Has his abilities been manifested, and does this signal the end of the Matrix??

windblowsagain1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

The clockspeed jump did do something.

It allowed Ryse to run near 30fps.

Prime1571644d ago

The fact that Microsoft felt they needed to overclock says a lot to me.

Kleptic1644d ago

this cpu clock speed crap is irrelevent anyway, both systems have very low IPC cores, and clock speed does absolutely nothing to change that...In tangible processing, it won't make any difference no matter which has a higher clock...

on the other hand...take 2 PC's...both with the same with much higher bandwidth system memory...which is also utilizing an AMD 7870 gpu...the other, lower system memory bandwidth...and a 7770 gpu...take the latter and bump the clock mulitplier by 100 to 200 mhz...

and...see what happens?...both consoles are extremely gpu centric...they're mid range desktop gpu's matched up with cpu architectures that share more in common with tablets than PCs...not a big deal, as both use relatively simple operating systems...

but...the Xbox One...will NEVER match the PS4's tangible gpu advantages...can't really figure out what is so hard to swallow about that...its simply reality...MS pushed money on kinect...and a phantom 'cloud'...NOT on local device, but lets move on...

WeAreLegion1644d ago

Bad AI? Haha. Play it. Just play it.

El_Assenso1644d ago

Ulf you are delusional. That is all.

SmielmaN1644d ago

I play A LOT of FPS's and feel I more than hold my own online in those games. I get killed a lot on normal in Killzone because they always attack you and toss grenades to flush you out. If you don't utilize the OWL (awesome addition to the game) you are toast. I really don't think you know what your talking about on this one.

As far as what runs cooler, IMO I take Digital Foundry as a very credible source and they say XB1 runs hotter. Disagree all you want with this but it appears ULF is attempting to veil his fanboy-ism here. If ppl want to form their own opinions then check out the multiple sites that tested the heat and decide for yourself, but it would appear the PS4 runs ( and looks ;) ) cooler.

Lykon1644d ago

wow you take butthurt to a whole new level of over explained wordiness. I've got a friend who is a professor of electronic digital design engineering and he says that what Sony have done with the PS4 internal architecture is the perfect balance of solid reliable power but with enough interesting quirks to be dazzling. He also said The XB one is a very 'dissapionting' piece of equipment . Also another friend is a programmer for mobile apps and he says the PS4 clockspeed had to be held back to give the system a feel of understated muscle use. IE so it can pound away with out breaking into a sweat. And there is a good reason for that and it's NOT heat . So sussed on you Mr clever clogs WAAAA WAAAA man.

FamilyGuy1644d ago

...Everything you just said, every single individual point you just tried to make was ridiculous O.O

Straight up Billy Madison moment.

Show me 1, JUST ONE Xbox One game that has smarter AI than Killzone SF.

AngryJoe, like a few of the other more negative reviews, neglected his Owl. That game KNOWS you have have the owl so it's made more difficult in a way to compensate. Of course the game is gonna be hard if you aren't using it.
Joe had some good points and valid criticisms in other parts of his review but that wasn't one of them.

Riderz13371644d ago

The bad AI is not due to the "lack of CPU muscle" but moreso due to the limited time Guerilla had to develop the game and they weren't focused on making incredible AI. If the PS3 has the ability to create incredible AI (Last of Us) then I'm sure that if a developer were able to program an intelligent AI system, the PS4 would be MORE THAN capable of handling it.

GTgamer1644d ago

Gametrailers said the AI in BF4 isnt good so is that the CPU's fault or the creators of the game :/ your logic is retarded and your argument is stupid begone now take your trolling somewhere esle and KZ AI does what it has to do if it was soooooo bad then why did angry joe die i mean it should be easy to outsmart the AI am i right?

Shnooze1644d ago

Holy shit the disagrees, and you're not even lying either.

Fantastic, stuff like this reminds me why N4G is sillier than Camelot from fucking Monty Python's Holy Grail.

quenomamen1644d ago

Maybe I'm just a moron but isn't the AI of enemies in any game already programmed by the Devs to act in a certain way ? The AI is not controlled directly by the CPU or GPU the AI is part of the game they're are software based. The console just runs the game.

bornsinner1644d ago

probably why killzone multiplayer can't do 1080p 60fps.. you have a valid point it is a small system and heat issues could occur if it was indeed faster than 1.6, it really doesn't help towards it's latency as it relies on cpu cycles, cod & bf on ps4 have been known to have fps drops.

DarkHeroZX1644d ago

Lol except KS multiplayer is 1080p60fps.....

Cyanide851644d ago

@bornsinner you do know that there are no fps drops in CoD on PS4 right? What the reviewers thought to be drops was actually the PS4 pushing the fps past 60.

Just saying.

