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Submitted by Plate 809d ago | news

$39.99 One Year Playstation Plus Code

Sweet deal that saves you $10 off the bat to experience Playstation Plus for 12 months. (PS Vita, PS3, PS4)

Livingon600  +   809d ago
nice deal
JetsFool3500  +   809d ago
Wait for black friday gamestop is gonna have it for $30
Statix  +   809d ago
I'll definitely jump on another year's extension at $29.99.
ZoyosJD  +   809d ago
FYI: Limit 2 years per person. Was so ready to to stock up.
BattleAxe  +   809d ago
Unfortunately, looks like Sony has sucked a lot of gamers into paying for online. I wish people would look at the bigger picture, and look at the road that is being paved. I'll keep my PS3, but Steam is the only real choice this next generation IMO.
RiPPn  +   809d ago
@BattleAxe: If you have a PS3 and don't have plus, you're doing it wrong.
0ut1awed  +   809d ago
Ehh, you can't really blame them for having to charge. Steam has some good sales but doesn't give away legit games like PS+ gets. It's even more so if you own a Vita and a PS4.

Plus most of the game servers from steam games are actually community funded. When everyone pays for the service like this, it allows for some complete fluid interaction that steam can't quite replicate.

This is all coming from someone that owns a very capable PC with a 1440p monitor.

Consoles have their place too and the cost associated are quite validated. If you enjoy gaming first and foremost you will realize this.
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BattleAxe  +   809d ago
PS+ is indeed good value at this point, but the games they give for free are games that I've already played, or games that I'm not interested in. If you don't have a very large budget for buying games, then I agree that PS+ is really good.

I was really supportive of PS+ when it wasn't mandatory, and instead was a value added service. The way I look at it is, if I buy a game for $60.00, I'm paying for a single player campaign and I'm paying for multiplayer modes.

If I don't have PS+, or I choose not to renew a PS+ subscription, I lose over half the value of the $60.00 I paid for that game. I would say that the single player portion is an increasingly small part of most games these days, so the majority of that $60.00 is being used to pay for multiplayer. So what I'm saying is that without paying for PS+ or Xbox Live, the games you buy don't have any value on their own. If you don't pay for the subscription, then you can't play all of the content on the disc that you have bought.

In which case, they should be separating multiplayer from single player content and selling them separately, because it's not fair that you have to pay the full shot of $60.00, and then you are also forced to subscribe to PS+, otherwise you can't play everything you have paid for.
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BattleAxe  +   809d ago
I don't get what people are disagreeing with... This isn't about being a Sony fan or an Xbox fan or whatever. Think about what the argument is here.

I'm amazed at how everyone criticized Microsoft for charging a subscription to play games online (myself included), and yet now that Sony is doing it, everything is ok. People just don't make any sense these days lol
Livingon600  +   809d ago
Conzul  +   808d ago
Normally I'd agree with you BattleAxe but Sony is in dire financial straights right now. Cut them a bit of slack, eh?
Rhaigun  +   808d ago
I would agree with Battleaxe normally, but seeing as how a year subscription amounts to $4.16 a month, it seems like nitpicking.
tubers  +   809d ago

The "limit for 2" is a nice gesture to some of us and a bane to scalpers.

I thank Sony/retailers.
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showtimefolks  +   808d ago
Isn't GameStop offering $29.99 Black Friday? Also I think targets having it too

But that will be rush and full of chaos

Plus is such am awesome service I hope with ps4 more people get to experience it and put pressure on ms to improve Xbox libe's reward offerings
Livingon600  +   809d ago
Any opinions on Playstation Plus before I get this? How does it compare to Microsoft's service?
talhat2  +   809d ago
Great service you get your money back from the amount of free games you get. It'll only get better with the ps4
fendernow  +   809d ago
Great service? Its pretty much known fact that Microsoft is the best deal and gives you the best service online. Playstation Plus is improving but they are light years behind Microsoft.

I know its a running joke about MS's cloud service, but to have your own dedicated servers at the flip of a switch is bliss.
dcj0524  +   809d ago
@fend ever heard of steam?
tubers  +   809d ago
Best service if you have a PS4/PS3/VITA and starting out as a new Playstation member/gamer.

