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Walmart Stores Have PS4 In Stock, But Won’t Tell You: Stockpiling for Black Friday?

Finding a PS4 nowadays may be a real pain, if not almost impossible through traditional retail chains, but those coveted consoles may just be hidden behind the safely locked doors of each shop’s storerooms, at least at Walmart, as DualShockers found by digging up the retail chain's store finder code. (PS4)

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Majin-vegeta  +   527d ago
I know the wal mart in my area does.Since my friend is in charge of setting them up for Black Friday benefits of having knowing people in that area ;p
Abriael  +   527d ago
Surprise surprise. Thanks for the confirmation :D
UltimateMaster  +   527d ago
I knew it.
isa_scout  +   526d ago
Yeah, I think Gamestop is doing the same thing. My dad went to Gamestop yesterday to see if they had any in stock, and surprisingly they did. However, they wanted $950.00 dollars for a PS4. They said it was called the Ultimate Bundle and that it came with all the launch games, but something tells me they drove the price up so people wouldn't purchase it until Black Friday.
I picked up my PS4 at launch so thank god I can just skip out on Black Friday this year. I'm a grown man, and yet Black Friday is one of the few things that just scares the shit out of me. Bunch of crazies running over eachother just to save a few bucks.
Last year a 60 year old woman acted like she was going to shoot me over a friggin Drill gun...Seriously
ThanatosDMC  +   526d ago
The giant HEB is also doing the same.
dboyc310  +   527d ago
Looks like a South Park episode is brewing.
Majin-vegeta  +   527d ago
If there is one South park episode to watch its that one xD.
cl1983  +   527d ago
It also depends on what they are required to have on hand for the sale, sometimes they only get a few in at a time, and if each store is guarantied to have 4 on blackfriday, then they have to hold back at least those 4 to avoid false advertisement suits.
(quantity purely made up)
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   526d ago
To avoid this problem of trying to find one, you all should have......*wait for it*........ PRE-ORDERED/RESERVED your PS4 at Gamestop!
NobleTeam360  +   526d ago
You do realize that there was a limited number of per orders right? not everyone could get one pre ordered since they all sold out on launch day anyway.
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   526d ago
@nobleteam360 Well whose fault is that? It wasn't a secret that the PS4 was coming out. Early bird gets the worm.
frostypants  +   526d ago
I wouldn't buy a console from Walmart even if they had the only ones in town. Screw that place.
TheUndertaker85  +   527d ago
No, no they really don't.

Walmarts in my area have none left. They've been gone since launch. Further, Walmart apparently doesn't know what numbers they need to stock. Even for launch Walmart stores only had 15 extra units tops.
Abriael  +   527d ago
The fact that they tell you that they don't doesn't mean that they don't.
TheUndertaker85  +   527d ago
No, the fact that my fiancée, aunt, uncle, and cousin all work at Walmart stores tells me they don't. My fiancée also took care of the initial launch patrons, setting them up with goodies for participating in the launch and getting them set up with their preorders or launch night purchases.

She also confirmed with another few stores in the Northern Colorado area when her store ran out of stock.
NukaCola  +   527d ago
Gamestop is the same way. All PS4s are being held until Black Friday.
fanta_claus  +   526d ago
I work in the electronics department at my store. We initially had 29 preorders and only about 5 extra units that sold out on launch day (XB1 only had 8 preorders apparently). We did have 40 more on order for Black Friday, but they haven't come in yet. They're doing the same for the XB1s when they come in, but yeah, corporate said we can't sell any more that come in until BF because they are marked for that occasion. Same with all the TVs and even games. We're about completely out of sellable stock for Skylanders Swap Force and Disney Infinity because of the pre-black friday sale going on this week, even though we have a bunch more in the back marked for Black Friday as well.

