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Xbox One TV Integration Broken For UK & Europe: Sky 50Hz Stutter

A number of British owners have complained about the TV integration feature being broken, due to the introduction of judder with 50Hz content. (Tech, Xbox One)

PsylentKiller  +   492d ago
My cablebox from optimum is not working with the xb1 anymore. It worked for two days then stopped. I tested the wires, the tv, even another xb1. Everything works but the xb1 Wong show a video or sound signal for the cablebox. The HDMI in on the xb1 works with other devices just not my io box.
LeCreuset  +   492d ago
That's weird that it would stop working. I'm not that familiar with either, but just from a general troubleshooting standpoint I would try unplugging the HDMI, resetting the Xbox, the tv, and the cable box. You may have to power them all off and unplug them for about a minute. Then hook everything back up and turn them all on. A friend of mine had a similar problem with his PS3 that I resolved that way.
kneon  +   492d ago
Yup this is the first thing to try. Sometimes HDMI devices get confused and stop talking to each other properly, resetting them all usually clears things up.
Stsonic  +   492d ago
I don't understand who asked for this feature in the first place. You have to have both boxes anyway so surely telling your Xbox to play TV is going to be no easier than picking up your remote?
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iamnsuperman  +   492d ago
I guess the idea was to have a cheaper way to be important in the TV space (for mass market appeal while shoving out competitors in TV and gaming).The method requires less time, resources and is more reliable (as it just needs a set top box so they are not relying on third party support) than iptv (which, funnily enough, is the way TV is going)
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Drewidian  +   492d ago
Voice can be faster than grabbing the remote and navigating a menu or guide when you're first rushing into catch the news or a sports match. All you have to do is say "Xbox On, Xbox Watch TV, Switch to {Channel}", all while you walk in the door, take off and hang up your coat, and get something to eat or drink. all without having to go to the living room to pick up the remote. Its not perfect, but I'd expect that as time goes on MS will make this better especially with the Nokia acquisition and their talented engineers. Who knows what is possible.
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Stsonic  +   492d ago
@dredwindian "Voice can be faster than grabbing the remote and navigating a menu or guide when you're first rushing into catch the news or a sports match. All you have to do is say "Xbox On, Xbox Watch TV, Switch to {Channel}"

You missed the part where you have to pick up the remote to turn the TV on :/

So for anyone with unsopported cable box it would be -

Pick up remote>turn TV on>Xbox on>Xbox watch TV>Pick up other remote to change channel.
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Cueil  +   492d ago
watching a game while playing is useful as is pulling up info without having the game stopped or looking away from the game
IanVanCheese  +   492d ago
Stsonic: Kinect can turn your tv on for you fwiw
Finch  +   492d ago
This happened to me to. I found that you have to do a little maintenance. You have a lot of things going on and it seems if you have to many things going sometimes things lock up or refuse to work. What I have found to fix this is you have to quit old apps running. So in the dash hover over any apps that are open or you used before and press the start button (3 lines) and go to quit. Close as many as you can that you ain't using plus the TV app. Then start it up again by going to TV. Should work fine now. Seems that too many apps get to running and locks up if you never close down old apps. Give it a try let me know if it helps.

It seems to help to keep closing apps that you don't care to keep running in the back. So if you open a app it stays open and might want to keep in mind that its open and close it out. After you done using it.
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solidboss07  +   492d ago
Think I would just press a button on a remote. Having everything constantly on, wasting electricity, wired through the console and half of the time it all doesn't work, it all sounds like an unnecessary mess.
TAURUS-555  +   492d ago

suck it ¡¡

that happens when you dont buy the PS4.

MS doesnt give a sht about non-USA territory.
gcolley  +   491d ago
Are you 12 years old or just act like it on forums?
SilentNegotiator  +   491d ago
I'm ashamed of N4G for giving such a comment such a high agree:disagree ratio...
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   492d ago
enjoy yur xbox one guys!
falviousuk  +   492d ago
I am, thanks
Demster  +   491d ago
people disagree with you for doing the only right thing : enjoying your console.

sad fanboys, get a life lol
a08andan  +   492d ago
If this fault is because Microsoft did not consider this, then it is a SUPER MEGA FAIL. I hope they fix it for those who purchased an Xbox One or plan to do that.
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   492d ago
those who buy Xbox one in the Europe should know that the TV features would only work well in the US. i applaud you guys for wasting yur money on a console with even less features in Europe … should be buying Xbox for the games it will give you guys! even tho it won't be many.. so why buy the Xbox lol love wasting money?
falviousuk  +   492d ago
Do you own shares in Sony, why does it bother you so much that people want to have an xbox, its their money and their choice, but shy does it bother you so much that they chose to buy one.

Oh wait, I understand ...... T R O L L

Loving the xbox and its games, and find the TV integration far better than i expected. Being able to walk in the roomn and say 'Xbox On' to turn on the console and tv and get right into the action or watch some TV.

However, integration isnt fully done yet in the UK, thats supposedly coming next year and will be even better.

Stop being such a childish fanboy and enjoy the games. not the plastic, wires and silicon
aiBreeze  +   492d ago
^^^ Why are Xbox One fans so obsessed with Sony? You do realize you actually mention Sony and PS4 more than the haters do in these sort of articles.
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   492d ago

dude get a life.
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ABizzel1  +   492d ago

First off there are games on the XBO, and for people who enjoy their exclusives and XBL, then it's natural for them to want to upgrade to the XBO.