Makes sure to download/que all the free games and while UCGA/GR/etc. are still free.
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fendernow  +   809d ago
This is not a bad deal per se. BUt do not compare this PS+ with MS. MS has way too many features, benefits, services over Playstation +;
Soldierone  +   809d ago
Care to list examples that are legitimate features over PS Plus and not opinion?
Hicken  +   809d ago
Name some of these services XBL supposedly has over PS+.

Yeah, I thought so.
Playstationologist  +   809d ago
There's something really wrong with you people. psn matches xbl for multiplayer and gives you free games. wtf could xbl have better for a game console?
kneon  +   809d ago | Funny
fendernow is correct, Xbox live Gold has plenty of services that PS+ doesn't have, like Netflix, hulu etc. Sure these are already free on Playstation but they aren't part of PS+ so technically he is correct, yet he is still so very wrong.
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LeCreuset  +   809d ago

You beat me to it. Have a funny bubble.
Back-to-Back  +   809d ago
Yea it sucks when psn has matched or even surpassed xbl and psn players get free games via plus. Bad time to be an xbox gamer.
KwietStorm  +   808d ago
Yep. Like requiring XBL Gold to use twitter.
Fz6soldier  +   808d ago
Maybe in 2007, but things change and PS+ gives you good games, ms gives you halo 3. Stop living in 2007. With party chat/cross game chat/discounts/free games,PS+ is arguably better or equal to live. Stop using fanboy logic.
TheOneYouHate  +   809d ago
You will get your money back in free games, avatars, and discounts on the first month. Then its all gains, games, and fun :)
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MikeGdaGod  +   809d ago
PS Plus is a great deal...the amount of free games more than pays for the fee.

the reason the Xbox live fee seems to add so much is because MS sets all the features behind a paywall. you can't do ANYTHING (besides play single player) on Xbox without paying the fee.

and even though PS Plus is required to play most on-line multiplayer, F2P games (DC Universe, Warframe, Blacklight) do can still game online without PS Plus

there's no way MS would ever allow such a thing.
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Soldierone  +   809d ago
If you get it right now, on PS4 there is already 2 free games. Each 15 dollars, so 30 dollars worth of content already.

If you have a PS3, I believe there is 7 games right now, and 3 or 4 for Vita.
Statix  +   809d ago
PS+ is a far better value than Xbox Live, due to it being cheaper, and offering much more in the way of discounts and free stuff/games. PSN (on PS4) has basically every networking feature and functionality that XBL currently has.

The only thing you could possibly argue in favor for XBL's service is that it *supposedly* utilizes a much larger infrastructure of cloud servers, which *may* aid in greater stability, connectivity, and download speeds overall. Whether or not these extra servers actually affects the end-user experience in a noticeable way remains to be seen.
LeCreuset  +   809d ago
People are already covering the benefits of Plus, so I'll advise you on something else. If you get Plus, be sure to download every free game they offer, even if it's for a system you don't have yet. You want to make sure you get it into your download history, just so you have the option of getting those games for free later on should you get the system they're on.
dragon82  +   808d ago
This is something I tell all my friends who only own a PS3. You want to have all those free games ready for you if you get a Vita eventually.
KwietStorm  +   808d ago
You don't have to actually download though. Just click through purchase.
refocusedman  +   809d ago
Please ignore Fend he's either a fanboy or grossly misinformed. PS+ is great and the playstation network can be great as long as you have friends who play online. Live is a great service as well but, I wouldnt really say that their is a tangible difference between the two.....Except for the interface which kinda sucks on PSN.
Godmars290  +   809d ago
Just need to know if you have to give up you CC#.
tdogchristy90  +   809d ago
No cc, it can work just like XBL cards. You just need the code on the card.
flyingmunky  +   809d ago
You can also use the CC and then remove your number so it isn't out there.
Majin-vegeta  +   809d ago
Gamestop will be having this for $30 on Black Fridat.But still a good deal non the less.
PSnation4  +   809d ago
i'll just wait on black friday and get my ps+ cards at gamestop for $30
fendernow  +   809d ago
Why are my comments showing 10 disagreements? That is impossible. Im not putting down Sony. Look, Playstation + has its upside, all I am merely saying is that MS has spent billions in R&D getting their Live service to function to great qualities.

