Sierra Spring Break 08: PS3 exclusivity would have allowed double the amount of objects on-screen, says Ghostbusters dev

Speaking to videogaming247 at the Sierra Spring Break 08 in Mallorca last week, Terminal Reality president Mark Randel admitted that Ghostbusters on PS3 has been held back by the fact will also release on 360, saying that the game would have double the amount of objects on screen if it had been PS3-only.

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HighDefinition3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

Problems w/ the PS3 are a things of the PAST.
Problems w/ the 360 are a things of the FUTURE.

The 360 is for where games are at.
The PS3 is for where games are going.

The 360 is becoming the new Dreamcast, not to say that`s bad....I still have a DC and play it every once and a while.

But DC stuck w/ CDs(1GB), The PS2 went w/ DVD (7GB, pretty sure, correct me if I`m wrong)

And that`s what happened to the DC, it couldn`t keep up. For instance..


wouldn`t have been possible on the DC.

cyclindk3760d ago

"Problems w/ the PS3 are a things of the PAST.
Problems w/ the 360 are a things of the FUTURE."

I agreed with you, but one correction: there was never a problem with the PS3, just problems developers had/still have with the PS3. They want easy-peesy japaneesy for everything, even if it means forfeiting a potentially better product in the process.

callahan093760d ago

You're right about everything but the name of the 1GB Dreamcast discs... they were called GD-ROMs, not CDs. The DVD-9s that the 360 uses do indeed only have a usable capacity of about 7 GB, due to a large amount of space allocated to some kinda crap I don't understand but read about on wikipedia and assume is not fabrication.

HighDefinition3760d ago

Thanks, I always forget the name of those Discs.

sonarus3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

Wow i certainly didn't expect this from a 3rd party dev.

Well what can i say. PS3 version better not be a crappy port

Edit: Apparently they are leading on ps3 because sony pictures owns Ghostbusters. Finally sony is using some other studios to help themselves.

Its all good though...i mean its just ghost busters so maybe the ps3 version will run better big deal not like its a big open world game where russians steal cars and stuff.

Due to the 360 install base, things are better off for them but if ps3 had the install base advantage and they chose to lead on the ps3, you would start to see crappy 360 ports

Jack Meahoffer3760d ago

Then the PS3 will be holding back the 720. Its what happens when all the systems aren't lined up coming out at the same time. Same thing with PS2 holding back the original Xbox due to its market share.

Not really something for the Sony fans to beat the chest about but I'm sure they will.

360 will eat a nice chunk of Playstation market share this generation then it'll be off to the next generation ahead again with better specs.

thewhoopimen3760d ago

Jack, after this generation's fiasco with hardware issues and useless HD-DVD drives, I doubt Microsoft will have another chance at stealing Sony's market share. If Microsoft does decide to jump the gun again and release the 720 early, I believe they will piss off their own fanbase more than getting a headstart on Sony. Even now, the 360 could still be considered in its early years. I say they'd be lucky if they maintained the status quo. Plus I have yet to see the xbox360 meet total xbox numbers (not assuming it won't).

damrightfresh3760d ago

Its true..Just like how GTAIV would of been better if its on the PS3..Rockstar even said the next GTA game will probaly be only for the PS3 because its really really going to be a big game..

Sev3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

I was waiting for someone to say this...

"All the 360 has to do is hang in there for 2 more years till 720 comes out..."

Better specs = More expensive. That is what initially held the PS3 back. Especially in USA. US is the where the 360 sells the best. With America's economy going down the sh!tter, what do you think will sell more in 2 years?
The PS3 which offers Blu-Ray, and will have a huge library of games at this point, along with developers finally coming close to tapping its full power... Also PS3 should be at a sub $300 price tag at that point.
The new Xbox, with only a launch library, and a huge price tag?
I dont think so. Not with the way US economy is.

I am not sure the age of most of you, but I am old enough to fully understand the problems with the economy, with gas prices about to hit close to $4 a gallon, property values plummeting, and no plan to get middle class families out of this rut.
Things are ONLY going to get WORSE.

That means people are going to go with the cheaper console. This is a part of the Wii's success (I said only part, casuals eat the thing up).
This will be the same case when the new XBOX drops.

The PS3 will be much much much more appealing at that point in time, and the new XBOX, will have to again prove itself its library, and prove its worth with its much higher than PS3 pricetag.
Couple that with $50 a year, and all the expensive accessories, people will not want to pay...

