Zoo Tycoon Review - IGN

Its charming and adorable animals can melt hearts, but most of your time will be spent navigating through bad menus.

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G20WLY1461d ago

We, erm...have the best games? :/

jimbobwahey1461d ago

Haha, yeah it seems like all the Xbox One exclusives have been critical flops. Oh well, maybe another rehashed Halo game next year can breathe some life into the console? It's doubtful considering 343 has turned the franchise into COD, but oh well.

BLAKHOODe1461d ago

Dead Rising 3 is great.

falviousuk1461d ago

No, they really havent.

Played a little zoo tycoon last night and enjoyed it, nice diversion from the more intense games.

Good line up with diverse titles at launch, rather than just a mediocre FPD or a very rubbish platformer.

Looks like all PS4 exclusives have been critical flops, see how easy its done, doesnt make it true though.

Stop being a fanboy and just enjoy the games, or are you unable to do that

dale_denton1461d ago

@BLAKHOODe hows the screen tear and frame drops coming along?

bryam19821461d ago

greatness awaits on xbox too? lol and the.xbones made fun.of.the.ps4 launch games and now.look at them

CynicalKelly1461d ago

Zoo Tycoon is fantastic. I have been really loving this game. It's simplistic too so if you think the menus are confusing then maybe you are too simple to be reviewing games? Typical IGN.

Redgehammer1461d ago

That's what I got from her in an interview. I just want to pet my animals, menus are lame boo freaking hoo.

Redgehammer1458d ago

If you are referring to me it's not a game I'd play. I just believe the reviewer was inadequate to the job, that's all.

MidnytRain1461d ago

Don't get hurt by negative reviews of games you like, lol.

komp1461d ago

Can you put lions in same the pen with the penguins?

sdozzo1461d ago

No one buys games like this...

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