Microsoft's Major Nelson Thinks PS4 Remote Play Is "a Great feature," Clarifies Previous Statement

Major Nelson previously went on record saying that "gamers certainly want to take their game with them but they just don’t want to have the same exact screen shrunk down."

Looks like that sentence didn't come out as he meant it, and he clarified what he actually intended. He also had words of praise to share about PS4/PSVita remote play.

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Angels37851460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

I love remote play! I use it literally all the time if I'm not home or someone wants the tv. I bought a 4glte personal wifi hotspot from best buy and vita works on the go anywhere :D

PoSTedUP1460d ago

sweet, that's what i was gonna do too. how much are you paying for it and the provider? i havent looked into it yet (no ps4). i bet it is Amazing!!

Angels37851460d ago

It is amazing I can let friends play ps4 games anywhere :D Its through at&t for like $35-$50 a month for unlimited use :D

PoSTedUP1460d ago

haha nice. "i have my ps4 in my pocket :D!!!". cool thanks, +bubs. i cant wait!!

guitarded771460d ago

As a smoker, I go out on the back porch for a few drags every so often... With remote play, I can continue online with my friends instead of dropping out and getting back into a game.

indysurfn1460d ago

Well for Major Nelson to "clarify" so LATE something is up. Microsoft most be about to try and copy, and are trying to take their foot out of their mouths first.

PoSTedUP1460d ago

@guitarded- try an E-CIG they are so much better and not nearly as bad for you. not Blu tho, go Logic Ecig. i was a smoker for 8 years (starting to sound like a promotion now, lol). once you have a craving just start dragging on that mofo one after another till it satisfies it (the 2.4 nicotine one). youll feel your lungs clearing up in the first 3 days. i havent touched a cig in 6months and dont plan to. and they are easier to quit too. hope this helps!

minimur121460d ago

I was tempted to get a portable hotspot, but I've no idea where to get one from so the idea stopped right there lol

But anyway, literally 4 days ago M.Nelson played down remote play, saying that 'gamers don't want the same screen shrunk down' but now its a great feature? Smh.

sobekflakmonkey1459d ago


Man, you guys are lucky, we don't have nicotine E-Cigs in Canada, we have non-nicotine ones..that of which are pretty much pointless because you're not filling your "need" for nicotine, I need to figure out a way to get them sent up here from the states, been smoking for like 5 years, at a pack a day, really sucks, and really expensive, also, I realize this comment of mine was really off topic, but I'd like to know if there was a way to get them sent up here, that way I wouldn't have to get up and leave my PS4 to go have a smoke..

mattdillahunty1459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )

so we're talking about

$400 console
$30-50 a year for PS+, depending when/where you get it
$200 or more for a Vita
$35-50 a MONTH for 4g lite (over $400 a year at least)
plus any extra games you want to buy

and people say PC gaming is expensive? are you effing kidding me?


no, and i wouldn't want to. remote play is a nice feature, but nowhere near worth all the money to go out of your way to get.

insomnium21459d ago


You can game on the go with your PC?

ThanatosDMC1459d ago


Dont forget that the Vita's been out for a while. I know, Guitarded77 bought his during launch like I did. You dont need to spend a huge amount in one go, unless there's some sort of bundle.

Soulscare1459d ago


Actually you can using an app for Vita, you don't even need to mod it! Also please don't judge PC gamers from Matt, we're not all that ignorant -.-

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GdaTyler1460d ago

Remote Play is a dream come true. It works flawlessly. Just the fact that I can do it away from home is a damn miracle in itself. Simply brilliance. Greatness Awaits.

ZodTheRipper1459d ago

I'm looking forward to connecting to a friends Wifi and playing my PS4 when a party starts to get boring :D

sinjonezp1459d ago

Anyone hating on remote play should just stop. I bought the vita when the price dropped to 199.99 with the instant games collection included. That mean I got ps+ for a year free. Not to mention the free games with the bundle. People should realize ps+ covers all three platforms. Meaning I have like 14 free games from ps3, 7 from psvita and two currently from ps4. Somebody please add that up? The value is endless. The amount of games you get pays for the vita and more. Granted thats off topic..sorry. but remote play works perfectly and to say how much money you spend, it takes care of itself. I recommend remote play to anyone. I have a 50 inch ultra slim led and my lady loves the netflix app. When she is watching her shows. I can play battlefield 4 or anything practically with no lag. Heck you can control every facet of the ps4. Once you get ps+ trust me it will pay for itself and sony will make a killing with that psvita ps4 bundle. If they offer a year of ps+ with it, that would sell out in minutes. Jump on it people.

Angels37851460d ago

Its through AT&T somewhere starting at like $35-$50 a month and its unlimited! :D

schlanz1459d ago

It's $50 for 5gb. There is no unlimited plan with AT&T.


i take it you have to leave your PS4 on all day?

Angels37851460d ago

Just in standby, but it gets used quite a bit! And no issues :D

Magicite1460d ago

This is a killer app for Sony!

GodSquad1459d ago

So your family basically kick you out of the house? haha. Jokes.

CarlosX3601459d ago

All I could think to the comments by Major Nelson would be "Speak for yourself, Microsoft!"

Old McGroin1459d ago

@ indysurfin

"Well for Major Nelson to "clarify" so LATE something is up. Microsoft most be about to try and copy, and are trying to take their foot out of their mouths first."

I think you'll find that it is Sony who have copied Nintendo. As usual.

ajkula1459d ago

there you mean psp+Ps3 was somewhat copying nintendo?

dragon821459d ago

PS Remote Play was around long before the Wii U.

THC CELL1459d ago

Lol lame attempt at Sony, well done clap clap

xtremeimport1459d ago

there is absolutely no way this feature can been seen as anything but great.
It works flawlessly and a great way to add value to the Vita and extend the PS4 experience outside of your home.

Its really brilliant.

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jon12341460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

"So it’s how can you stay connected, maybe you’re helping your team in a multiplayer match by spotting things… doing some real simplistic things on a phone that the touch interface really contributes to, so lot of our developers are doing things like that."

NO! i dont want to support and touch my phone screen! i want to play my actual game shrunken down onto my vita!!! which i have been doing happily i might add :)

tubers1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

But ofc. They'll be doing almost the same thing.

MS X1 Leaked Roadmap

"2015: Latest and greatest Xbox experiences. Instantly on any screen."
"Access to the latest and greatest experiences w/o upgrading hardware"
"Instant in Experiences Everywhere."

Nvidia also as "Grid" for cloud gaming.

Remote Play, both local and over the net is a future.

Global infrastructure is going to get better but maybe slowly.

parentoftheyear1460d ago

If this is true, I will be most def getting XB1 in 2015 unless sony beats them to it.

tubers1460d ago

TBH, I don't see Cloud Gaming becoming great for the mainstream within the X1/PS4 gen. I don't think we have the infrastructure for that yet. I'm just saying it's going to be part of the future but not really polished at 2015.

Local RP will still probably be the "best" RP.

I'd love to see MS do RP on any phone with X1 controller compatibility.

It's a shame that the PSV isn't compatible with the DS4 + make your own Game Klip.

Omegasyde1460d ago

I agree, but unless bandwidth and speed is increased then this new technology will continue to hit the ceiling.

I do like how Wimax/whitespace technology is improving and that WAN-based Wifi speeds are getting better but even so, the speeds are still too slow to match what we need.

DEEBO1460d ago

remote play is not just a great feature its one of the best if not the best feature.
A bundle will set the gaming world on fire!

Lowsnamebrand1460d ago

great feature especially when you consider the games are streamed with little to no lag, i was weary about it at first but sony did a grade a job with the fuction