Also, I read someone say something about the stores automatically placing orders. It's partially true, but the department managers and higher ups have the ability to manually order items as well because the automated system doesn't necessarily order enough items or fast enough. My manager had me go through some things and place orders on lows and outs that haven't already been ordered beforehand.
Rockefellow  +   527d ago
They can tell you whatever they want, but do you really think they don't have any in a deposit room in the back, waiting for black friday or some ad push before the holiday?

Just because you don't see them and they tell you there are none doesn't make it true. Hell, I can't even remember how many times I've tried to buy a new game at Walmart the day it came out, only to have the employees tell me they "didn't get any" or flat out denying it exists. It just happened to me yesterday with Super Mario 3D World-- they claimed it never got shipped, but I had called the day before to see if the store had any, and was told they did.

tl;dr Never take what they say, or what you see, at face value.
FamilyGuy  +   527d ago
I can 100% confirm that all Walmarts will have PS4s in store for black friday. They get them before the actual day for obvious reasons so yeah, they do have them in stock, they just aren't for sale yet.
My walmart got 36 PS4s initially (23 were pre-orders), those sold out and their second shipment of PS4s came in on the 21st. Much lower volume though, not sure how many there will be total but 3 that I know of came in so far.

Initially and electronics associate told me there were more coming and would be there on the 22nd so I figured they were to compete with the X1 launch but as it turned out they were marked for "Blitz" which is what Walmart calls Black Friday (they think it's more politically correct or something) so they couldn't be sold.

Any way, point is they do have them, they just can't sell them because they're in the black friday ad so walmart marks them so they aren't sold till then, even though they aren't being discounted. cl1983 probably has the right idea of why, if not then it's to attract more customers. I know DriveClub was still shown in Ads and no one sued for "false advertisement" on that though.
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SpideySpeakz  +   527d ago
If you walk to the backroom where all the inventory is at, you can see a big cage right behind the electronics section (depending on the layout). The PS4s and Xbones should be in those cages.

I work overnight at Walmart.
mediate-this  +   526d ago
Actually walmart computers stock their stores them selves. Learned that in marketing class
itBourne  +   526d ago
yeh I have a friend that works there, I got one he wants one, and he says they have a ton, but they are being stockpiled for black friday...
edwick  +   526d ago
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Soldierone  +   527d ago
Whats the purpose behind this? Just stock maybe 20 for Black friday just to say you have them, but its not like there won't be a crowd as is without them.

Whats the difference between selling them now, and selling them to crazy lunatics on Friday?

I mean come on, its just one more thing people need to line up for and hope to not get shot over.....
Abriael  +   527d ago
Probably to match the guaranteed stock ads for black friday.
FamilyGuy  +   527d ago
Last chance to guarantee getting one before christmas at retail price perhaps?

If they just sent them to the floor there'd be no guarantee, at least with black friday the first people in line will get the opportunity with confidence of knowing that they're there.
Soldierone  +   526d ago
Not really. Instead of coming across one, you have to go sit in line for 3 days and skip Thanksgiving, hoping Ebay flippers don't buy them all before you get in. Then if you do manage to grab one, you have to hope you don't get trampled or robbed on your way home.
FamilyGuy  +   526d ago
So you're comparing my facts with negative possibilities and assumptions?

There's no necessity to sit there 3 days in advance, it's possible some might do that but not a fact that they will. They might have the spot in line rotated amongst a couple family members so no one person completely misses Thanksgiving anyway.

Getting robbed is also unlikely, it happens, but in comparison to all the people that make it home safely you'd have a better chance at winning the lottery. Millions shop while maybe 100 or even a couple hundred actually get robbed on black friday.
Soldierone  +   526d ago
Really want to argue about this? Are you new to black friday? "You don't need to stand in line" are you serious?

And to add to your "facts" local stores here report injuries and issues EVERY year. Have you ever been to a store on Black Friday when people stampede for this stuff? Fights literally break out about who touched it first.

Like I said, have 20 just to say you have them, sell the rest to people that come across them so they don't need to put up with this. Whats so hard about that?

