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‘inFamous: Second Son’ gameplay compared to previous ‘inFamous’ games

Sony’s Sid Shuman Shuman has made a gameplay comparison between “inFamous: Second Son” and the first two games in the series. (Infamous, inFamous 2, inFAMOUS 2: Festival of Blood, inFamous: Second Son, PS3, PS4)

Lukas_Japonicus  +   681d ago
If there's one thing i like about the Infamous games its how good they feel to play, very quick precise movements which made climbing and using your powers very smooth. From the gameplay of SS that ive seen so far it seems to be the same, which is a good thing.

Can not wait to play this game.
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jc48573  +   681d ago
One of the things I like about Sony games in general is that they always aim to make the games look like a lot of effort was put into them. When I look at Crackdown, I just don't see that "quality" even though gamers still find it fun.
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   681d ago
I know what you mean, ive said the exact same thing before multiple times. There's just a certain quality to PS exclusives....i can never really put my finger on it. They are just well made, very polished games and you can tell how much love and attention went into them....that's the best way i can explain it.

Crackdown (1st game) was awesome btw.
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b163o1  +   681d ago
PS4 for Christmas, SS is on the top of my list. FIFA14 is gonna have to hold me down until it's release
Honest_gamer  +   681d ago
Crackdown was made in Dundee a city 20 minutes from me famous for its junkies and drug use, not surprising the game had that cheap look to it however the game itself was one of the best I played on the 360 second one was meh
omi25p  +   680d ago
As long as they release Infamous Second Son in a bundle with the PS4 im happy.

Because at the moment there isnt any exclusive that interests me.

Infamous however is a series i love.
karl  +   680d ago
i still remember xbox fanboys saying infamous was just a copy of crackdown.. lol
jc48573  +   681d ago
games like Crackdown just look generic and I am not a fan of developers who simply accept that as a style because gamers seem to not mind perhaps? Maybe Sony being a Japanese company seems to make a difference on how they want developers to approach their games. Instead of being cartoony, they want to go for realism or visa versa.
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Necro_559  +   681d ago
Really generic? I am a Sony fan, own a PS4 but Crackdown is far from generic. Your comment smells of ignorance. Crackdown was way ahead of its time. Before Prototype, before Saints Row 4, before Infamous. There was Crackdown. There isnt a game like Crackdown, its far from generic. It was one of the first cell shaded games on 7th gen and a leader in that regard. Crackdown 1 was an amazing game. There was nothing like it, it was totally new. Crackdown 2 was pretty bad. But Crackdown 1 is an fabulous game.
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Hicken  +   680d ago
Yeah, I don't agree with Crackdown looking generic, either. I didn't play a LOT of games on 360, but Crackdown's one of my favorites, easily.

... and then there was Crackdown 2.

In any case, inFamous: SS looks great, and I can't wait to get my hands on it.
NateCole  +   681d ago
This game will be a dark horse next year for GOTY.
sobotz  +   680d ago
Seriously? Infamous may be good, but it's not really a GOTY material like The Last of Us, GTA5, Portal, Arkham City, or Fallout. It's gonna be a 7-9 games.

And there's already too much good games coming in 2014 such MGSV, Witcher 3, Uncharted, Halo, Cyberpunk, and maybe Fallout 4.
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wsoutlaw87  +   680d ago
Im thinking it will be the witcher. that game just looks too good, too big, and too detailed. I cant wait. Infamous has a chance and could really gain a lot of new fans who wouldnt give a superhero game a chance. Uncharted is an obvious pick if it comes out. Theres so many great games like destiny and the division coming next year that its impossible to pick now.
Brix90  +   680d ago
You forgot The Order: 1886...
ginsunuva  +   680d ago
Oh you've played Second Son?
SecondSon  +   680d ago
I've played with Second Son!
sobotz  +   680d ago

Oh, and you've already played it either? Just take a look at the past, is the franchise ever won, or nominated for the GOTY award? And you think it's gonna be different this time? The core gameplay is almost look the same as previous.. with just more selectable powers and prettier graphics.

Infamous is great game, but not a GOTY material. Mark my words, it's gonna be 7-9 score range. And just wait and see if it's gonna be Arkham Origins all over again or not.
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Rainstorm81  +   680d ago
Arkham origins? Infamous looks like a true sequel to the infamous series made by sucker punch...Arkham was more of a cash grab made by a substitute studio

Infamous will definitely get more recognition this time around
azshorty2003  +   680d ago
The only confirmation we've had for MGS is Ground Zeroes, and thats basically only an introduction, I highly doubt the full game will make 2014.

Uncharted Just got announced. Sure it may be some way along, but again, not likely to make 2014

And when was the last time Halo was a contender for GOTY?
ThatEnglishDude  +   681d ago
DriveClub and Second Son in the same month. March should be a good time to own a PS4!
Honest_gamer  +   681d ago
Unless u think driving games absolutely suck like me then it will still be an amazing month coz of infamous and other games :D
JewyMcJew  +   681d ago
True but until then it is pretty dry!

