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Heritage: Super Mario 3D World Review

The game features some of the best level design to date from Nintendo, and the fact it's in glorious HD makes it even better. Levels have a uniqueness about them that stand out from others. Part of the fun is seeing what comes up next, so I won't spoil all the details. One level that plays with shadows has superb lighting effects while another is a tribute to Mario Kart that I wanted to play again and again. The new cat power-up will have you climbing up every wall to find secrets. Nabbing cherries to control multiple Marios or others at once leads to some very strategic situations. (Super Mario 3D World, Wii U) 4/4

browngamer41  +   467d ago
Starting to see a trend here..;)
Activemessiah  +   467d ago
if only they released this at launch...
Kos-Mos  +   467d ago
Yes, they saved it for a year just for fun. For your information, good games takes time to make and cost a lot of manpower and money.

Do you regret posting your comment now?
Activemessiah  +   467d ago
higgins78  +   467d ago
Same could be said for ANY PS3/360 game which came after launch, since - like the Wii U - both had good games but nothing worth the price of the consoles alone. Anyway, has the PS4 or Xbox One any launch games which rival SM3DW? Honest answer...not even close.
Thirty3Three  +   467d ago
4/4? That's an odd rating system, haha! Sounds like a good game though!
chrissx  +   467d ago
Mario is still the man

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