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Jack Tretton comments on the graphical jump of the PS4 when compared to PS3

Sony’s Jack Tretton has made several comments in regards to the differences between the graphics of the PS3 and PS4. (Jack Tretton, PS3, PS4)

Qrphe  +   645d ago
>"obvious dramatic difference"

No jump will be as big as the 4th to 5th gen jump just merely due to 3D gaming. Regardless, unless this is your first console transition, you should be able to tell right off the bat obvious graphical jumps that will be made even more obvious in the next couple of years.
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cleft5  +   645d ago
Obvious dramatic difference is more or less PR talk right now. With that said you can tell the difference in how much particle affects are being heavily used without it slowing down the console. Look at Resogun, that game is a technical masterpiece with all of the particle affects firing off constantly at 1080p60fps and no slowdown. Resogun is even impressive when compared to Super Stardust HD and that is no small thing. I am definitely looking forward to games within the next 6 months for PS4 and I am thrill to have my system right now despite it having some hdmi issues.

What is a clear and obvious difference is how much faster the PS4 is than the PS3. I wasn't one of those people that hated the speed on the PS3, but wow is it hard to switch back to PS3 after experiencing the speed of the PS4. Really loving the PS4.
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PLASTICA-MAN  +   645d ago
Just see this to get a proof:


To be honest I didn't know the jump was SO big, at least with a laucnh title.

Those pics just prove that, and in those pics it really look beyond next next-gen:


Especially this one, NOTHING comapres to that on ANY PLATFORM:


This just trumps nan-sayers about next-gen and PS4 not going to look any different. Well, at least,the PS4 got the jump into next-gen rightfully.
Totoro17  +   644d ago
100% agree. Seeing how fast cell phones have evolved, I'm used to multi tasking and need speed. The PS3 did not keep up and it was frustrating pulling up the XMB and waiting for, what seemed like, forever for it to come up.

The PS4 is smooth, simple, clean, fast and powerful. I had to put away Ghosts for the PS3 because those graphics literally made my eyes hurt. I most definitely didn't have that problem with the PS4. Those razor sharp, hi-res graphics are nothing to scoff about and to think these are release titles that are kicking ass.

What surprised me the most is that I'm actually surprised by the quality of these next-gen consoles. I'm a PC gamer (not an elitist or a snob like some of these other jerks) and have been playing games with these caliber graphics for a few years now. But I paid a lot more than $399 for my powerful gaming notebook ($2000, to be exact) and for this little machine to crank out what my notebook does for a fraction of the cost is mighty, mighty impressive.

Xbox One, PS4...I'm excited for both systems. can only imagine how incredible games are going to look in a short time seeing how amazing they already look.
stragomccloud  +   645d ago
Not so much more obvious. Remember that the reason for the big graphical jumps on a console in the past was the fact that it took a long time for developers to fully familiarize themselves with how to get the most out of the hardware. However, this time around, Sony is going with x86, meaning that developers are already familiar with the architecture. This means that developers can get way more out of the system early in its life, but that also means that there aren't really any secrets to discover, so what we see is what we get.
porkChop  +   644d ago
That's not true at all. There are still lots of ways to optimize for better graphics, particles, lighting, framerate, etc. x86 makes the console easier to use and easier to develop for, but it doesn't negate optimization in any way.

I usually use the analogy of rocks in a glass versus particles of sand. That's a great way to think of optimization. Now to understand what x86 means for developers, it makes it much easier to get that first batch of rocks in the glass and have the game running smoothly. But developers still have to figure out ways to break those rocks down into sand.
stragomccloud  +   644d ago
I don't mean that there won't be any ways to optimize. What I mean is that we will definitely not see an improvement in fidelity like we did with the evolution of Uncharted to Uncharted 2.

There are no longer any hidden nooks and crannies, since those nooks and crannies of power have been discovered long ago.

And to those who disagreed, you guys are obviously fanboys that don't understand that the reason PS3 games looked so good later in its life was because the Cell architecture was an absolutely convoluted piece of hardware that took developers years to get a hang of.
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Qrphe  +   644d ago
Original Xbox was also x86 based and it saw obvious graphical jumps throughout its lifespan. Ease of development does not null optimization at all.
USA007  +   644d ago
What about when we make the jump to virtual reality? lol
Jughead3416  +   645d ago
After playing through Killzone Shadow Fall's story mode, and compare that to PS3 launch games, I'd say the jump is pretty huge. Is it as dramatic a jump from PS2 to PS3? I'd say so. Just wait til 2015. I think that's when all the cross platform games will cease, and devs will really start to dig in to these machines for real.
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FamilyGuy  +   645d ago
You know what will be cool once that stuff is released?
You'll be able to do things like copy a video to your system from a media server or usb device... in the back ground.