Ill give it to Sony for giving away 'some' gams. Lets agree. What Sony is offering is good. Let's just not do comparisons. Happy? Now lets see some agrees on my end. Thanks
SlapHappyJesus  +   809d ago
N4G is N4G?
Hicken  +   809d ago
Because his comments were stupid, uninformed nonsense. The site is irrelevant.

.. though, I suppose, if more people were brainwashed by MS, he'd have gotten agrees, instead.
LeCreuset  +   809d ago
Have it your way. Down bubbled for trolling. Happy now? Less fanboyish comments than fender's get down voted all the time by Xbox fans. I've seen someone down voted for mentioning the facts about the RROD with the 360. You all think this is N4Sony, yet the Sony fans allow MS fan comments way more leeway than MS fans allow Sony fans. Maybe it's time to start treating you all like you pretend you are treated when whining about a Sony bias.
The_Klank  +   809d ago
You stating opinion as fact might have something to do with it...
Adva  +   809d ago
'Some Games'. Nice bias there. Tons of Full AAA games and tons of Indie AAA games.
ZoyosJD  +   809d ago
If you don't want to make comparisons you shouldn't have made an opinionated statement.

Everyone will have different experiences based on their location, internet speed, ping, their ISP, Sony/MS server locations, maintenance by said companies/ISP etc.

When you make a sweeping generalization based on your experience with so many factors involved, their are bound to be people who have experiences to the contrary.

When you compare the value of the 64+ games provided by PS+ yearly to those provided by Games with Gold, there is already a subjectively better choice which some individuals may prioritize over every other factor.

tldr: I disagree based on my experience.
ho0lee0h  +   809d ago
I can see why you think there's more features but you have to remember that PS3 offers free access to Netflix, online multiplayer, etc. Things that MS offers with its Live subscription. The only thing MS has over Sony is voice chat when you're talking PS3 vs 360.

PS4 vs One, no way in hell is the One Live service better than PS4s. At least not until One starts offering those free games to match PS+. Then they'll almost be alike, aside from those services that MS puts behind the pay wall and Sony offers for free to nonsubscribers.
RiPPn  +   809d ago
..and the $10 more Microsoft charges for gold.
LeCreuset  +   809d ago
Because you threw out a freaking opinion. Are you so narcissistic that you don't think anyone should dare disagree with your opinion? PS Plus is just a ridiculous value right now, and you see MS even tried to emulate the games deal. My belief that PS Plus is better is also opinion, but obviously one shared by many. So don't try to throw your opinion out there as if it is fact, then get upset when more opinions disagree with your own. Now you're going from merely getting disagrees to down bubbled for being immature.
Godmars290  +   809d ago
Why are you comments being pummeled with disagrees; easy. You're likely including things like Hulu and Netflix, which has long been established are *Free* via PSN as they are through any online source except XBL. That you're under the misconception that PSN is the same thing as PS+. They're not.

PSN is to PS+ what an XBL Silver account is to an XBL Gold account. Where XBL Silver only gives you access to the XBOX store, PSN gives you access to anything not involving multiplayer such as 3rd party services.
KwietStorm  +   808d ago
Wow man give it a rest. You're acting like there's some inarguable fact that you're explaining. You don't want to give PS+ the credit it deserves. We get it. But that doesn't make what you're saying anything more than an opinion. That's why you have disagrees.
SlapHappyJesus  +   809d ago
It is going to be 29.99 at a lot of stores come Black Friday. I recommend waiting, unless you really need to grab + this moment.
Clunkyd  +   809d ago
2 years for $60 bucks, bargain!
Godmars290  +   809d ago
Where are you seeing $30 for these?
dragon82  +   808d ago
Black Friday
kingmushroom  +   808d ago
Brack friday
CyrusLemont  +   808d ago
This might sound strange but how do I purchase this? There isn't a buy button or anything haha.

I live in Australia so unfortunately we won't get awesome black friday deals like the states so this is probably the best PS+ deal to get get unless someone here is kind enough to grab one for me if I pay them first.
badboy776  +   808d ago
How many can you stack up on at once? I wanna buy 5 years worth.
kingmushroom  +   808d ago
You can put in as many codes as you want, thing is it might be limited to 2 per house hold, if not then awesome, thats like $150 for 5 years compared to
$250 for 5years ...damn heck of a deal

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