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"Do Drivatars steer Microsoft's premiere racing game in the right direction or veer off course?"

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Ksar1642d ago

Best racing game I ever seen.

komp1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

New to games?

ZodTheRipper1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

No, Ksar's just a known troll don't mind him. He's harmless thanks to his lost bubbles.

After all these microtransactions, the lack of content and seeing these huge graphical downgrades earlier today I don't think a 8.7/10 is appropriate anymore tbh.

Sitdown1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

Did they downgrade the game after release? If not, how can you say this score is not appropriate anymore?....did this person not review pretty much the final copy? Seems like people deny logic in order to bash. The reviewer gave the score despite the things you mentioned (and that they also mentioned)....they didn't pop up after the fact. Geez.

GarrusVakarian1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )


No, the retail build of the game is considerably downgraded from the earlier builds they showed off at E3 and other gaming events. Couple that with the fact that over half of the game (compared to Forza 4) has been cut out and sold as DLC raises eyebrows as to why this game is getting such good reviews.


I didn't say the reviewers had a prettier version, just letting Sitdown know that the retail copy that everyone has (even reviewers) does not look as good as the build shown months ago.

xPhearR3dx1642d ago


The retail build is what was being reviewed. They didn't give reviewers special Xbox One's and Forza 5 disc that look prettier than what they're sending to customers.

xPhearR3dx1642d ago


I realize that, we all do. However his comment is saying that despite the downgrade, this reviewer still enjoyed the game and he thinks it's an 8.7. To some, those graphical downgrade will matter a lot, to others, not so much. But he's correct, he reviewed (the downgraded version so to say) and still enjoyed it and those issues didn't pop up after his score was given, they were always present.

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ltachiUchiha1642d ago

Great score but after all the down grades this game had compared to Forza 4, its really sad that the media still gives it a free pass. Can u imagine if all these downgrades happened to GT7? I bet the media would give it low scores like they did with killzone sf Despite killzone sf doing everything better then its last outing. Just goes to show, reviews are flawed unless they get freebees which is bs imo. Not downplaying forza 5 but just giving my honest opinion.


Alll true... I hate like hell I bought it. They got me...those motherfuckers got me.

Rageanitus1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

Don't know why ppl are bashing Forza just because its not Playstation.

I have been playing Grand Turismo for the LONGEST time and I am a huge fan of the series, but IMO Forza SO FAR looks like one one of the best racing games to come out in terms of graphics. Yes they downgraded alot of things, we get that but if we take the game from what it is NOW it is one of the best racers on the market at the moment.Despite all the comparisons with the BETA/alpha version to the final product it was still not a final product. We are gonna see alot of THIS in the console market it has always been like this. It's not like PC's where hardware is always envolving. Developers for consoles have to work with static hardware hence the focus is on balancing sacrifices with features and optimization.

The same applied to Gran Tursimo 5, when we found out that the alot of the cars cockpits did not have any premium textures. I did't mind much , but the xbox fanboys hammered it for some reason.

We should just stop with this fanboyism and just play the games.

come_bom1642d ago

"Don't know why ppl are bashing Forza just because its not Playstation. "

Because fanboys are morons. Simple as that.

Enjoy the game for what it is.

Hicken1642d ago

Has nothing to do with it not being PlayStation, and EVERYTHING to do with it being NOTHING like what they promised the game would be.

Oh, and also because it's getting a pass for not looking nearly as good as it should.

Rageanitus1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

Should/Promise is a very strong word. It just means you jumped to conclusions based off of Marketing ploys.

Just look at when killzone / halo got released so much ppl got caught up with the prerendered scenes and though it was actual gameplay without any basis.

coolbeans1642d ago

So now reviewers have to examine the marketing side of a game to see whether or not some promises were fulfilled? Whatever happened to just examining the quality of the game?

Hicken1642d ago

@Rage: when you display the game, it's natural that people are going to think the game you release will look like that. Especially when it comes to console-makers, as it's not like there's usually a PC version that's expected to look better.

When you got to trade shows, you expect the version of the game you see there to be very close to what you'll get on your home console.

@coolbeans: Yes, they do. Because reviewers need to know if people will be satisfied that what they bought equals what they were promised. If the game isn't as advertised, that needs to be as much a part of the review as the actual quality of the game. Does it over-deliver? Does it over promise? People can be disappointed or pleasantly surprised if the game exceeds or fails to live up to expectations; it's the job of a reviewer to give consumers that information.

coolbeans1642d ago

That just sounds ridiculous. I mean sure, the "does it meet the hype?" idea works as some kind of a lead-in to the glut of a review, but to demand someone assessing the final quality of the game to also examine how it was marketed is a stupid expectation.

There's no point in me carping about something irrelevant parts in KZ2's tech demo not matching up with the final game when it was the best looking console game upon release or complaining about Don La Fontaine promise me "the most explosive action ever" when previews typically had a voice-over and not delivering.

Reviewers' only obligated part of their job is to measure the overall quality of a title in their perspective, not play Digital Foundry.

mitford1642d ago

i think the driveatar is excellent and will actually keep my playing the single player

ltachiUchiha1642d ago

My bad pplz I shouldnt have brought GT7 up, just a little upset that killzone sf has improved in so many ways compared to killzone 3 yet it got lower scores. Just saying. I shouldve never brought it up though since this is about Forza 5. My bad.

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