Like I said, the crowd will be there anyways, they don't need One and PS4 to compete for it, its black friday. If people don't line up for PS4 they line up for the TV on sale, what difference does it make? tat was my point, stop twisting it please.
Khajiit86  +   526d ago
Obviously the people in charge of us sheep must love that.
FamilyGuy  +   526d ago
I said "wait days in line" and yo change it over to "wait in line"?

I say that not many people "get robbed" and you change that over to "reports of injuries and issues".

These are not the same things and you down me for starting an argument yet here you are deflating my point.
It's not that bad and it's not a big deal. That's all I'm trying to say. I've been to plenty black friday sales and worked at retail stores during black friday multiple times, you're blowing the situation out of proportion based on a few bad occasions.
Jacktrauma  +   527d ago
My local one has 12 but not for sale until Black Friday so im SOL lol
skoorydook  +   527d ago
Excuse the ignorance folks but what exactly is black friday ?

Only really heard of it as the butt of jokes on American TV shows.
brew  +   527d ago
Black Friday is the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, often regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. In recent years, most major retailers have opened extremely early and offered promotional sales to kick off the holiday shopping season, similar to Boxing Day sales in many Commonwealth Nations.
skoorydook  +   527d ago
Ah right got you, prob could have found that out pretty easy via google but thanks
BlakHavoc  +   526d ago
Did you copy and paste that straight out of wikipedia? Lol jk.
extermin8or  +   526d ago
if it's anything like the boxing day-new years sales here then what they do is offer one or two good deals, raise the price the week before only to drop it to slightly under it's price a month beforehand and then they call it a sale.
Soldierone  +   527d ago
Funny one of the most ruthless days of people buying more and more stuff falls on the day after we give thanks for what we already have.
Nocando  +   527d ago
I know this is true, was there buying a few Xb1 games today (all ps4 and xb1 games 49.95, btw) and the clerk pretty much told me why my choice to purchase an xb1 is wrong and why I need to get a ps4. He stated they would have them in stock for black friday.
GentlemenRUs  +   526d ago
That guy was wise to say those things.
spike  +   527d ago
It is the biggest Sale of the year
Khajiit86  +   526d ago
The PS4 wont be onsale though.
ElementX  +   527d ago
Who shops at Walmart?
Nocando  +   527d ago
Well, we now know that you don't.
Sevir  +   527d ago
Ignorant question I guess but hey, at least we know ElementX is too cool for your neighborhood walmart
FunkMacNasty  +   527d ago
Yeah, no WalMart for ElementX ... He's probably too busy trying to win that Ebay bid on the $95,000 ps4 package that will allegedly be delivered in a limo.
ElementX  +   526d ago
If you knew anything about Walmart and how they are underpaying their employees you wouldn't shop there either. The family who owns that company is one of the richest in the country and they basically pay their employees jack sh!t
BlakHavoc  +   526d ago
Lol enjoy spending more money where ever you shop for the same stuff I can get cheaper at Wal-Mart.
Khajiit86  +   526d ago
Almost every company pays the employees sh!t. I bet you go to McDonalds, do you not think min wage for fast food employees is jack sh!t? You go to some other grocery store where the employees are payed jack sh!t.

I worked at wal mart making $10 an hour when I was 18 and that nice yearly bonus I got that bought me a 50 inch tv. So a lot better than most could say.

the workers you have to be worried about is children making dirt to make these items. Wal mart is not the only company that buys items that were made like that so by your logic i would be really catious about buying anything including that PS4 and XB1.
ElementX  +   526d ago
I suppose you are right. I keep reading about Walmart on Huffington Post and I have been angered by their practices.
speedforce131  +   526d ago
Element, yes we know that Walmart underpays it's employees but essentially it's their store employees that ultimately get screwed. Their Warehouse, Drivers, Corporate, etc actually get paid pretty well.