ShinMaster1644d ago

The proof is in the end result, the games. The PS4 outperforms the competition.

twdll1644d ago

Play Killzone on hard... The ai is much better.

solidboss071644d ago

Considering Guerilla Games' relatively small devlopement budget for Shadow Fall they have apparently delivered a great launch title

malokevi1644d ago

"It's 1.6 GHz, until proven otherwise. Sony would scream it to the masses, if it were faster than the 1.75 GHz of the XB1, and would have screamed it back when the XB1 was still 1.6 Ghz as well... that's PR 101. Rumors to the contrary are just wishful thinking."

Nobody dare argue you on this point. Instead, they nitpick your comments and launch personal attacks. You know you're on to something, when...

Blachek1644d ago

I am stunned you have soo many disagree's. Well Said. Structured the argument well and I would think even a Sony fanboy would see the logic behind it, but I suppose now with how much negativity we have here. I would imagine that Sony at some point could squeeze a bit more out of the CPU if they could increase the air-flow and fan speed... but who knows how loud that would get. From some of the video's it would take the Decibel level from a Jet Engine to a Rocket Launch.

ABizzel11644d ago


Exactly, your flatout wrong. There's a reason why both Sony and Nintendo went with GPU's that are much more powerful than their CPU's, and that's because GPU's are taking on many roles that the CPU normally took care of. Physics, calculations, and even AI can now be done on the GPU with proper coding.

Now I will agree that the CPU in the PS4, XBO, and Wii U are underwhelming, but rendering is significantly more important as well as pricing and power consumption in a console, and to be frank a CPU has fallen in "Necessity" even in PC's since a modern day $150 - $200 CPU is more than enough to handle the vast majority of gaming needs.

However, adding more cores to the CPU's to handle the workload is what will keep those Jaguar CPU's good enough for gaming. Developers are use to focusing on maxing core power to run games, but with the PS4 and XBO they have to focus on maxing data spread. Killzone doesn't have bad A.I., but it's not the greatest either, and that has more to do with it being a launch title than it does with hardware constraints.

joeorc1644d ago


Great thought out, hardware info, well thought out from a engineering perspective, but I think you are not taking into 2 points that while you have very sound theory, The 2 point's im going to show with links do in fact, show there is more than a decent chance that the PS4's CPU clock rate is not only under clocked, but infact is most likely clocked to 1.8 GHz.

Now consider

first this goes straight to the MOBO

Notice the SOC's product Number


Replace the T at the end with a letter S on google search!

further proof, im spot on..

this site had the AMD CPU number's for each system. this was even listed before the xboxone was as you had to wait to do a teardown

DG3000FEG84HR is an OEM/tray SoC

1750 MHz[1]

what does the #1 mean well look at the bottom
[1] - Information is not confirmed

what did ifixit find in their teardown?

X887732-001 DG3001FEG84HR (includes AMD "Jaguar" 8-core CPU + AMD Radeon Graphics GPU).

why what do we see?

"DG3001FEG84HR" in a teardown that was done by another company that confirmed listing on the xboxone look at the PS4's APU on

here you go.

DG1000FGF84HS is an OEM/tray SoC

whats the clock rate listed?

1600 MHz [1]

The DG1000FGF84HS part number is not confirmed

but the one on the PS4 MOBO IS NOW CONFIRMED TO BE

The DG1000FGF84HT

SO THEY HAVE THE PART NUMBER RIGHT FOR THE XBOXONE, BEFORE THE TEARDOWN, BUT NOT RIGHT FOR THE PS4. REMEMBER THEY DID THIS BEFORE TEARDOWNS WAS DONE , BEFORE THEY WERE EVEN X-RAY BOARD. SO this is not just some random site...its like i stated, if it was indeed 1.6 GHz it would have had The DG1000FGF84HS engraved.

360ICE1644d ago

Just wanted to back you in saying that the AI in Killzone: Shadow Fall is bad. That doesn't necessarily mean PS4's CPU is, and I think what you're saying sounds a little speculative, but yes, the AI is pretty weird from what I've played of it. However, all the moving particles and environments have to be somewhat processor-heavy too. The game looks spectacular.

kB01644d ago

I agree if you think that the lack of CPU power is the reason behind lack of AI GAME intelligence...

We're talk about a video game not i Robot...Look at the AI in Fear 1...they were amazing and so were the one from 2 and 3 with very dynamic movement and tactical choices....

Battlefield 2 and 3 had pretty good ai...and those were on ps3 (1 core and 6 SPEs usable) and 360 (3 cores 6 threads)...your tell me the next gen 8 core cpu cannot do proper ai? We had proper ai even back in the 90s...this is just a lack of attention to detail. This is the dev's fault not the consoles.

