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Madden NFL 25 Review – Trade in Your Current Gen Madden 25 Now, This is the Madden Game to Own | COG

Listen Madden fans, expect a learning curve; but once you get into the swing of things you will enjoy what this Madden game has to offer.

"When I reviewed Madden 25 for the Xbox 360 a few months ago, I admit I may have been a tad harsh. It is not that I didn’t enjoy the game, but I felt the development team didn’t do enough to push the franchise forward. I was frustrated with some of the freezing issues, the lackluster visuals, toned down pass leads and dammit Pete Carroll looked like an elderly middle linebacker in a golf shirt! Simply put, it was little too much of the same old for me. Over the course of the past week, I had a chance to sink my teeth into the Xbox One version of Madden 25. All the game modes from the current gen Madden 25 make its way on the Xbox One version. So if you own the current gen Madden 25, why should you pick up the next gen version? Plain and simple, it’s better. The jump from Madden 25 on the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One is significant. It is much more significant than I anticipated. It is easily the biggest leap I have seen in the franchise for several years." (Madden 25, PS4, Xbox One) 85/100

theXtReMe1  +   584d ago
This is the best review Ive seen so far for this game. And I agree wholeheartedly. People don't give this game a chance, cause they automatically have settled into the idea that EA doesn't do any work every year on the franchise games and instead just dial in development. That isn't the case with Madden 25 on the next GEN systems. It looks phenomenal, the crowd reacts to each and every play as if they would on a Sunday broadcast. The stadiums come alive with sharp texturing and animation. The players look incredible, some not quite like there lifelike counterparts, but good enough to get the job done.

The biggest upgrade in all of this is the player animations and how they react to everything going on around them. For the first time in series history, players are making choices on their own about how to best navigate the field in the direction you move your gamepad. You still have the overall choice in Jukes and spins and the such, but if you don't choose to use them yourself, The AI will make them decisions for you. Making this the smoothest moving and looking Madden in the history of the game. Players will not clip into each other anymore, they will do everything they can to jump over or get around any issues they see in the field. The offensive line creates pockets for the quarterback, so players don't have to run to the left or right anymore to avoid oncoming defenders. You can actually notice the battles going on between the lineman and defenders pushing and blocking to get a step up on their foes. Offense try to keep the quarterback safe, while defense is doing everything they can to get to him.

There are some little issues with the game, but overall it is the best Madden ever made. I just hope people can overlook Tiburon's past and give the game a chance.
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kalkano  +   584d ago
I won't give it a chance until they allow CPU vs CPU in offline franchise, and add custom soundtracks. I realize the CPU vs CPU thing makes me a minority. But, until it's added, I have no reason to buy any Madden.

Owners and GMs don't play football; they watch it.

I really have no idea what else needs work, because I'm still playing '12. After they add the above features, then I'll actually buy it, and know what else needs work.
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theXtReMe1  +   584d ago
Custom soundtracks will be added via the MP3 update for the PS 4. At least in a roundabout way. I agree about having a CPU vs CPU battle in GM mode. I think it makes all the sense in the world and it is a feature I'd love to see also.

Best we can ever do is let Tiburon know what features we want and get other people on board with us. With that being said, it is definitely worth even just renting it, to see if you'd enjoy it.
riverstars86  +   584d ago
I love this and NBA 2K14 for PS4! Great stuff!
likeaboss302  +   584d ago
Actually the models are just current gen with sharper textures and addition effects. A lot of the player and coaching models don't even look like the real person. The only thing that seems improved (as in they actually used new assets)is the stadiums and crowd. The player models need a lot of work.
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aquamala  +   584d ago
graphics are better but everything just runs faster, if you play ultimate mode it doesn't take 10 seconds to look at your roster or 3 seconds to put one thing in collection anymore like in last gen consoles, much faster now.
gedden7  +   584d ago
All of EA next Gen Games are CURRENT Gen, just upscaled... EA's approach to Next Gen is almost laughable.

Fifa same game just a little bit better AI, Cloth physics, No new modes. I will say though Fifa on next gen or current is very fun either way...

M25 Same game better footing but can be debated, better offensive line/defensive line interactions but nothing that hasn't been done in past 2k football games. NO NEW MODES.

NBA live lmao complete joke...

No games wow you with modes, tech or aesthetics...

The sad thing about it is that EA never truly delivers in any genre of sports gaming at best they just will create
a good or enjoyable game. Never a master piece, never blow away expectations, NEVER completely out doing themselves year to year...

They only do the minimum,
EA get your game up.

2k Sports blew me away with NBA 2k, Sony "will" blow us away with MLB the show, I guarantee it....
BX81  +   584d ago
Did you expect them to make all new games for the old and current gen? Madden 25 is a good madden game. If you've been holding out for a couple of years I would recommend it. Nba 2k14 on ps4/xb1 just looks sick.
gedden7  +   584d ago
Are you saying that it "just" looks sick or the visuals are crazy?

2k and Sony did/will do next gen right. I bet you $$$$ that EA games will only look/play marginally better next year.. Get at me then. This is how EA does. They never will blow us away with their talents and work practices/ethics... NEVER.

M25 is a good Madden game but is "good" good enough??? With the Tech thats out there we all deserve OUTSTANDING in graphics and in gameplay.
BX81  +   583d ago
Well have to wait and see then. I think they should do madden every 2 years and just do roster updates in between. Just looks sick, meaning everything about it looks good. The last nba game I played a lot was nba live 10, I think it was the one with Dwight Howard on the cover.
Omegasyde  +   584d ago
Not all of them..Battlefield 4 is definitely better on next gen consoles.

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