Killzone: Shadow Fall graphics compared to Killzone 3

If you felt the graphical leap from the PS3 to PS4 was a small jump, prepare to have your mind blown.

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Bio_Mod1455d ago

Looks excellent, looking forward to friday

Ghost_of_Tsushima1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

Hopefully you will like it. I got it and while it looks very pretty I didn't like the gameplay or story. I got so bored with it I done took it back to Gamestop.

Bio_Mod1455d ago

I'm sure I will, I've been a fan of them all so far :-)

abzdine1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

damn KZ3 suddenly looks like a PSone game!!!!!!!!
what i regret the most in Shadow Fall is no Move support cause that thing worked perfectly i never enjoyed motion gaming as much as i did with KZ3.
Hopefully they patch it soon!

Friday cannot come soon enough!


I keep posting this whenever we talk about graphics:

"to be honest I didn't know the jump was SO big, at least with a laucnh title.

Those pics just prove that, and in those pics it really look beyond next next-gen:

Especially this one, NOTHING comapres to that on ANY PLATFORM:

This just trumps nan-sayers about next-gen and PS4 not going to look any different. Well, at least,the PS4 got the jump into next-gen rightfully.

PS: It is funny to find a dedicated news made by Examiner posted in N4G since I was the first to mention or post a link about the comparison in N4G, so it means it was ME who spread the news XD

mr2331454d ago

I never played KZ before but I like shadowfall a lot . Graphics are incredible, gameplay is fun and I don't see the story as boring at all. To each his own I guess. The owl is a very cool touch also.

Studio-YaMi1454d ago

Even with those screens,I see the footage on my TV giving Killzone:Shadow Fall better justice!

The game is just THAT good! Amazing what GG did with the PS4 hardware!

Destrania1454d ago

I beat Killzone SF a few days ago and I really loved it (the story). Solid gameplay mechanics, interesting characters, and freakin' amazing visuals especially toward the end of the story. The multiplayer rocks as well. Definitely recommended.

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svoulis1455d ago

If you are into the Killzone Lore, you will love the new game. It wraps everything up nicely. I loved it, and the MP is fun.

KUV19771455d ago

Did they change the MP-controls a lot? I really liked KZ3, and especially KZ2. Would hate it if they went more twitchy!

InTheLab1455d ago


The single player is twitchy but the multiplayer is closer to KZ2 with its weightier controls.

fluffydelusions1455d ago

The problem I have with KZ:SF is there are many frustrating parts to get through. Other than that, I quite enjoyed it

Ju1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

I kind of agree. But I have to give Guerrilla the thumbs up for trying something totally new. You can't play this game like any other shooter. You just have so much more space. And the visuals are just insane. I find myself staring at scenery more then once. I think they had some bold ideas with the game - aren't we all crying for something new? And not yet again another clone. Well, this is it, no doubt. With that said, some moments might lead to frustration; but it is easily offset by that total package - and the longest campaign of all (next-gen) shooters so far.

STICKzophrenic1454d ago

The free fall into the city was RIDICULOUS. The controls for it really sucked. It would have been so much better as a cutscene. I checked my least deaths for ever section, and that was BY FAR the most deaths at 61.

Other than that, the game is great. Having only played it once, I feel Killzone 2 and 3 are better, but I've played both of those several times. My opinion could change with more playthroughs.

Visiblemarc1455d ago

I personally like it...I think some people don't like Guerilla games because a lot of shooters teach you to shut off your critical brain. Time and time again I see this game criticized for difficulty spikes, and while there are a few spots that will take you 10-15 mins to pass a 30 second bit... Most of the "unfair" spots are actually times when Guerilla is saying "use your brain." If you do things logically, you'll get through smoothly and get that "nailed it!" feeling. I love "dumb" shooters too, but this is a nice change of pace, because succeeding is more than just about working the cover system and shooting accurately. Also the AI is typical Guerilla, aggressive and quite smart most of the time.

Ju1454d ago

Can't agree more. That's why I said you have to play this game differently. It kinda has this puzzle element which not a whole lot of shooters have nowadays. One needs to slow down and think this through instead of blindly run around getting lost in the scope of a level.

Studio-YaMi1454d ago

The game easily reaches the graphical levels of Crysis 3 on ultra settings(I know because I played both and I played Crysis 3 in Ultra settings with 35fps) but the Art direction in Killzone:Shadow Fall is a miles better for me especially the facial expressions of the characters in Killzone:Shadow Fall!(my opinion here of course).

And Assassins Creed 4 is also easily on Ultra settings on PS4 too compared to PC!

I am seriously loving my PS4 so much right now,best console I purchased to date!

Don't get me wrong,your gaming PC can go beyond 1080p,that's for sure!but for a NATIVE 1080p? the PS4 is IMPRESSIVE in what it does! it looks BEAUTIFUL!

Ps4Console1454d ago

Can not wait greatness truly does await .

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memots1455d ago

I always said that Kz3 graphic were damn good. I still want to go back to that game and play the campaign again 100% with the sharpshooter.

Joe9131455d ago

The sharp shooter is very nice that and 3d support made this my favorite fps ever.

LeoDDestroyer1454d ago

Played kz3 from the start with the sharpshooter and couldn't imagine playing it without. I even played mp with it and had no issues at all.

ELCUCO1455d ago

Can't wait to slaughter some Brits on the 29th ;)

ifritAlkhemyst1455d ago

I have such a love hate relationship with this series. I think the games are godawful boring but the design, not just the quality of the graphics, but the uniqueness of ship designs and interiors, is just spectacular and always keeps me motivated to see the next gorgeous room.

CaptainPunch1455d ago

It's crazy how good Killzone 3 still looks.

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