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DSOGaming writes: "The highlights of this week are undoubtedly Trappsteg’s sci-fi map and robe_id’s character. Trappsteg has created one of the most beautiful sci-fi maps we’ve seen yet in CRYENGINE, while robe_id’s character is inspired by the art style of deviantArt user Tony Sandoval."

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Rzep1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

That is the ugliest human (?) design I think I have ever seen...atrocious.

I thought the name Tony Sandoval rang a ball. I've seen his stuff before. It works only in drawn form in a bizarre horror setting. Who ever made this 3d model completely missed the point in my opinion.

SeraphimBlade1641d ago

What am I looking at? It's like it hit the bottom of the uncanny valley and just kept digging.

nope1111641d ago


svoulis1641d ago

What has been seen.

Cannot be unseen.

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