How can anyone disagree with me?

harrisk9543760d ago

We are going to start hearing this more and more. And it is not going to be some Sony fanboy ranting about how he thinks that the PS3 version of one multiplatform game or another was reduced in size due to the lack of space on DVD... We are going to be hearing it more and more from the developers themselves who are beginning to realize the benefits of blu-ray, not so much for HD content, but for the amount of space on the media. This is also why HD-DVD was ultimately doomed to failure -- although the picture and sound quality was HD, the space limitations could never have kept up with the necessities of constantly growing software. MS can delude itself all it wants about the future being downloadable content, but how many people will be able to afford a hard drive big enough to hold all of the HD content that is coming. Too bad for PS3 owners on those multiplatform games (like this one) which will need to be, in effect, circumsized to allow it to work on the 360. Either that, or 360 games will need to be smaller versions of theses games, which MS will never let happen.

Jack Meahoffer3760d ago

What if MS continued to support the 360 and the new 720 was fully backward compatible?

People upgrading to the new unit could play the next gen games but still full access to 360 games and their live account.

I really believe MS will not and cannot repeat the drop of the original xbox. I think they'll try hard to go against that. Look at a lot of these planned trilogy games like Mass Effect and Too Human supposedly all of those games will be on 360. That’s years and years in the future.

They could start the next generation ahead of Sony and still support the 360. Add in motion controls to combat the Wii and you're on to more market share. All in all more competition it’s all better for gamers and prices (bad economy). Seems like all you Sony fans pray for a Sony monopoly of something...

scheme_a3760d ago

>developers themselves who are beginning to realize the benefits of
>blu-ray, not so much for HD content, but for the amount of space on
>the media

I think the dev saying "more objects on screen" isn't so much about Blu-ray but more to do with Cell Processor being able to calculate more objects on screen, because blu-ray won't calculate the physics. It's definitely true, though, considering what R* said.

But the fact that Sony had say on what console they should use as lead somewhat damages his credibility. I would love him to be true but I'd still take it with a grain of salt.

sonarus3760d ago

Saying ps3 is holding back xbox 720 is a joke. That is like saying ps2 is holding back Xbox360.

rawg3760d ago

Even if MS included BC to keep their fanbase from revolting, they'd still have a problem convincing game developers to make games for a new platform that has a limited install base. Sony actually has an advantage here because they own or control so many first-party studios. Microsoft's biggest first-party devs, Bioware and Bungie, have left MS so it'll be even more difficult (or expensive) for MS to get developers to create launch titles for their next console.

The reality is that launching a new console is a huge, risky endeavor that requires massive investment, not only to subsidize consoles but to incent developers to take a chance on the new platform. It's not something that can be done profitably every few years. In fact, it only makes sense when it's part of a larger consumer electronics cycle, i.e. CD to DVD, DVD to HD, HD to DD?, etc.

MS had a four year cycle between the original Xbox and the 360 but that's because they came a year late to the last gen and a year early to this gen. I wouldn't expect another Xbox for at least 3 more years, maybe longer.

gaffyh3760d ago

360 games are limited to about 7.3GB I think (maybe a little more), because MS has set the layer break lower than it needs to be (I think to make the 360 unhackable LOL). But PS2 didn't have that limit so those games could be 8.5GB.

Which is really weird that a last gen console can handle a higher capacity than the current gen, but there's always multiple discs.

Ace Ventura3760d ago

You do know the PS3 and Wii weren't released late...right? And that Microsft put the 360 on the market a year ahead... they were criticized and it screwed things up.... there will be no new Xbox in 2 years... when they have BARELY sold 19 million in 2.5 years... and we will not see a Xbox earily this time... if we do... Sony is goign to be ready a year early this time... you can bet your money...

Insomniac has said THERE IS NO REASON for consoles to be put out before 2012... When the PS3 is brand new and Xbox 360 has barely sold any consoles... and selling them slower and slower every year... why rush another console?? Sony will be ready. They CAN'T get a cheap headstart 2 generations in a row. Sony will be ready. Next generation will be fair in time and price and PS4 is going to be ahead from day 1.

PS3 is still goign to be here for a LONGGGG time regardless of what a new Xbox does LOL... It's not like people are goign to be grabbing them off shelves over a low priced PS3... people are still waiting for the PS3 to get cheap... it's 400/500$... Sony and Nintendo aren't scared of Microsft releasing a console with them... they will be the one's to lose. They can't cheat 2 generation in a row.. and if they were that desperate know Sony will be ready. Blu ray is ready.

Homicide3760d ago

Stupid 360 with it's inferior hardware.

eagle213760d ago

And PS3 is the sole beneficiary of the next gen title. Simple as that. It was never a matter of "if" but "when" all the truth would be revealed. It came mighty quickly if you ask me. MIGHTY QUICK! :)

Sev3760d ago

I guess they werent so arrogant when Sony said "The next gen starts when we say it does."
Looks like its just really starting now.

thewhoopimen3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

Bottom line is this:

The total units of Xbox sold in 4 years was 24-25 million (at the end of May 10, 2006).

MS needs to sell 25 million xbox360 units in 4 years to break their original xbox numbers. They are currently at 19 mill at 2.5 years.
They have 1.5 years to sell 6 million more units... which is doable of course but who knows.