That being said anyone who bought the console in EU was setting themselves up to be disappointed. M$ said countless times that EU would not be able to use many of the features the XBO has to offer Day 1 due to EU's providers and non-standardized cable system, on top of American Football not being a huge draw in EU. The EU features aren't coming until 2014, and it makes no sense for someone to buy the XBO in EU right now. Just wait, and hopefully there will be a price drop by then.
Schizoid  +   492d ago
MS is kinda short sighted when it comes to these things... I kinda feel sorry for xBoners. One Mega fail after another.
amiga-man  +   492d ago
I don't own an Xbone and my Sky works just fine without it.
falviousuk  +   492d ago
I own an xbox with my sky box plugged into it and works just fine, even better being able to jump from tv to gaming with just a sentence.

Thank you
Stsonic  +   492d ago
If you read the description it says the problem arises with 50hz content.
LoveSpuds  +   492d ago
guess what, I can touch a button and switch between sources in a second flat....whats your point chief?
SirBradders  +   492d ago
Seriosly mate how many times do you swap between tv and games a day in all honesty?I don't know about you but i mainly play games as my form of entertainment which im sure most gamers do.
You sound like for years you sat there with 3 tvs on, one playing COD one watching football and the other with hardcore porn.
You have effectively paid £430 to save you a couple of seconds a day in swapping from tv to games PML.
Unless you genuinly prefer xbox exclusives which aint many might i add and most aint to great because they've been milked IMO.
eternal1973  +   492d ago
wow MS drop the ball again with the whole media center functionality, did none of their engineers consider this while testing the xbox?

Just shows the UK is still an afterthought for Microsoft.
Goku781  +   492d ago
I feel your pain and I'm sorry you guys are going thru that. PS4 isn't built like the Xbox One but if you guys like to game, you are more than welcome to join the PS4 revolution.
DanielGearSolid  +   492d ago
If the cable providers give MS the middle finger like they did with Google TV. Its officially over for the X1
OrangePowerz  +   492d ago
Nothing the cable providers can do, 50hz is simply the standard for PAL here.
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kingdip90  +   492d ago
They had to have optimized the gaming functions of xbox one for 50hrtz to avoid judder in game. Not doing the same for tv features is just a special level of ignorant
DanielGearSolid  +   492d ago
Not in terms of technical support. Im referring more to content restriction... In hindsight my comment is actually off topic
OrangePowerz  +   492d ago

Not necessarily, the console has only HDMI output. The PAL 50hz comes from the CRT TVs as older models would only support correctly 50hz and not 60hz that led to issues like NTSC games running in black and white if the TV didn't support the signal and a ther issues.

HDTVs don't have this issue of 50/60hz or PAL/NTSC. So in that case you wouldn't need to optimize for the different standards because the games won't run on CRT TVs out of the box. TV on the other hand isn't HDTV only, even my SkyHD box has an output to use it on CRT TVs that's why they have to broadcast in PAL 50hz.
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kingdip90  +   492d ago

that actually makes perfect sense, forgive my ignorance I have not lived in the uk for almost 10 years... past tv I uad there used scart!
captain_slow82  +   492d ago
sky box working over here fine why would i need to plug it into a gaming console?

to connect to social media? laptop phone smart tv blah blah says hello lol :D
kingdip90  +   492d ago
Consoles used to be made with pal in mind, this is a huge oversight.
Skynetone  +   492d ago
im glad those days are over, playing tekken on a 50hz tv it was 17% slower then a 60hz tv, it was like a new game when I finally got to play it at 60hz, the quicker 50hz dies the better, can you even buy a 50hz tv anymore don't know a single person how dosent have a 60hz tv
Angeljuice  +   492d ago
The reason PAL was used historically was due to it having a better quality picture and better colour fidelity than NTSC ( often referred to as standing for "Never Twice Same Colour"). It was a trade off between picture quality and refresh rate.
HDTV's have essentially eliminated the discrepancy but not everyone has invested in one yet.
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BlackCountryBob  +   492d ago
This is kind of a basic thing, would have thought really that any of the testers in Europe would have noticed this, unless Microsoft only did product testing in the continental US which given the general focus of the features seems emenantly plausible.

Shame but guess some clever software patch will fix this eventually.
Manic2014  +   492d ago
Same thing happened to me with SKY HD, but it turned out to be a faulty HDMI cable. Once changed it was working perfectly fine. Hope this gets fixed soon
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Roboto  +   492d ago
I don't think it's possible to completely fix this problem. They could add the option to have the Xbox One output everything at 50Hz but that would limit all games to display at 50fps. They could also leave it the way it is when the TV output is windowed (so you will have judder when viewing the channel preview or when it's snapped) but then switch to 50Hz when viewing fullscreen, but this would make the TV go black for a couple of seconds each time it changes and is only half fixing the problem.
The only other option would be to upconvert the 50Hz video to 60Hz but that would introduce lag and cost the Xbox One some processing power unless the video processor can do it on it's own.

Bit of a bugger really...
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   492d ago
Just been reading about this on NeoGAF. Seems TV integration outside the US wasnt a high priority for MS.
Who'd have thought it.
Bennibop  +   492d ago
How are we going to earn our media achievements for watching tv if it's not working properly?
BadlyPackedKeebab  +   492d ago
And they were only focusing on tv in the us and japan... boom this all makes sense. They f**cking knew... they are selling the xbox one in the eu under a false promise surely???
Hicken  +   492d ago
With Microsoft, it's seriously no surprise. I mean, they hardly advertised anything for anybody else. Most of the deals they made were only good here in the US, indicating how much the rest of the world meant to them.
Bathyj  +   492d ago
Does Xbone always have to be on when you're running tv? Does no one see a problem with this?

So you might watch tv play a game switch back to tv watch a movie back to a game, does anyone really want to let a machine made by Microsoft run for longer than tit has to? I bet they don't last more than 3 years. This is a company that's more worried about tv now and apparently can't even get that right.
gamer1138  +   492d ago
Mine's been working for days just fine. Hasn't skipped a beat. Could possibly depend on which set top box you have.

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