Why is the PlayStation 4 more compact and lighter, and yet still has more power than the Xbox One

ItProportal spent a lot of time comparing the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in terms of hardware specs, software, and games, but one thing we haven’t discussed is the engineering side – the form and design of these consoles. Physically, the Xbox One and PS4 are very different consoles: While the Xbox is huge and boxy (aptly enough), the PS4 is much slimmer and lighter.

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komp1643d ago

One is a hardware company and the other is a software company. It is that simple from my perspective.

GamersRulz1643d ago

funny thing when the "software company" took huge step backs in UI. party chat, and cluttered unreliable UI, Amirite?

komp1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

I have said before, here, that UI on XB1 is pretty cool. Calm down, not everyone is a raving fanboy.

People can have their own opinions but they cannot have their own facts.

Tony-A1643d ago


I'd have to slightly disagree. Personally, and at first site, I think both system's UIs were a bit uncomfortable for me to look at. I'm just not that big a fan of the tile style.

I think both can learn from each other in that regard. With that said, I do think the PS4's UI is all-around quicker and easier to navigate.

As for the hardware, it's obvious. Sony has been making exceptionally high quality hardware for many years. The only solid piece of hardware I've seen MS make was the first Xbox. And even then, that was only because it worked as designed. The box itself was ugly imo.

ufo8mycat1643d ago

GamersRulz is right
XBONE UI is too cluttered, and busy

PS4 one is simple, clean, slick and organised.

UnHoly_One1643d ago

To each their own. I disagree wholeheartedly.

XB1's UI is a thousand times better than the PS4's, in my opinion.

I know I'll be outnumbered on this site of course, but for me the XB1 is superior in every way. (except of course for a little graphical horsepower)

Pintheshadows1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Did you get a nosebleed after MS hooked you up to their mind control device MorePowerofGreen?

Also, UI wise, the Xbox One is basically an altered version of Windows 8. Now if you like that you probably also like hammering nails into your cheeks. It has features that look nice but pile on top of each other and make it feel disjointed (much like Windows 8). They have taken one of the worst facets of 8 (app integration) and included it here. It is bloody messy to look at and the snap function is the most pointless thing I have ever encountered on a console.

It is also useless with regards to voice commands. It does what you want maybe half the time. Although I was laughing trying to get it to do what I wanted it to do. I don't have a regional accent by the way. To many I would be considered to speak normal English.

I've spent about 4 hours with one now and Ryse is pretty but shallow and that is about the most positive thing I can say. I'm just glad it isn't mine.

Dead Rising is also the most pitiful excuse for a next gen game I have ever seen. Did Capcom Vancouver actually bother to play it before they released. It handles so badly. One of the most disappointing games I have played in a while. The only thing it has going for it is loads of zombies but it doesn't make much difference.

I'm going to get hate for the above but i'm just giving my opinion. Overall everything surrounding the user experience (the most important part of hardware) is an unnecessary faf.

I edited this after I got some agrees for the first sentence so disregard the ratio as you see fit. I don't expect a lot of people to like my opinion.

Docknoss1643d ago

And yet the PS4 is having more problems, weird

JackISbacK1643d ago

we people cant tell anything so soon,yeah ps4 is lighter and looks good designed ,but we cant tell the whats the problem with ms ,we must not forget that the ecosystem of ms is biggest of any company exists ,there works some people who all are called the revolution in technology ,wether its hardware or software, there must have been some reasons. only time will tell which turns out to be perfect,yeah we must give at least a year to them to prove them because next gen lads in just a day,after a year or some months we willl get to know which is better.

iDadio1643d ago

I thoroughly enjoy reading the absolute tripe powerofgreen shares with the Internet.

DoesUs1643d ago

I just spat Lucosade over myself after reading POG'S comment! He fails, or rather chooses to ignore why those "extra" processors are there! And still with all that silicon....still gets, those multi plats really show what an inferior machinr the X1's only going to get worse!

hellzsupernova1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

From my personal experience with the Xbox one it is bad so far. Kinect is annoying and does not work without complete silence, YouTube constantly crashes, the YouTube app doesn't have a voice search option and the worst screen keyboard I have ever used, the ui is not intuitive as in its not. Set up in an easy to navigate way we had to look up how to get into settings, it's slow at streaming stuff especially YouTube, the install times are very slow.

However I did enjoy forza was not blown away by graphics though I think I was expecting too much from microsofts bullshit videos.

Edit, I do not know if it is better in the USA or not but so far it's been frustrating. Hopefully the ps4 is better.

DragonKnight1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Because Japan that's why.

@MorePowerofGreen: The fact that you actually believe what you said is both hilarious and sad at the same time.

@Docknoss: Yeah, no. It's really not.

