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Submitted by Abriael 737d ago | news

Amazon Price Matches PS4 and Xbox One Games to Walmart’s Pre-Black Friday Sale

Walmart is holding a rather lovely pre-Black Friday sale on games, and Amazon decided to match some of the rival chain’s prices, selling a batch of Xbox One and PS4 games for $49 (PS4, Xbox One)

Scatpants  +   737d ago
This is awesome, I got $10 refunds on all the XB1 games I bought from Amazon.
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   736d ago
So did I. Not sure how you are getting disagrees. Probably people mad on this site that you bought a Xbox One.

I got 10 bucks on COD, Ryse and Forza. 32 bucks back or so. That's great.
Scatpants  +   736d ago
Yeah I bought both systems. I choose to see the good in things instead of being a butthurt fanboy
Ausbo  +   737d ago
Me too. Got $10 each back for ryse and for battlefield
gamertk421  +   737d ago
Ryse and dead rising 3 for me! Forza didn't qualify because I got the special edition, and BF4 was only showing on PS4 so didn't get that one.
Smoey  +   737d ago
UK prices will no doubt go up £20 to compensate for this. God damn UK prices!
dobisskill  +   737d ago
Ps4Console  +   737d ago
Why don't we get anything like that in the UK or Europe , though good luck to you American gamers enjoy .
Phat   737d ago | Spam
AJ Hartley  +   736d ago
Lol I gpt cod ghost on ps4 from asda for £20 double discount day and £20 christmas gift card in courtesy of asda which I think is a steal.
Ohai  +   736d ago
I got bf4 for $25. No way I was paying full price for the state it's in.

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