However, even if they meet this goal, they will still be considered a failed console, because they will have failed to increase their initial market share.

Basically, the 360 needs to sell significantly more than 26 million units this console cycle (accounting for population growth of 1.3% per annum). Probably in the 40-50 million for them to even consider a sequel to the 360 since they've been bleeding heavy losses since the first xbox (6.5 years of bleeding money). Otherwise, they should just scrap the whole xbox gaming division period.

Hububla3760d ago

If indeed these speculations are true and microsoft does come out with the 720 in 2 years it would be the dumbest move in microsoft history... worse then vista.. i mean noone but the hardcore 360 fans are gunna rush out to buy a new console that will prolly cost upwards of 700-800$

Plus what will microsoft put in a new console other then all the features that the PS3 already has! like wi-fi, and bluray, memory card slots. Considering no developer has even come close to utilizing the PS3's full power that means no one really knows what its potential really is! By then X-box 720 games prolly wont look much better then PS3 games that are actually using the PS3 to the MAX! like many people have said on here before.. the human eye can only take in so much!

solidt123759d ago

Sweet. This is going to be good. Dev all praising the PS3 now when in the beginning most of them despised it.

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Pt FeLiX3760d ago

"Ghostbusters is the property of Sony Pictures"

Evildoomnerd3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

Though I'm sure I've read an article around here that stated Sony sold the rights of the IP to Universal. Let me see if I can find that.

Edit: Ah, I found it!

DevonTheDude5353760d ago

SPHE has nothing to do with the gaming division of Sony. Sony own(ed) the rights to the movie not to the IP it-self, Ghostbusters.

sonarus3760d ago

Well it appears the own the ip because they sold the rights to make the game to universal. Part of the deal must have been they use ps3 as lead

damrightfresh3760d ago

Nopw its not anymore..Everyone know that PS3 have the upper advantage this gen..

Raptors3760d ago

"Ghostbusters is the property of Sony Pictures"

^^^^^^^Couldn't have said it any better myself lol Bubbles for you

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Mc Fadge3760d ago

Twice as many objects on the PS3 you say? *strokes chin*

Though, I wonder how much of this is him talking and how much of it is Sony's pay check talking :P

Either way we'll see when it comes out, another great game for both systems to look forward too ^______^

nutjuice3760d ago

yeah, 360 owners are just happy once again they get the game not realizing that the system they love is hurting the games' ambitions overall. I'm sure this has happened before with other games, burnout paradise, I'm looking at you.

Real gamer 4 life3760d ago

oh boy everyone get your popcorn ready. basically he is saying that 360 limitation does not allow then to take full advantage of the ps3. But i wonder if other developers had to limit their multiplatform game because of the 360. I wonder if games like grant theft auto assasin creed and many other had to be limited. do other developers feel the same way? this raise i concern to me to tell you the truth. So is it possible that the fanboys were true in saying that the xbox360 is limiting the ps3 in multiplatform games.

iAmPS33760d ago

The 360 might be limiting the PS3, starts with the DVD9 against Blu-Ray and sums up with the fact that the PS3 has 7 usable cores on its processor, to a developer that has the grip on multicore programing you can see amazing results coming to life.

I don't see how the 360 could run MGS4 and GT5:P with the exact same features and frame rate, if you cut a little bit here and there sure it can, but in terms of raw power, the PS3 is way ahead...

I think that Rockstar wanted to use the 25GB of a Blu-Ray disc and make a game even more impressive, we would have to install 10GB to our Hard Drives probably, but the game would have been twice as amazing as it is now.

But the future is coming... soon more and more will agree with the PS3 power.

aiphanes3760d ago

Both of these will be at least 25GB or 50GB bluray games...if they are exclusive to the the time they come out the PS3 userbase will be 25 to 35 million users...

Silver3603760d ago

It has one dual threaded core and and 9 spe's one deactivated one for system functions and the other seven for developers to use to break down data to feed to the cpu. It all still goes through cpu the spe's just do the calculation work so the cpu can do the general purpose game work.

Sheddi3760d ago

Ive always seen the playstations CPU as smart and not raw :P
360 has raw power
PS3 has smart power

(my own opinion)

DJ3760d ago

In fact, there is not main processor in Cell. The SPUs run general purpose code just fine, though run SIMD tasks (lighting, physics, sound, animation, geometry processing, etc) at about 10~30x faster than a G5 core (the PPU).

According to developers like Insomniac and Naughty Dog, developers will be putting about 95% of their tasks on the SPUs by the time the 3rd-gen titles start rolling out, and may eventually eliminate usage of the PPU because L2 Cache is just too unpredictable in terms of performance.

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killer_trap3760d ago

I'm really looking forward to the open zone for this............

and I'm positive this will be dined by sierra in the next 24hours.