KratosGod31643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

@ MorePowerOfGreen
Yeah!!! xbox is more powerful.
DDR5 (8gb) vs DDR3 (8gb).
Ac power built in vs ac power Brickkk.
Native 1080p vs 720p.
Xbox UI cluttered, and busy (windows 8) vs PS4 simple, clean, slick and organised.
Smaller lighter vs Fatter and heavier.
And please don't bring the Kinect camera thing to this.
I don't own any of Next-generation consoles right now cuz I'm waiting for next year. But the PS4 is more powerful than the xbox. That's a fact and you have to live with it.

NewMonday1643d ago


"People can have their own opinions but they cannot have their own facts"

so is this an opinion or a fact
"UI on XB1 is pretty cool"

SilentNegotiator1643d ago

None of the big software/website companies seem to know how to make decent UI anymore. It's pathetic.

ziggurcat1643d ago

@ morepowerofgreen

Yeah it's do much more powerful than PS4 that it can only run games at a native 720p... The reason for xbone's size is that it uses weaker, less power efficient hardware.

Jilokle1643d ago


My god, I can't believe all the bullshit you can say. I visit N4G regularly just to read your's hilarious. You an misterFAKEmedia are the biggest clowns of this childish console war.

MysticStrummer1643d ago

"XB1 is bigger because it is a more powerful console with more advanced hardware."

Holy crap this is just insane.

BattleAxe1643d ago

Because it was designed by Aliens...didn't any of you learn from the PS3?

AgitatedOcelot1643d ago

It's basically Windows 8. Which is an awful UI, for a desktop at least. Works quite a bit better for the Xbox in my opinion.

Still I don't like the let's put shit randomly all over the place theme Microsoft has going on with Windows 8.

Likewise I don't like the auto arrange setup the PS4 has, and it's going to become unwieldy as soon as there are people with like 50 items on their bar. Hopefully that will evolve to allow pinning, maybe custom grouping as well.

Personally, everyone out there is struggling in my opinion as far as coming up with a "next generation" UI. When you look at things like Windows 8, Ubuntu, Mac OS, OS7, all of them have their faults and none of them have ever been perfect. Some are outright awful.

solid_snake36561643d ago

@Docknoss Lol what problem's? A small number of owners had an HDMI port issue and that's it.

UltimateMaster1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

I think the UI of the Xbox One resembles way too much that of Windows 8.

One thing I do like about the Xbox One is the second window for apps that can appear in the right corner, but that's pretty much it.

Everything else, I prefer the PS4 since it's much faster, easier to access, unique and it's built for gaming.

ajkula1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

@MorePowerofGreen S.H.A.P.E. sound engine etc etc. =>? S0lS-w

...Right, it also remix your BDRs real time! lmao

wolokowoh1643d ago

This software company has made bigger errors in the past Vista, ME, 98, and the launch of Windows 8(it's better now). UI on Xbone is far superior to those at least. At least its voice control helps you find what you need in that cluttered mess.

linkenski1643d ago

Ever since Windows 8 I've been scratching my head "Why do you consider this more user-friendly MS?"

mgeezy3131643d ago


You seriously need to check your facts out before posting remarks like that because XB1 is having much more major issues than the PS4. Try again please, when your facts are correct.

ThanatosDMC1643d ago

One is for gamers made by gamers and the other is for tv and made by suits.

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dedicatedtogamers1643d ago

Rather, one is a hardware company and the other is an advertising aggregation company.

Microsoft made it clear back in 2006 that "developers developers developers" were no longer the foundation of Microsoft's success...

Ezz20131643d ago

"Rather, one is a hardware company and the other is an advertising aggregation company"

nailed it

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1643d ago

I nearly fainted reading power of greens comment holy crap.

tagan8tr1643d ago

Yep if you think that UI is cluttered now check back in a year. You'll have to watch a Mountain Dew add when you launch a game or app no skip option

Sarcasm1643d ago

Advertising and monetizing. Look no further than Forza 5, where DLC cars cost up to $100 each.

b-real1643d ago

'an advertising aggregation company'.... what crap. What percentage of MS's revenue comes from advertising? If it id more that 2% I would be shocked. You reference a 1 min video from 2006, take it out of context and think it defines what MS is about.

My god people on this site are ridiculous.

b-real1643d ago

'an advertising aggregation company'.... what crap. What percentage of MS's revenue comes from advertising? If it id more that 2% I would be shocked. You reference a 1 min video from 2006, take it out of context and think it defines what MS strategy

My god people on this site are ridiculous.

sheissewulf1643d ago

I have the ps4 and bought a wii u just to piss you off, ha ha

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JsonHenry1643d ago

It doesn't matter. They hire the best in the business available to them to handle all sides. It was just design choices. I don't think the size of the X1 is so huge it is a problem.

But I will say I was surprised at just how small and light my PS4 was when I opened it up and found out there was not even a power-brick involved.

