Xbox One: Top 5 Exclusive Games To Look Forward To

Unigamesity: "After the PS4 release we took a look at the best PlayStation 4 exclusive game to look forward to. But what lies in the future of the Xbox One? What games do we need to keep our eyes at? Let’s find out – here are the top 5 Xbox One exclusives to look forward to and probably the number one pick here won’t be the one you’d be expecting. So let’s check them out!"

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Goku7811549d ago

Why isn't Titanfall on this list?

FrigidDARKNESS1549d ago

Well, Titanfalls can be played on two other platforms other than xbox one.
Exclusive means not available on other platforms.

My top 5 are
Quantum Break
Black Tusk game
Sunset Overdrive
Fable Legends MMO RPG
Halo 5

Nocando1549d ago

I agree, even I am getting tired of Titanfall being called an exclusive.I really wish MS would stop with this timed exclusive crap and just make real damned exclusives.

Nicxel1549d ago

I think people are just too picky now-a-days. I wouldn't put PC in the same category/genre with consoles. If a game comes out only for PS or only for XBOX (but still available on PC) then it's exclusive. Period.

That said, Titanfall is exclusive to the Xbox brand. Sure, it's for the One and 360, but you can't get it for any other competing console. That's why it's labeled as exclusive. PC has nothing to do with the console market. If it did, then Halo CE and Halo 2 are not exclusives as they can be found on PC.

Just growing tiresome of people over complicating the term exclusive for games. *shrugs*

Gabenbrah1549d ago

1: Halo 5
2: Quantum Break
3: Sunset Overdrive
4: Fable Legends
5: BlackTusk Studios Game

Plus there's more to be announced, very excited to more Xbox One exclusives, especially Quantum Break, seems to be doing some very innovative things to story-telling.

hennessey861549d ago

i don't understand the disagrees

FrigidDARKNESS1549d ago

It's the folks from the other side with their hatred and anger of the xbox one.

christocolus1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )


Trying to understand the logic behind those disagrees is like trying to understand the mysteries of the universe...just let it go



ChrisW1549d ago


Very simple... We call them Sheep!

Gabenbrah1549d ago

Sony Fanboys are special kinds of fanboys that are so sensitive over other gamers opinions there anuses got so butt-hurt over it. I'm an omni-gamer so I love all platforms, like a true gamer does, I'm no corporate slave like these pathetic fanboys that are the cancer of the gaming world.

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christocolus1549d ago


Pretty much my list too but d4 and titanfall included...also looking forward to rares unannounced adventure title and im also very eager to see the other projects 343 and mgs osaka have been working on.

Gabenbrah1549d ago

I'm very excited to see RARE's unannounced game, there still a very talented studio, I'm hoping it's Banjo 3 and 343i's secret project has me wishing for Halo Wars 2

guyman1549d ago

Xbox looks to have some exciting games coming up...

I_am_Batman1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Project Spark should be on the list.

I'm also curious to see Quantum Break gameplay.

FrigidDARKNESS1549d ago

D4 is an x1 rxclusive but i want to see more gameplay footage.

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