Lovely Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Trailer Shows Autumn/Winter Fashion and Minions

Square Enix just released the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn "Eorzea Collection Autumn/Winter 2013" trailer that premiered during the Letter from the Producer Live aired yesterday, showing off the fashion and minions that you can expect to see in the upcoming few months.

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Jubez1871425d ago

Everyone should go buy this game and join Goblin server :D don't be intimidated by the pay-wall!

Lovable1425d ago

I'm in Goblin as well..whats your ign?

Jubez1871425d ago

Arant Aleite, in FC <<NO>>

GentlemenRUs1425d ago

Again, That Pay-Wall is not doing the game justice... =/

Abriael1425d ago

That pay wall is doing the game plenty justice, as it's what allows the developer to provide quality content on a regular basis.

pompombrum1425d ago

It's not even worth bothering trying to explain it to people who think monthly subscriptions for MMOs are pay-walls.

hay1424d ago

I've actually stopped playing MMOs when they went free to play with micros. Quality suddenly dropped and games went sh*t.
Tried a lot of them, and there's a significant difference in quality between "those dreaded Pay-Wall" games and F2P.

Quoting Dirk: "F2P can suck my nutsack them boners."

dcj05241425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

Yeah. It's a shame. I really like this game but I have enough monthly bills. I don't need to add another. I hope someday down the road they'll make it a Buy2Play like GuildWars 2.

Sprud1425d ago

I'd rather have a lot of new content regularly. Besides, since FFXIV came out I have spent less money per month because I get my fill of entertainment from that game alone. Where I live 12€ a month is nothing anyway. The 125g burger I ate on friday cost more than that.

Jubez1871425d ago

The director already said that the game will shutdown before it goes F2P or anything of the sort. I pay 12.99 a month (not even a lot) and I get taken care of. No nickel and diming for extra bag space, new content coming out with patch 2.1 (A Realm Awoken). Servers get regular maintenance as well so it's always stable.

MoneyMeng1425d ago

It's a mediocre mmo not better than a number of F2P mmos that has a paywall. If Elder Scrolls online or Wildstar is good, that's what i'll pay for.