Gran Turismo 6 Vs Forza Motorsport 5: Next-Gen Graphics Leap Is Obvious

Gaming Blend "While the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have seemingly stumbled out of the gate like a drunk and disorderly Amanda Bynes, the reality is that there is a remarkable difference in the graphical leap from seventh gen to eighth gen, even if some games don't seem like it."

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kiz26941844d ago

I would say subtle, not obvious. I can only see better AA.

abzdine1844d ago

i'm not sure that's GT6.
for a better and fair comparison not a garbage video like the one in the article, check this out

FITgamer1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

It's from the GT Academy demo, all the promos on the track say GT Academy.

aceitman1844d ago

to be fair it should be done with the final builds , the video u have is from e3 build and we no it got downgraded big time .

FamilyGuy1844d ago

Cinemablend is f'n up with this.

It's really nice that they compared two of the exact same tracks on wo different games but they did a crappy job on checking their source material.

Neither video represents the game they are labeled after making the title and entire comparison fake.
Use real GT6 footage versus real Forza 5 footage.

1843d ago
SolidStoner1843d ago

lol, Xbox one has reached PS3 level.. based on the video!!

inveni01843d ago

The stupidest thing about this is that they aren't using the same lighting engine or road textures, and that is what makes the biggest difference. Even GT7 on PS4 could grant the same sort of differences. So this isn't really a comparison of generations. It's a comparison of game engines.

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Computersaysno1844d ago

GT6 has the most realistic colour palette of any console racer.

It also runs with a stupendous resolution for last gen hardware 1440 x 1080 on the demo earlier. Thats amazing for a sim aiming at 60FPS on a 7 year year old console.

The difference is there, but its not absolutely mind blowingly huge.

Just imagine what Polyphony could do with PS4 seeing how hard they push PS3. DROOL!

Me-Time1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

It's from the GT6 GT Academy demo that came out months ago.

Here are much more recent builds of the game. Notice that Suzuka East has people in the stands and photographers.

The game isn't graphically/visually able to do that simply because there aren't any other cars on the track.

This video is of a race on a new track in GT which has time change and weather being showcased with people and photographers watching and with the checkered flag at the end of the race as the race was over by the time the driver got to the finish line.

And recent Willow Springs, Streets of Willow track videos. There's only one other that I know of for this particular track, but it sucks BAAAAD.

edit -
I posted the wrong link to one of the videos, but changed it now.

Me-Time1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )
It was Dai Yoshihara drifting in that first video and in this one they (the creators) talk about the GPS data visualizer.

ExitToExisT1844d ago

Fanboyism has a limit you know..

Harmy6661844d ago

This video isn't very good for the purpose of a comparison. All settings need to be the same;

same weather
same car
same track (I know it was the same track...)

With all of those setting the same, you could compare them, but this doesn't help one or the other "win" a comparison video...

CryofSilence1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

To be honest, there isn't a huge difference. It's fairly clear that Forza looks better, but it's not quite a generational leap. I will end up with GT6 because I'm a fan of the series and I don't have enough reason to jump to the next generation yet (hopefully, The Order: 1886 will change that).

bunfighterii1844d ago

Yeah AA was the most discernible. They should have zoomed out and shown the cars too. It'd be good to get up close car model comparisons.

Trekster_Gamer1844d ago

The video quality was not very good. Forza as always blows away GT. If they had shown the cockpit, exterior views and all of the features this would be obvious, even to the fanboys, although most are not honest enough to admit it.

frostypants1844d ago

Trekster_Gamer, sorry, but that isn't GT6 in the video. It's not even running in the correct resolution, and the textures are all far below what even GT5 had.

frostypants1844d ago

Dude, you're blind if you don't think the video on the bottom looks way better. Better AA, better textures. THAT SAID...THE VIDEO ON TOP IS NOT GT6. Go look at any gameplay video of GT6 out there. That is GT on the PS2 or something.

Retroman1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

Question for all : if the ps4-X1 was planned,designed after ps3-360 launched back in 2005-06 7 years of development time why do we have such issues now?? i mean 7 years is a looooong time to test for disc trays malfunctions, loading time testing (X1) heat paste for heatsink done correctly (ps4) we would not need a guy on youtube disassemble his ps4 to show "how-to fix" video. where was Quality assurance and testers team during those 7 years????.

thehitman1844d ago

Thats because most of the time its engineering and concept in the first few years. Cerny said they worked on the ps4 about 5 years ago I assume they also had to wait for new tech etc as it was being brought out. Then there is always the manufacturing part wont always be perfect ever when it comes to making hardware. I can link you to any electronic product and you will always see bad reviews of people who get dead products or defectives even way after the product has been brought out. The internet has highlighted everything and put things in the spotlight so much that it seems like this is new or out of the norm when its not.

Retroman1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

its ok HITMAN. it was a thought and thought i throw it out there for feed back not for agrees or disagrees. i always say if you dont know something throw it out in the fire someone will answer it.
thanks for the info "defective new product" from the begining and glad internet give us consumers insight info on electronic that manufacture step-up their A game.

BallsEye1844d ago

Seems to me they went 2 player split-screen on both consoles (big graphic downgrade) then cut out 1 player screen from each and put them together. Also cars are not even shown. This comparison could be much better. On side note, yes leap is huge once you play both like they should be played. Whoever think otheriwse is fooling himself.