I knew the new consoles were basically modified gaming laptops but it never sunk in until I opened my PS4 and held it in my hands.

dcj05241643d ago

Yeah. I went to best buy the other day and the One was A LOT smaller than I though.

Skizelli1643d ago

The PS4's power brick is built-in to the console.

JsonHenry1643d ago

Skizelli gets the 'captain obvious' badge of honor today..

dcj05241643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

So you guys disagree with the thought of me having a thought? That's like somebody saying " Wow this pie is better than I thought" "NO YOU DON'T I DISAGREE" "What?". That makes no sense. I thought the One was going to be a gigantic VCR but honesly it's smaller than the PS3 Slim. I really don't get this site. I could say "The XBOX ONE can play games" and I'd get 72 disagrees. Really.....

DragonKnight1643d ago

@dcj0524: Dude, this is N4G and the agree/disagree system is broken. Don't question the agree/disagree ratio, just ignore it. You could say "Oxygen keeps me alive" and you'd still get disagrees.

I'm going to get disagrees for this comment too. Just ignore it, they don't mean anything just like bubbles. People place too much emphasis on these outdated commenting structures.

Skizelli1643d ago


No need. You sounded like you didn't know any better by the way you phrased that. Excuse me for trying to be informative. ;)

SkyGamer1643d ago

I like how everyone thinks that n4g dictates what happens in the real world. True I work for Microsoft. The system is designed to be on for 10 years. Not only supported but physically on for 10 years. Try doing that with another gaming console. Half of the one is ventilation. Future hardware revisions will make it smaller.

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Pintheshadows1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

I think comparing the PS4 to a Nissan GTR where as the X1 is more akin to a muscle car is apt. Except ugly. And less cool. My analogy sucks.

tagan8tr1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

@pintheshadows more like a GTR=PS4 MiniVan= XB1 their both vehicles ones fast and sexy the other Takes the kids to soccer practice.

I'm good at analogies..

Sarcasm1643d ago

Japanese engineering with American ingenuity.

MikeGdaGod1643d ago

@komp nailed it

it's really that simple

bryam19821643d ago

simple Japanese the.other is US(america is.the.whole.continent not 1 country) and we know US people something small

candoa1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

big is good. Thats the American way.

Chrischi19881643d ago

Not so sure about that. Sony is not known for their processors, Ram, graphicscards and so on. They produce cameras, TVs Smartphones. You can say, they might be better in putting stuff together.

I am actually really interested to see, which one will come out as the winner in a year from now, cuz I am planning to get one of these to add to my current plattforms, Wii U and gamer PC.

I couldnt care less about graphics, all I want is a good system, one that runs without many hiccups und maybe it will be a good Smartdevice for the TV, I mean, what can be better, than a Smart TV box? One that has actually some power under the hood. I mean, nowadays Smart TV is nice, but it is far far away from being really good and consoles are the closest to PC, if it comes to actual power (at least during launch years) and are always connected to a TV.

edgeofsins1643d ago

Neither is Microsoft.

Sony knows all about hardware. Have you actually used a Smart TV? They are not "far far away" from being really good. We know you are stealthily trying to support XBox..

Chrischi19881643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Lol^^ First, I own one of the best Smart TVs from Samsung of this yeard itearion of Samsung Smart TVs. They are far far away from it, because they basically use at least 2 year old Smartphone technology. 2nd I am a Wii U supporter, I couldnt care less, but that doesnt mean I am a stupid fanboy, who is not able to see, what is good on one system and what is bad on it. Unbelievable, to get such a message from somebody, just because I used an logic argument. Prove me invalid before saying such things, prove me, they dont use bad smartphone hardware in Smart TVs. That is a fact, TVs are expensive enough and just for Smart TV feature they dont charge $500 more for it, but to be able to charge only a little more, you only get Smartphone hardware and I dont mean new Smartphone hardware, you get about 2 year old smartphone tech, that is a fact.

Funny that I once post something positive about Xbox One and a PS4 fanny crawles out his hole and calls me an Xbox fan^^

Read the post I did before, if somebody would call me a fanboy of a plattform, than Nintendos, but that doesnt mean, I cannot see positives in other plattforms, a thing, a lot of PS4 fannies lack big time, at least now.

And to add to that note, Mircosoft is the leader of companies who create Operating Systems, they have some of the best devs of this whole planet, they know very well how to utilize Hardware, how to use it and if they know that, they also know, what good hardware is and what not. Sony is good at it too, never said anything against that, but to act like they know more, even though not one actually important hardware part of the PS4 is made by sony itself, is ignorant. They too only put hardware of others together. And if it comes to the Software side of a console, Microsoft is actually ahead, you can say any fanish stuff that you want, but that is the truth and it comes, I recall, it comes from not a Sony fan, nor a Microsoft fan, but funny how you guys react to something like that, very amusing.