I came to the realization working at Amazon that SOMEBODY is getting screwed in a big company. At Amazon, the grunts (stowers/pickers/packers) get screwed and they got worse working conditions than Walmart.
Sevir  +   527d ago
Well, Sony's Jack Tretton did say that they have 2.5 million PS4s reserved for retail chain that will be available for the remainder of 2013 holiday season!

and Gamestop US Corporate offices said that from their US chain alone their are 2.3 million PS4s on backorder.

The US will have a pretty awesome holiday season as the PS4 is the hottest holiday item this season. 1 million + units sold in 24 hours in NA alone, I'm sure Europe's launch will be equally as impressive in fact I expect everyone over across the Pond to totally eclipse the NA launch by a 500K margin...

by Years end Sony should have sold through 3.2 million units with Japan's Launch coming in to round out the launch of the console in Feb to help them finish out at 5 million Units sold or a little bit above
GamerX2  +   527d ago
Did anybody read the article? ... This info is apparently hidden in some walmart" Morse Code" webpage search.. and that makes it fact .lol
LordMe  +   527d ago
Well, my store is, I know because I work overnight while the store is closed and found a small stash of them in the back.

It is not surprising, but I don't really understand the purpose behind it, they would sell just the same if they put them out now... But it is prolly to make Black Friday look even bigger.
KYU2130  +   527d ago
Actually the reason that retailers are doing this is because they have already printed black friday ads that contain these consoles. If they sold all they had in stock they risk not having consoles to fulfill the ad they have already printed. This leaves them open to possible accusations of false advertising.
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BlakHavoc  +   526d ago
moparful99  +   526d ago
Wait a second... There are walmarts that close overnight?!
ThanatosDMC  +   526d ago
Yeah, the smaller ones which are mostly food related. They're usually green instead of the normal blue Walmart.
LordMe  +   526d ago
It is a superstore, and is blue, but I live in such a small town, which means less sales and with a major drug problem so everyone kept stealing overnight so we started closing at midnight.
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moparful99  +   525d ago
Wow I live in a metro area with roughly 150k people, 60k of which lives within the city limits the rest in the county. But we have 2 super walmarts that are open 24 hours and only close for half a day on christmas..
BizDaWolf  +   527d ago
I work at wal-mart(backroom inventory associate)we still have 15 ps4s and xbox ones in the back so if you live in ohio go to the one on west market on black friday don't know about the other stores doing the same.
tweet75  +   527d ago
its a shame sony has doesnt have enough ps4s out to keep up with demand they would make a whole lot more money than.
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KYU2130  +   527d ago
actually if you research articles, Sony stated that they held back consoles to help with demand over the holiday. Retailers have been following suite.
Angerfist  +   527d ago
Sorry. But what is this black friday? Are they selling stuff without taxes that day? because why else would they reserve some especially when it's brand new and consoles get sold for high prices.
CEOLeon  +   527d ago
Black friday is a holiday which they give you a deal on terrible overpriced items.
Nocando  +   527d ago
So the "deals" are what the merchandise should regularly cost, I see.
Consoldtobots  +   526d ago
he's right you know, last time I was stupid enough to step into a whoremart on black friday they were selling 3 yr old 720p plasmas for $600, people were lappin that ish up like they were top of the line.
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FamilyGuy  +   527d ago
People go for the guaranteed stock of highly anticipated items. Any new tablets and game consoles are 100% guaranteed to be in stock and at the advertised price on black friday, you just have to be in line early enough to get them.

Black friday is related to really high discounts on electronics, toys and domestic/household items but having items that are typically sold out is another reason to go to a store and wait hours or days in line just to be the first so you can be sure that you'll get a desired item.

