Xbox, Unbundle Kinect

While Microsoft seems keen on pushing their fancy little camera into our homes and lives, some people remain resistant. A lot of people are worried there would be some sort of invasion of privacy happening, but not me, I don’t care if they see me in my underwear. I have my own reasons.

Here’s why I don’t really want Kinect with my Xbox One.

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Nujabes_1575d ago

Having Kinect bundled with the console means the developers will focus on putting Kinect features in their games instead of ignoring it like it happened on the 360.

Godmars2901575d ago

Nevermind that few devs have been able to make games work with Kinect. Nothing but casual, family related titles.

Just because something is being forced to be there does not mean that it will be adopted.

dotwithshoes1575d ago

Capcom certainly didn't include any Kinect features in Dead Rising 3. I don't see anyone el.. wait, nevermind.

Godmars2901575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

You're forgetting that smartglass is the new thing for the console. Kinect just has to be there for things like TV.

That's what really gets me with trying to defend Kinect: considering the TV app, it just has all the justification to be there as far as MS is concerned. If that's the excuse it manages to get by on, what point is there for there to be a game which proves it? And if a game does come along which gives it validation, in three to five years, so much the better.

Crankafoo1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

As an avid gamer who much prefers to use a controller for most menu navigation and the live, I feel no need for Kinect yet. Microsoft knew that Kinect was going to be bundle but hasn't done a single thing to show me why I gotta have it. If anyone should be doing something exciting for it, it should be them and their first-party teams.

But I get what you're saying, I'm sure some focus will go into it now that it's packaged, but that's still just an assumption. The original Kinect apparently sold a million or so units, but that still wasn't enough for the third-parties to really do anything? Microsoft itself didn't seem to release any killer apps for their own device either.

DeadManIV1575d ago

Fighter within is great /s
Kinect sports rivals is great /s
Id rather get a Wii or a move

MysticStrummer1575d ago

I'd rather have Oculus Rift than Kinect, Move, or Wii.

Nujabes_1574d ago

Kinect Rivals is good. Did you played the game or are you simply going by the review score?

SilentGuard1575d ago

Thats what many are afraid of, required use of Kinect functionality in games and a focus on Kinect. If any game that requires the use of Kinect discloses it than a Kinect in every box is ok, but I would be none to happy if I bought a game thinking it didn't require Kinect only to find out while playing it some form of voice or motion control is required. If games that require Kinect have a disclosure than at least those that don't want to use Kinect in games can avoid them.

Bercilak1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

I've seen this argment often and I always shake my head when I hear it. It's absolutely backwards. Why should I, as a consumer, pay an extra $100 just to motivate developers to make good games? That makes no sense. If developers make good games that get good press, guess what happens? Consumers want those games. If they want them badly enough, they get a Kinect. You don't build demand by forcing supply down consumers' throats. You build demand by making a good product and letting consumers know about it so that they can make their own decisions. A force-placed Kinect is simply insulting and the logic behind it even more so.

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superbomberman1575d ago

I just love the new kinect integration. It makes the One feels fresh and futuristic liek something from star trek. Sure it can get better over time but I can have the xbox plus my TV turn on via voice and have it logged in via facial recognition without even touching the controller.

It's like how Apple first launched front facing camera and facetime. You don't need it but it sure is fun to use.
If you don't like that sort of thing then just don't buy it.

Crankafoo1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

I like the Xbox One as a console, just not the Kinect. As I stated in my article and a previous comment here, Microsoft hasn't done anything to prove that Kinect is really necessary to your experience, which just seems wrong, in my opinion. They knew Kinect was coming and going to be packaged with it, there should've been some really strong first-part focus there, not just voice commands and facial recognition.

But hey, it's all just my opinion.

superbomberman1574d ago

and you are entitled to your opinion. I do understand where you are coming from but by packaging in the kinect, I believe they and other developers will take advantage of the technology. By leaving it as an optional device it will not create new experiences.

It's like when the Sega Dreamcast launched (love that console). They had an optional ethernet and modem adapter and they were the first to really take consoles online. However as it was an adapter, not everyone took advantage of it. The original Xbox made the ethernet a packed in and not everyone is into online gaming... now every console comes with online built in and the majority of gamers like to play online. For those who don't (and I hear there are some as they complain about paying for multi player online) they could complain why the consoles need to have built in wifi/network adapters and not have that as an optional adapter to save some $.

SolidGear31575d ago

Save $100 .. that's my reason ^_^

Livecustoms1575d ago

If they unbundle Kinect they could easily put the console out for $350 As MS has the money to make that type of loss on each console plus the specs are pretty shitty anyway so they'll prob wont even lose that much at $350 aha

ShowGun9011575d ago

wow, who did they focus group? i cant think of anybody who thinks kinect is ESSENTIAL... the best ive heard so far is "neat" or "futuristic", not "needed"

theyre seriously gonna have problems with consumers over the price tag for a while, especially when both are sitting on a shelf next to each other, both available for purchase.

gamer20131575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

The PS3 had little issues even though it sold at $100 more than Xb1. "Bu bu bu.. Blu-Ray!" I've had my PS3 for over 3 years and never watched a Blu-Ray movie in it. Most of my friends have never used it either; but we will use the 1080p camera with the Xb1!

ShowGun9011575d ago

as far as bluray vs kinect goes, im not too concerned about functionality... but bluray did gimp ps3 sales initially, soley because of the PRICE. bluray was useful for most. kinect will be a fun add on. but sales WILL be retarded because of the price difference, with the exception of the ipad, this is as close to a fact as possible. $500>$400, and some people dont look any further. thats some sales to your competitor. every sale counts. (to MS and SONY lol)

that said, enjoy your xb1, im sure itll be awesome! enjoy titanfall LOL

gamer20131575d ago

MS invested the same amount of money in Kinect as they did with the XB1. Kinect is an essential part of the Xb1 experience MS has said this before. No Kniect = no developer support = huge waist of money. No Kinect devalues the system greatly.

ShowGun9011575d ago

i agree that MS will probably NEVER release a kinect-less sku, but imo the problem started when they saw hardcore gamers didn't care for kinect, and instead of MSs focus shifting away from kinect, it shifted away from the hardcore gamer... "were making kinect a priority, so f off"

thats the attitude i don't like, if you can live with it fine. good luck to all gamers regardless of system!

Bercilak1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

Stop believing Microsoft's talking points so unthinkingly. What does "essential" mean? To you? To Microsoft? I bet those are very different answers.

The Kinect is neither "integrated" into the X1 (you can unplug it and the console works fine) nor required for developer support. What's required for developer support is genuine demand for a good product. The burden for creating that demand is on the developers and Microsoft--by making desirable Kinect games, not by *forcing* us to buy a Kinect.

Hicken1574d ago

And yet the inclusion of Kinect will prevent many from buying, as they see no value in it.

So if they remove it, it'll be devalued(according to you, I guess). But if they keep it, it'll be devalued.


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