Battlefieldlover1643d ago

I feel I should tell you I didn't read a third of what you wrote. Keep your trolling short and to the point and maybe someone will finish reading you essay.

Chrischi19881643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Keep the trolling short? What exactly did I troll? I talked about smart tvs hardware, is that invalid? Did I say anything bad about Sony? Did I support anyone? No, actually not, but funny, it is no wonder, that it are all the PS4 fanboys, not talking about the PS4 fans, I know a lot of them, fans, not fanboys, fans are not bad, fanboys are. So what I said is trolling^^

This again proved me, how fanboys just cant take it.

Getting disagree actually just proves my point, but ok, keep disagreeing ;)

Ive had it with this page, unbelieveable to what degree the fanbysism is going on, on this page. I should warn the NSA.

I am not sure, what your definition of trolling is, but ok, if you can only live with the truth sony fans tell themselves to feel better. I did not bash sony in any way, but because it said something positive about MS and not Sony for once, it is not ok and I am a MS fanboy^^ LMAO, you guys, really, LMAO

husomc1643d ago

The new batch of smart tvs these days have more power than a ps3 / xbox 360

Battlefieldlover1643d ago

I have an xbox one as well as the ps4. So your delusions of "fanboys " only highlights your own allegiances and biases.

tagan8tr1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

@chrischi Have you used windows cause I have for quite some time and what your describing is not the MS I know.The MS I know drops OS's like dirty bombs leaving the hardware community scrambling to patch firmware and software. As well as hardware they make no attempt that I can see to support old software, like an old game or app but have to buy a PC with their latest crappy OS its like Russian roulette.They have a strangle hold on the PC market and weild there power like a ruthless tyrant plz Google or some great software company take this lumbering bohemuth down.

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Sitdown1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Hmmmm, could it be that the xbox one is meant to pretty much always be on... and therefore proper precautions were taken not to repeat RROD knowing this? When I am done gaming on my ps4 I turn it off, when I am done gaming on my Xbox I switch over a continue using it by watching TV. My xbox is now literally on as much as my TV.

bigfish1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

@ komp

Its not as simple as that... Saying that MS are a Software company is just lazy... MS have enough money to hire the best hardware designers in the world and make something to rival the PS4 design.

What it ultimately boils down to is that MS roots are not in gaming and more entertainment and profit orientated, thus they do not quite understand what gamers want and are a bit clumsy as a gaming company. They think the bigger the hardware the more dominant it will look in the living room and people will pay attention to it.... they do not seem to have a natural affinity to the video gaming industry,

Magicite1643d ago

this time MS failed in both departments with X1

DialgaMarine1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

True, but the hardware company in this case took some huge steps forward in software. Honestly, the PS4 UI looks a bit eh at first, but once you really start exploring it and see just what the System allows for you to do, it becomes amazing. I love my PS4. Can't wait for the amazing SWS exclusives to start coming.

deecee331643d ago

Deep submicron transistors don't weigh a lot...bigger is not necesssrily better here.

Derpy1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

I think Komp pretty much hit the nail on the head.

Also MS's machine is built from off the shelf parts wile the PS4's hardware is custom designed for the unit, so of course the hardware is going to be more sleek and streamlined.

It's like comparing a Mac to a PC. Only except while the Mac is sleeker and better built, the PC is 'cheaper' because it uses off the shelf parts and also more customizable.

Which really doesn't say much for the Xbox One's higher price.

Mosiac771643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

PS4 is defenitely concentrating on games vs XB1 on the living room. I don't know why but my wife and kids are in love with the XB1 but as a gamer I like the PS4 so far.

cell9891643d ago

What Im not liking is that MS is really struggling to get the Xbone optimized and getting features on par with PS4, when in fact they are a software company, goes to show where their priorities are at

ZombieKiller1643d ago

The only issue I have with the PS UI is that when a specific even occurs (like a message or someone signing in) and you press the PS button, it doesn't have the option to go directly to that event.

The only thing I liked about my xbox was when someone sent me a message, I pressed the xbox button and it went directly to the message if I caught the popup in time. I wish PS4 would impliment that.

On a side note guys, I had to call Sony to day to send my system out for repair (extremely sad but the ethernet port stopped working for me) but the rep stated that not only is MP3 support coming, but also bluetooth headset compatibility as well. THANK GOD! I want to use my PS5 headset with the PS4.
I'm sure you guys already knew this, but I wanted to share for those who don't know it yet!

Edsword1643d ago

The PS4 is definely the superior design, pretty much in every regard. Games are whAt really matters though. Right now both are lacking in that regard, but that is to be expected a launch.

Khajiit861643d ago

100% Agree. And that hardware company os SONY! Does it get any better than Sony?