It's not just about selling those items, they would sell regardless, it's about the confirmation of stock.
Man_Son  +   527d ago
Yeah the lady told me on PS4 release that any other shipment they had to come in wouldn't be sold until Black Friday
CaulkSlap  +   527d ago
That seems stupid because it's not like people go out on black friday to buy the newest thing at full retail price.
JessiePinkmanYo  +   527d ago
Usually not, but if you didn't preorder and want a PS4 or X1, would you rather pay a scalper on eBay or get one at Walmart?
moparful99  +   526d ago
But the games and acessories will be dirt cheap and a great opportunity for parents to buy the console, games, accessories, and subscription cards all in one fell swoop for christmas with guaranteed stock..
CEOLeon  +   527d ago
I literally hate walmart the employees lie and the customer service is terrible and on top of that every one who works there looks like they hate life.
MizTv  +   526d ago
More like suck at life
JessiePinkmanYo  +   527d ago
Economically, it makes perfect sense. Retailers like Walmart wouldn't have to come up with a bunch of loss leaders to get customers in their stores. Target may have $5 waffle makers, Best Buy has crap DVDs for $2, Walmart announces they'll have PS4 and X1 available at midnight on Black Friday. Guess where the mob is gonna be?
DeadMansHand  +   527d ago
Bingo. Its not that "oh look at our sweet deals" but rather using the systems as leverage to get people to come to their stores. They know its a hot selling item and they know the system is sold out everywhere. I wouldnt be surprised if they make forced bundles. In order to get a system you have to buy 2 games and an extra controller.
KYU2130  +   527d ago
its common knowledge that retailers are holding back consoles for black friday. The bad part with that is their are some retailers that are doing 2nd and 3rd wave preorders for the holidays. Black friday is putting a crimp in those preorders as retailers are holding for black friday.

I wasn't able to get my launch console due to a miscount on the preorder list and opted to be moved to the 2nd wave preorder. A sales person at the store i preordered at let slip that the have 2 scheduled shipments but can't release the consoles even for the second wave list till black friday.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   527d ago
I told you guys before Black Friday is going to be crazy! PS4 will easily go well past a million for November as long as they have additional stock.

My popcorn is ready!
shuuwai  +   526d ago
Black Friday shopping with my PC, and pantless, and a mug of hot coffee. Yet better deals in store,yet I don't need that stress. I did once it with friends, never again.... I saw a few old ladies carrying pepper spray. No joke.
Sci0n  +   526d ago
allot of my friends who wasn't able to get PS4 yet is going to have to fight the angry black friday shopping mob to get one. It sucks to be them.
CaliCholo  +   526d ago
This story is ture. Walmart is holding all PS4 until black Friday I don't understand stand why your going to sell them regardless
awesomeisjayell  +   526d ago
yeah F*ck PS4!
hotbeef  +   526d ago
Ha, the Walmart by my house said they had 2 to put out on Black Friday. People are gonna get shanked on Black Friday
Darrevilen  +   526d ago
Why would they not want to sell regular priced PS4's though?
Elvfam511  +   526d ago
They gonna be regular price according to my knowledge.
Darrevilen  +   526d ago
I don't understand. Why would they do that then? Same price for Black Friday right? They're just making it harder for those people who're trying to get PS4's ):
moparful99  +   526d ago
Its marketing.. ps4's are hard to find as is so gauranteeing stock on black friday means people will opt to go to walmart instead of target or best buy..
sheissewulf  +   526d ago
Even though I preordered one I'll have to stand in line to get one for my numero uno hombre, it's worth it
jeremyj2913  +   526d ago
Can't stand when companies do things like that. You're not selling it at a discount so why save it for a day that is famous for its discounts? I miss when Black Friday and Cyber Monday were more under the radar.
supraking951  +   526d ago
smart move, PS4 will own Black Friday, sorry Xbone
overlord23  +   526d ago
I've got my Kill Zone Bundle all ready for me to pick up next thurs at midnight launch.
Already have COD and Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag picked up ready to go.
And I am off work on the FRIDAY.
Someone order a case of RED Bull no sleep for me.
overlord23  +   526d ago
Was not going to buy COD but then Watch Dogs and Drive Club got put back.
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