I hope Sony at least re-compiles some of their PS3 games so there is something in the PSN store.
YoungKingDoran  +   680d ago
argh damn it - I'm going to be on a holiday in Vanuatu in march with the gf.
Gonna have to wait till i get home.

wait a sec... remote play!
oh yeah, she's going to have a good holiday lol
DanielGearSolid  +   681d ago
Fire from the hip is cool, useful, for firing off quick shots while avoiding enemies
Enemy  +   681d ago
I still want L1 aiming though.
shivvy24  +   680d ago
I think it still has aiming, have a look at the new 5min gameplay, there was 2 moments when it looks like the camera zooms real close to his back
RaDhi  +   680d ago
I loved infamous games. But I hope there is an option for L1 aiming in second son
Z_-_D_-_3  +   680d ago
Don't you guys mean L2?! Don't forget, we're in a new generation :D
Conzul  +   680d ago
L2 I hope.
Yeah though the way his arm just points at enemies while firing is a bit weak, probs won't be in the final build.

Infamous games all look awesome in slow-mo for some reason. Hell, SP knows it - nearly all their trailers are half or more slow-mo.
Bathyj  +   681d ago
I love inFamous but the destruction on Second Son makes the first two look sterile now by comparison.

SS looks so much more alive. The swan dive attach is just amazing. It looks like a set piece but its not, its just a move that you can do, and the environment in fully reactive to it.

I remember the first time I saw it thinking, theres no way that dinosaur is destructible. I've never been so happy to be wrong.
Honest_gamer  +   681d ago
I have 1 and 2 however I've yet to play them but second son looks amazing
I_am_Batman  +   680d ago
You own both and haven't played them yet? I suggest you start asap.
NukaCola  +   680d ago
Also check out inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood. It's a pretty cool DLC/Spinoff story.
HeavenlySnipes  +   680d ago
Don't like that the reticule will always be on the screen
Conzul  +   680d ago
I agree. Settings menu, maybe.
HeavenlySnipes  +   680d ago
If there's no aim button then it's going to have to be there because there isn't a toggle to trigger it (like L1 was in InFamous 1 and 2)
JunioRS101  +   680d ago
I mean, if we're going to be completely honest with ourselves, we should just admit right now that ANY sequel released in the Launch Window will be nothing more than a spin-off with better graphics.

That IS what launch titles are for. That's their job. Sell the console. How do you do that? You make sparkly games that hook-line-sink anybody who's looking, as quick as possible.

I am going to be patient, and wait for 2015 when the firework show will start. We are going to see some really cool games coming out in 2015, games that outclass 2013-14 games. It's just the nature of the industry. Devs have to get cozy before they start getting confident, and that's fine with me, because good things are on the way. Or should I say... Greatness Awaits?
BitbyDeath  +   680d ago
Your theory is already wrong with Killzone though.
Killzone never had sandbox styled levels before, that is a huge change IMO.

Second Son is also changing it up by introducing a new character who can absorb powers, this mechanic could change things considerably especially in multiplayer.

How awesome would it be if in multiplayer everyone started out with one power but could continue to absorb more as time went on. So whenever someone gets taken out they start back at their default allowing for those who don't to potentially gain them all forcing everyone to work together in order to take down the super being (or beings).

Even just having the lightning power and taking out someone who can fly would change things considerably to how you play. Some might have direct attack powers, others more stealthy. I sure hope this is where SP go with it anyways XD
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Conzul  +   680d ago
troll or fud seed, he is. Evidence all in final line. Ignore him.
SkippyPaccino  +   680d ago
Yes and no...Thats a valid argument that launch Games are always pretty graphic hores used to sell the idea of a new machine. The only difference this time are that they already know how to make AAA game... Now they just need to work more on story, graphics, scope and game mechanics... We won't see dramatic changes this Gen, but it doesn't mean they won't be noticeable.

I'm sure you're right that infamous will feel like previous Games with a shinny new skin on top, but that's fine as long as they're able to emurse us further into the game and the story makes us give a crap about the characters. That's all we can ask from a launch window title
iKenny  +   680d ago
Looking forward to this game.
bowserone  +   680d ago
This is the only game I want right now. If this hada came out during ps4 launch ida been in heaven. But sony has NEVER gotten system launches right. Sigh. Ih well march 21 I guess will be here eventually and hopefully they fix any chances of getting a bricked system...tho ill prob get special edition that comes with ps4
Conzul  +   680d ago
I normally hit disagree by default on stuff like this, but I must admit the trend.

PlayStation's best nearly always happens at the end of a generation.
Rainstorm81  +   680d ago
The end? I don't think so....they release great games throughout....Drakes fortune released 1 year after PS3 launch... and games naturally get better over time
Conzul  +   680d ago
Uh.....that's what I just said :|
truechainz  +   680d ago
Pretty excited for this game. The only bad thing about the infamous is that it makes me really yearn for a modern version of the open world Spider-Man 2 (played the Amazing Spider-man, but underwhelmed) or Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction. Cole is great, but I'm a big marvel guy so playing as the Hulk in a game that looks as well polished as Second Son looks would be everything I could ask for.

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