No sitting, waiting for it to transfer before you can do anything else. On top of that, in regards to usb devices the ports are usb 3.0 now so the speed is even more appreciated.

I hope we get all the PS3s media functionality. I want the PS4 to "only do everything" like the PS3s slogan.
Jughead3416  +   645d ago
Yea I can't wait to see what they do with the Gaikai technology. Once you actually get the new console, you almost forget all the features they promised. I think they said we'll get the best of the PS3 games. So, I guess they won't waste their time with games like Duke Nukem. Hope I don't have to pay for them again.
solidboss07  +   645d ago
I think we all want that. But the slogan should maybe be 'PS4, Only does the important things', or 'Only does the good stuff', in a friendly-competitive dig at the competition.
isa_scout  +   645d ago
I agree. I think people mistakenly compare the PS4 launch games to the later PS3 game like Uncharted and The Last Of Us. The PS3 didn't start of with graphics that good compared to the PS2.
Lair,Heavenly Sword, and Resistance all have horrible graphics compared to the games that are coming out now on the PS3, and I expect the same from the PS4.
If you compare launch games to launch games like Resistance vs Killzone:SF I think it's pretty obvious that there is a huge power difference between the PS3 and the PS4.
JsonHenry  +   645d ago
Even compared to TLoU the difference is huge. Imagine what they are going to be doing with the new hardware when they release the exclusive games?!
solidboss07  +   645d ago
You are correct, except for Motorstorm which we got at launch here in the U.K. That game was better graphically than any other title at the time, even better than Gears on 360, different types of game I know, but Gears was a benchmark in those early days, and Motorstorm as a launch title impressed.
Welshy  +   645d ago
Woah woah woah!

Don't you say bad against R:FOM, i sunk way too much of my time into that game.

Kids nowadays will never know the joy of holding R2 and asking "anyone got a bluetooth headset? hello? anyone?..." and getting a response!

"OMG! dude! join whisky, join squad whiskey!" and making your very first PSN buddies.

I agree, it looks pretty rough now, but such a great game back in the day =)

Edit: Resistance 3 brought back some of the atmosphere and tone of R:FOM and i enjoyed the hell out of it, but i think the series was kind of lost on people by the time it released =/
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UnholyLight  +   644d ago

The first time I laid eyes on Motorstorm and played a store demo way back in the day..WOW. I thought it was unreal.

Now I've just completed Killzone SF and I'm like :O Exceeded my expectations graphically by a long shot. Online videos do NOT do this justice at all people ESPECIALLY when you have a good TV to game on with your shiny new PS4 :)
LocutusEstBorg  +   644d ago
By 2015 we'll feel the graphics are ugly and low res just like how we feel about the PS3 now.
MajorGecko  +   645d ago
ok we get it the systems a beast now give us the media capability's we had last gen and then flap your gums more
Visiblemarc  +   645d ago
Another thing people forget is just how long last gen was. It was to a point where our machines could barely run the games. Just the fact that we can best those games and on top of it have 1080p and 60 fps...the shift is huge.
UnholyLight  +   644d ago
The wait was SOOOOOOO worth it.


Absolutely loving my PS4 aside from the Battlefield 4 problems I'm having :/
Bhai  +   645d ago
Here it is people, enough said!:

Dear GOD!!!
mike32UK  +   645d ago
The blood splatter looks ridiculously good!
Bhai  +   645d ago
Right man, the ear, the head gear, the real 3D hand wear, the blood splatter... I never thought next-gen would bring THIS much jump over the previous fidelity :O
PLASTICA-MAN  +   645d ago
Don't forget the enevr seen ray-tracing lighting, also the textures all feel natural unlike in KZ3 where the collar feels like a bendable LCD screen XD.
Morpheuzpr  +   645d ago
And that's a comparison between one of the best looking games from the previous gen with a launch title from this gen. If we compare lunch vs lunch, it's a wrap.
Soc5  +   644d ago
Hey for lunch I had a wrap!
isa_scout  +   645d ago
Holy crap thanks for that!!! I've been trying to tallk a friend into buying a PS4, but he said there isn't enough of a graphical jump to upgrade...Gotta show him that comparison for sure. If he doesn't see a sudden and distinct difference between those two images then there is just no hope for the guy.
Pennywise138  +   645d ago
I love that I'm seeing far less squiggly lines and tearing. Things don't look so cut and pasted on ps4 as they did last gen. That always took me out of the game world. Doesn't help that I feel the need to sit up close to my 46 inch samsung. 1080p is making up for that.
newflesh  +   645d ago
To my mind the graphics aren't the main feature that will be much boosted from this gen. And as we clearly see judging by launch games(yeah I know), the difference is slight. The main feature of next gen machines is 8GB of RAM, which should result in much bigger game worlds, much more npc's, and a lot more advanced AI. So I expect to see GTA 6 having not just one city with really great graphics (Los Santos), but 3 or maybe even more, and much more densely populated world with the ability to enter lots of fully rendered buildings and have fun there(at last). Now that's gonna be a real huge jump, and I'm sure next gen consoles is capable of it.
Deltaohio  +   645d ago
Gameplay vs graphics? Give me better or more gameplay. I don't care about counting pixels as long as what's on the pixels are worth looking at and playing.
Rageanitus  +   645d ago
Sorry to say this but Graphics is needed just as much as gameplay. It is the overall feel of both gameplay and graphics. Some game I enjoyed to death of the past with great gameplay and good graphics back then, but now when I pick up the game the graphics SUCK. I just can get the full immersion or feel of the game.... making it less enjoyable.

Part of the gaming experience is also the visualization of the goods.
ape007  +   645d ago
i played KZSF and while it looks stunning, it never shocked me as Perfect dark Zero, motorstorm, lost planet, saints row1, CoD2 or GRAW

and i can still go back to KZ2,KZ3, Halo 4, GTA V and TLOU and be impressed by their gfx, we reached the movies/real life experience with ps3/360

when u jump from SD to HD, that's a huge WOW factor that will never be duplicated again, it's simply missing in ps4/X1

but this is just the beginning, im sure loads of games will WOW us in the future like watch dogs
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Rageanitus  +   645d ago
Ppl should really be comparing the games from the LAST 2 years the last two generation vs the new generation. I love it how ppl love to bring up launch games from last gen vs launch games of this gen. Best to look at the systems from a evolution stand point.

All I can say is there was a bigger jump from ps2 end generation to ps3 start generation VS ps3 end generation vs ps4 start.
Morpheuzpr  +   645d ago
That's because we reached a stage of diminishing returns. Util there's a big advance in visual rendering technology the graphical jump will look small in comparison with the SD to HD gen.
Ps4Console  +   645d ago
I totally disagree it is a graphical leap just you wait & see though it will take more time to implement the hardware .
PS4OUR  +   645d ago
The best is yet to come.
EXVirtual  +   645d ago
The leap in graphical fidelity is significant. Very significant. Not on a PS2-PS3 level, but it's a pretty good jump.

Optimization for the PS4 and XBO still has to been done and the jump will be even more clear in the next 2-3 years. Launch games are just the beginning.

I also think that the biggest focus of next-gen will be intricate AI, bigger worlds, better particle effects and of course, much better physics engines. Example of almost all of this (not much of the AI has been shown)?

Tom Clancy's: The Division.
Along with mixing great effects and physics, The Division has awesome graphics:
That's what we're getting a year from now. Imagine what we'll get in 2-3 years.
RE_L_MAYER  +   645d ago
Yeah I agree its more of the features leap than how preety it is...I mean it can look very preety but if I have skyrim framerate than I would rather keep it the same)))
Picnic  +   645d ago
The most noticeable differences I've seen so far are:

Superior particle effects. The character of Knack is reliant on these. Infamous: Second Son shows fluidly destructible environments.

Superior fire effects. The trailer of Deep Down.

Smoothness and more use of colour in visuals in Killzone: Shadow Fall.

No reports that any multiformat games will look inferior on the PS4 compared to the Xbox One and generally the PS4 versions are expected to look slightly better although from some screenshots I've seen that's a matter of opinion as to what you regard as better. It's possible that the PS4 will have a more sleek 'PC' feel whereas the Xbox One will retain that console charm feel.

They will both have their own overall 'feel' which doesn't just come from the raw power or even the cloud but the overall interface, controller, branding, console exclusives - they can all combine to make one console feel more appropriate to you, more fitting with you personality.