LordDhampire1644d ago

While I highly doubt it, it is possible, the ps4 only runs 10 degrees hotter than the the one and consumes more power than the xbox one. I doubt a 200mhz raise would impact heat that muxh also, these cpus are underclocked already so you have to take that into account. If you think sony couldn't manage heat in such a small box you are mistaken, sony knows hardware, and the fact that the ps4 is only 10 degrees hotter than the xbone is impressive. Microsoft has not impressed with the xbone design instead of spending money on design it seems they just went with a microsoft branded micro atx case

TAURUS-5551644d ago

this console war is over guys...its over.

PS4 is the new king ¡¡¡¡

kryteris1644d ago

the esram makes everything problematic on the xbox one. The reason for desktop like heatsink. The ps4 being simply gpu/cpu may have more room to OC past original estimates.

NarooN1644d ago

A lot of nonsense in that post. The GDDR5 latency crap is just a myth, which is why no devs have ever complained about it so far (and none will in the future.) As RAM gets faster, the latencies increase. It's been that way with the jump from DDR to DDR2, from DDR2 to DDR3, and will be the same going from DDR3 to DDR4. GDDR5 is based off DDR3, where the whole point was having much faster clockspeeds for massive bandwidth. The latencies increased each generation accordingly and operating systems seem to work just fine anyway.

As for Killzone SF's AI, it's stellar, which is a trait of every KZ game ever made. Even on the first game on the PS2, the AI had one objective, and it was to blow your brains out. I remember how the AI was actually TONED DOWN in the final versions of the game because playtesters complained they were too good.

The AI would flank you, pin you down with covering fire, shell you out of your hiding spots with grenades, using pincer attacks, and use just about any real-world tactics they could to make your life a living hell. And every subsequent game in the series was like this, and of course many scrub reviewers complained that the games were broken or cheating as a result.

Funny you mention Angry Joe, since he didn't complain about the AI being bad, he complained about them being 'too good' at killing the player. His frustrations were mostly based around him forgetting about several basic game mechanics and blaming it on the game itself rather than his own faults (I love the guy's reviews, but he too makes mistakes sometimes.)

In other words, your allegations are baseless and full of crap. Good day.

TheXgamerLive1644d ago

ULF. Sir everything you said is very true.
Sony developed the ps4 as a 4 gig system and until only last min bumped to 8 gigs. Not having time to change the case its still designed to cool 4 gigs so its easy to assume that 8 wil easily overheat and has already been shown to do so.
The author makes rediculous claims that have zero common sence weight to them.
If sony were smart they'd have delayed the ps4 until its cooling was redesigned.

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Ulf1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Note these two quotes from the article:

Article: "When taken a closer look, two disabled compute units are present inside the PS4’s GPU which acts as an emergency, just in case the other fails. The compute unites cannot be enabled."

This is kinda wrong. These two extra cores are disabled at the factory, after reliability tests. They exist for factory yield reasons, and will never turn on in case of "emergency". If one of your 18 active CUs fails while you're using the system, you're screwed, even if one of the disabled CUs could have otherwise done the job (outside of being disabled at the factory). This guy doesn't really know his stuff, or is calling a factory yield issue an "emergency" which seems odd.

Article: "If these speculations are much more concrete, then the PS4 is likely the winner in terms of clock speed. However, these are still rumours so take it with a pinch of salt."

This clearly qualifies the story as a rumor. The author himself qualifies it as such.

Also, the story goes on to use the fact that AMD has published 2.0 GHz as Jaguar core limits as being valid backing for the rumor, in a chip package which contains *twice* the normal number of Jaguar cores. AMD's docs are actually referring to the Jaguar 4-core notebook chip package, with a far smaller GPU section in the APU, when claiming a 2.0 GHz limit. I sincerely doubt it's safe to run either the PS4 or XB1 at that speed, without some really amazing airflow, or liquid cooling -- which neither console has.

wishingW3L1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

If people even had the slightest idea of what you're saying they wouldn't be disagreeing with you but what can we do? This is N4G for you. Land of the ignorant.

Prime1571644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Says you too the guy that thinks a (speculative) 100 to 200mhz is going to make AI "dumber."

Still, Microsoft overclocked their system even while pushing a cloud structure... The only reason to risk overclocking is your competition.

Edit: I'm not talking about this article as it is... limiting at best.

ThunderSpark1644d ago

I an admitted Xbox fan but even I think that the Xbox fans on here can be at times very and completely delusional. It's embarrassing sometimes to even think that these people are serious when they're typing all that illogical nonsense. If you have an Xbox one, enjoy it for the games, not the specs.

Goku7811644d ago

Out matched, out gunned, and out classed. Meaning faster, stronger, and biggest launch ever says its in a class of its own.

purp13m0nk3y1644d ago

ThiS article is badly written and poorly researched.

There are much better written and far more informative articles on PS4 tech out there. My suggestion is if you are genuinely interested, jump on Google and do some reading.