Amazon discounts several Rockstar Games titles

Online retailer,, has discounted several multiplatform titles from Rockstar Games.

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TheLostCause1673d ago

I absolutely loved Red Dead..

Rich16311673d ago

I wish all developers where like Rockstar and Naughty Dog.

contradictory1673d ago

i remember RDR i didn't like it first
and then i went back and i loved it.

how times change.

RondoMachete1672d ago

RockStar has made so many great games,I can not think of a bad game,from GTA to Max Payne there all awesome. The change in gen to gen and content,look and gameplay always surpase the last. Red Dead and GTA 5 are two of the best games I've ever played. I own both and still play RDR to this day even when I get PS4 I will still go back and play RDR and other RockStar games.
I remember first getting RDR and from the moment it started I was hooked,the DLC is just as good as the main game I just wish there was more of it. So when the next RDR comes I'm there and I know thar RStar won't let me/us down. If only all game devs put in what they do every game would be a moment to always remember.