Atlus Announces New Persona Games – And Here Is Some Of The Translated Info

Unigamesity: "The day has come! Today Atlus announced three new Persona games – and luckily I have some basic Japanese skill. I will list the games in the order of it’s unveiling, with most of the info that we know so far– all accompanied with video trailers."

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dcj05241846d ago

It's like bittersweet cake. On one hand WOOOOOO PERSONA 5 on the other hand WOOOooo.....o PERsona4 dance?WTF? And then Persona Q is exclusive only to the 3DS GAH why atlus. You could've at least made it multiplatform.I don't understand. Miku is already on here. Could've just made some DLC for it.

MoveTheGlow1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

If you look carefully at the gameplay shots, you'll see status bars at the bottom that look just like they do in Etrian Odyssey. I'm going to guess their EO team is doing this (just look at the character design!!), and they only develop for DS and 3DS. It's not that outlandish.

And come on. Those 3DS/2DSs are cheap! It's time to get one. If you haven't played an EO game yet, you've got some awesome RPG's to play!

Magoiichi1846d ago

Portbegging won't get the game released to that piece of shit grave dwelling Vita

dcj05241846d ago

Who said anything about a port? I want Persona Q on VITA natively. Not a crappy port. Don't insert word into my mouth.

savaroth1845d ago

As good as the Vita is there is no real installbase in the west.

I do own a vita, but when you go to the local stores there's only a small section reserved for vita games. Advertisement? hardly anything for the Vita. ( although I did see an invizimals ad on tv recently )

Anyway, Atlus has been publishing on the 3DS even before the Sega take over, with games as Devil survivor overclocked, Soul hackers, etc.

Companies tend to go where the money is. As they allways did and allways will.

Chaos_Raiden1846d ago

Pretty damn happy that Persona 5 will be released on PS3. Hopefully it will be translated in English next year.

Godmars2901846d ago

You mean 2015? Given that its coming out in Japan 2014.

3-4-51846d ago


Persona 5 not happening until May 2015 at earliest.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1846d ago

Sweet a persona on 3DS I'm getting it for sure if it comes stateside. Persona 5 for sure as well that will probably come to America in 2015 tho if its getting a winter release in Japan. But I still gotta play Persona 4 golden before either of them.

Eazy-Eman1846d ago

I WANT IT ALL!!...except for the dancing/rhythm game lol

thehobbyist1846d ago

Persona Q looks fantastic. Will be an awesome time sink while waiting for 5. The dancing game was doomed to happen to some degree. I mean, didn't you see how much dancing was in P4G's opening? However, we are all here for Persona 5. Which thankfully, is slated for a winter 2014 release. Which means in America we should expect it late-spring/early summer 2015 if the P4G launch schedule is anything to go off of.

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The story is too old to be commented.