Retroman1844d ago

after reviewing the gameplay in my PERSONAL opinion.
on the left video GT6 graphic look more close to GT 1 ps1 lighting and shades. and forza 5 lighting and shades look close to life-like graphic's....said close to life-like did not say they are.though i am disappointed in the environment coloring in GT6 especially the grass and dirt brought back memories of ps1-ps2 GT enviroment. at lease in this video make it look ps1-2 era

mk40021843d ago

The GT6 footage is interlaced 1080i and creating those artifacts. That was not a fair comparison at all.

sentury1111843d ago

You guys don't want to see the huge leap in visuals. Or just willfully ignore it.

Here's a great video of a side by side race, Real Life vs. Forza 5.

What's I'd like to see is Forza 4 vs. GT6 or GT5 vs. GT6 since that'd be a more fair battle.

kiz26941843d ago

That comparison was even worse, was that real life footage captured using a nokia 100?

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Snookies121844d ago

They should compare GT6 to Driveclub. That is a big difference.

Abash1844d ago

Gran Turismo 6 still looks fantastic compared to a racer on a next gen system. The thing that makes me excited for GT6 though is the boatload of content it has

frostypants1844d ago

That is absolutely 100% not GT6.

Sorry, gonna use all my bubbles pointing this out. Go look on Youtube for GT6 gameplay videos.

Stsonic1844d ago

Their needs to be some universal movement where comparing games on youtube becomes illegal.

FITgamer1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

Both games look bad on this video, smh.

Edit: The GT 6 footage is from the GT Academy demo, not sure if this qualifies for a fair comparison considering its not the final build.

MRMagoo1231844d ago

Thats not even the retail aka downgraded version of forza5 right , it looks like there are 3d crowds not the cutout paper 2d ones in the retail version. They still arent that far off each other tho lol, poor forza5 half the game forza4 was and now costs $100 for a good car

FITgamer1844d ago

Yeah this comparison is joke. The GT 6 footage is a demo from August and the Forza 5 footage is from the original buld from E3. To be honest not sure why they compare GT to Forza. Forza isn't even a true sim and won't be until they add weather effects and night racing. Both of which are very real aspects of racing. Not to mention that in Forza 5 you can earn a gold ranking without placing first in a race.

GribbleGrunger1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

Apart from the fact they managed to get bad footage of GT6, I don't see much of a difference. Nice to see real time lighting in GT6 which is probably why it has night and day cycles too.

Here's some better quality footage of GT6:

Here's the crowds in Forza 5. And no, this isn't a fake, they are actually from the game:

Kayant1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

Seriously the crowd thing just feels so out of place & very last minute with the duplicates & the fact it's people from the development team. IMO they should have just cut it out completely.

Also looool at the fact GT6 has 3D crowds.

MatrixxGT1843d ago

Didn't turn 10 say with the power of the cloud forza5 wouldn't be possible? People saying cloud can do processing shouldn't 3d crowds be easily done in cloud and maybe 2d crowds for those offline folks. Just a thought it kind of sad really.

Shane Kim1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

They have cut so many corners with Forza it's not even funny. No wonder it looks good when there is no other thing to worry about than the cars gfx.

Trekster_Gamer1844d ago

The optometrist called and advised your prescription is ready.

Nujabes_1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

You you see the hypocrisy in your comment?

First you say they got bad footage from GT6, then you go and pick the best footage you can find.

You then proceed to pick the worst picture of FM5 you can find, just to make the game look bad.

You realize you're doing the same thing those guys are (according to you) doing?

FamilyGuy1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

These guys are showing footage from a game that is not GT6 yet they're calling it GT6.

These guys are showing footage from the E3 build of Forza 5 that is not representative of the final build whatsoever.


He is showing the ACTUAL GT6 and
He is showing the ACTUAL Forza 5

The difference is much bigger than "showing the best of one and the worst of another".
You should be able to pick any spot on any track to showcase the games as long as they're in proper video quality. There shouldn't be a "best" or "worst" as the games should look good in all aspects. Blame Turn 10 for placing those eye-sore cut outs in an otherwise pretty game.

HighResHero1844d ago

I was going to mention that sites trying to prove something usually pick and choose what footage they use.
Of course it's also funny that we continue to see sites using youtube footage for high resolution comparisons.

GribbleGrunger1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

@Nujabes: What the heck are you talking about? Are you suggesting I should have found a higher resolution picture of the cut-out crowds in Forza 5? I can assure you, even in 1080p, they still look like cut-outs. I'm not being selective, that is how they look in the game, but the footage of GT6 is NOT what it looks like in game

Nujabes_1844d ago

You nit picked. You took a bad part of Forza and compared with a video of GT6. I'm sure if you dig around you can find ugly 2d trees on GT6 too. Why didn't you do that?

GribbleGrunger1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

It's a video trying to demonstrate what next gen looks like next to current gen and does a pretty bad job of it. I've posted a picture from a next gen game showing how they're using PS2 gen techniques in a next gen game. If people are going to open these debates up then I'm going to contribute. I very seldom bother with things like this unless they're clearly biased, as is this article.

The truth is, Forza 5 isn't what you would call a next gen title. It's really an upressed version of Forza 4, but for some reason certain sites are completely overlooking this. I'm not saying it's a bad game but to hold this game up as an example of what next gen means is completely erroneous.

frostypants1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

That isn't even GT6 footage. It's GT on the PS2 or Forza on the original Xbox. Come on're being uber-trolled.

Tigan1844d ago

Does it really matter what the crowd looks like? If your buying a game like forza or gt it isn't for crowds or trees in the game. Forza is next gen running on better hardware but that's not to say that gt6 looks bad by any means.

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