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The Guardian - "Ostensibly, what we have here is a familiar 3D exploration game with some light combat elements thrown in. However, appearances are deceptive, and in this case belie the real magic of the gameworld Media Molecule has created."

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Reeze1843d ago

Oh my goodness.

I don't even own a Vita and this game is giving me goosebumps. If I were to create a game, it would be this. Tearaway looks so creative and... I don't have words for it. Why were so many great things released on the same day??

Will definitely be looking into this.

GdaTyler1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

You should definitely!! You should see all the subtle details in this game. When you blow into the mic confetti flies across the screen, and when you touch paper on the screen it flattens and straightens it out. Also when you poke your finger into the world of Tearaway you can see your background as the camera is also being used. This game is pure brilliance and another masterpiece by MM. I love it!

Fizzgig1843d ago

100% agree! I have a big smile on my face while playing Tearaway, and I'm 34. A masterpiece.

Reeze1843d ago

Based on this game, what other Vita games do you think I'd enjoy?

If I can find enough games that I like, I'll definitely try to save up enough money to get a Vita.

kiz26941843d ago

Im playing right this second (its on pause) and the level of detail is just outstanding like GdaTyler said the sheer amount of personal interactions in this game is just mind blowing, if this is what MM can do with the PSV, can't wait to see what there doing on the PS4.

dafegamer1843d ago

Damn its surely going to be something genre defining

Visiblemarc1843d ago

I can't recommend it any more highly. It sounds like exaggeration but after a few minutes of playing I noticed my whole body was relaxed and I had a big smile on my face.

That continues as I play through. I feel unrushed and happy and there's just this joyfulness to it that I had forgotten that games or even movies or TV could bring to me. People say it a lot, but I actually do feel like a kid again, playing it.

It's right up there with my favourite games ever. I only hope people buy this game so we can eventually get a sequel.

tanookisuit1843d ago

And that's why Media Molecule always gets my money!

dafegamer1843d ago

Mm and naughty dog :O
Gods among sonys devs

WeAreLegion1843d ago

This game is so good! I can't recommend it enough. It plays more like an RPG than anything, but the platforming is so creative! :)

dafegamer1843d ago

Its like a zelda game with brilliant platforming level design

Benjammin251843d ago

I find it utterly disgusting how most people will pass on this game, and yet will happily rush out to get the new COD on day 1. This game will be lucky to reach 250'000 sales, and that's a real shame. Support developers like Media Molecule people.

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