However- what I haven't seen on PS4 which the XboxOne has so far is:

Vastly more sprites on screen such as Dead Rising 3.

A new IP with atmosphere. Those will come later on PS4, such as The Order but that game doesn't look all that colourful. The Xbox One has had Ryse: Son of Rome right from the start.

A fun console exclusive sporty game- and notably aimed at people who don't necessarily have to be big sports fans (Kinect Sports Rivals).
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Picnic  +   645d ago
tell me what you disagree with.
Shineon  +   645d ago
Next Gen My Donkey
Wow when the CEO has to say something about the graphics you know the leap is small. Its like the leap from PsOne to N64# just being honest lol......

Booo next gen, Ive never been so tempted to switch to pc gaming.
feraldrgn  +   645d ago
Biggest leaps I've seen are NBA2K, Infamous: SS & Ryse.
Donnywho  +   645d ago
Smallest leap I've ever seen. NES had a bigger leap within it's own existence just as the PS3 and 360 could have had if the world didn't work the way it does. We didn't need new consoles yet, too bad, they're here.
Tzuno  +   645d ago
one thing is for sure ps3-ps4 graphical leap is 30% of ps2-ps3 graphical leap.
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RE_L_MAYER  +   645d ago
I dont see any difference in graphics)))) battlefield plays very smooth but I didnt go wow anywhere yet....well maybe trine 2 but I guess its just the colors)))
newflesh  +   645d ago
True. Now wow-effect yet. But I'm sure(hope) it's still to come.
Ps4Console  +   645d ago
This console the Ps4 is as good as a high end Pc wich makes me more excited than ever .
It will take time to implement the hardware though but once the devs do then well see great games .
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GW212  +   645d ago
Just switched from Xbox to playstation. I have no PSN friends. Add me - GKW212
elda  +   645d ago
I'm playing PS3 & the PS4 & I only see a slight graphical difference,nothing mind blowing but by the end of 2014 into 2015 we'll start seeing some great stuff for the PS4.
solidt12  +   644d ago
His comment is funny because that was they first thing I noticed when I saw NBA 2k on the PS4. The crowd in the PS3 version doesn't even have faces but on the PS4 they do plus they have there own animations.
Hyper_Tension140  +   644d ago
Have you seen MLB the show on the ps4 thats going to look even better than any sports game. Shows how good a game could look if it was only on playstation.
ufo8mycat  +   644d ago
Once you get to a certain level of 'graphics', the differences from that point going forward when they are improved - are not as big, or the wow factor is not as big, because graphics have already reached where for the most part are great enough already. Now just need the tweaks - 1080p, 60fps, AA

It's like going from that average looking chick, to an amazing hot swedish blonde. The difference here and the 'wow factor' is HUGE

But then you go from that amazing hot swedish blonde, to another hot swedish blonde, where she has a few 'tweaks-improvements', the 'wow factor' is smaller, because that first hot swedish blonde is already ohh so hot enough. =P

It's exactly the same with video games.
PS4 now has better resolution, better textures, better AA, lighting etc - 'tweaks' in other words.
hassanoo1  +   644d ago
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tigertron  +   644d ago
We'll see a huge jump nearer the end of the PS4's life cycle.

I can't even imagine how good first party titles will look.
shadowsatey  +   644d ago
I'm noticing better lighting, aliasing, and frame rate jumps. It's very noticeable, and proves that a new generation was needed, especially when you compare to PC.

I know PC will always get new cards, and encourage the PC fanboy "master race" status, but I happen to own a PC (who doesn't?) but I mostly game on a console. A. because other people like to play with me. B. Because a lot of my favorite franchises have not been made for the PC in a long time. (Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, First-party titles) That will always encourage my buy for a console.

A console also makes it a lot better for people, with no PC-building knowledge, to easily pick up and play whatever they want. Thing is about PC, as cool as it is to build your own, there a hundred things that could go wrong when attempting this your first time. The cost to upgrade is more expensive, over time, than it is to buy a new console every 5-7 years.

Can these two co-exist? Absolutely. And that's the point. One complements the other. Gaming would be nothing without PCs and vice versa. Console on their last generation? I highly doubt it, considering Sony just launched a million consoles, in North America alone, in under 24 hours, making it the fastest selling console of all time.

PC gaming is all you need? SteamBox disagrees, as they are now entering the console war. Consoles are needed. As are PCs. Let's just agree that they're both here to stay. :)

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