Super Mario 3D World - Accolades Trailer

Nintendo revealed the Accolades trailer for Super Mario 3D World.

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Gabenbrah1646d ago

This game a lone solidified my purchase of the Wii U over the PS4 and XB1. Both PS4 and XB1 have no games worth playing currently, exclusives are lackluster. Wii U's current and future exclusives are looking and sounding fantastic.

Timesplitter141646d ago

I'm not really considering buying the Wii U but I do agree that this game beats PS4's and X1's current lineup, and Smash Bros and Zelda will most likely be excellent.

2pacalypsenow1646d ago

Nba 2k14/fifa 14/BF4/dead rising/forza5 vs Mario ... really no good games??

Timesplitter141646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

yeah, really

- BF4 is a game that I'd get on PC if I wanted it anyway
- Killzone has never really been amazing
- Knack looks meh at best
- Ryse doesn't look like a game I'd play again after the first run
- Dead Rising doesn't seem all that great especially if you've experienced DayZ
- Forza is a racing game like all other racing games
- NBA and fifa are sports games... which are sports games

I'll get a ps4 when Destiny, MGS5, Last Guardian, The Division, etc come out

2pacalypsenow1646d ago

and mario is just mario nothing new

Timesplitter141646d ago

Hey at least it looks fun and original.

jeffgoldwin1646d ago


SO the new cat suit and glass tubes are in every Mario? I could list a dozen other things but the point is, before spewing garbage from your mouth, at least try and be semi-competent for a change in pace next time.

gamerofallplatforms1646d ago

The games you mentioned aren't worthwhile at all, if I want to play sports I'll go outside with my friends to play those sports, you know what Outside looks like right? it has this thing called a blue sky, with clouds, and a hot sphere called the sun, and its covered in greenery called plants. Dead Rising, I never got into the first or second the third to me was meh at best, and Forza? seriously Forza a realistic racing game...yeah no...I might as well just get myself a remote control car, there are hobbyist who like to race them, plus their cheaper to. Battlefield...-.- seriously how old are you? 13? Battlefield is basically COD with a different name and different company, there is nothing new with that game, and besides I can just get that on my PC.

I am no fan of Mario, never have been, was more on the Sonic side when they were rivals, and while I didn't buy this game, my brother did and from what I've seen and played(4 players local co-op) it is different, there are many new mechanics to the game, each stage is different from one another(how you progress through each stage is different), the cat suit alone opens up new areas to explore within each stage, and every new power up found in the game(like the Goomba head) changes how you interact with the stage, plus the crown, oh that bastard crown, it ups the competitiveness of the game, as the crowned player becomes the target to every other player, each player tries to take the crown and keep it until they have reached the flag pole, for both bragging rights, and bonus points, my friends betrayed me numerous times just to get the crown, we couldn't even be in a toads house without them trying to take my crown!
And finally I have never laughed so much from playing a video game in years!
2pacalypsenow, you need to grow up and open your mind to other games, not just those M rated, high graphics games, because graphics and M ratings does not make a good game.

And yes i would take Mario over those games
that you mentioned any day.

2pacalypsenow1646d ago

Original?? Mario being original??

Timesplitter141646d ago

Just because it's called Mario doesn't mean it's the exact same thing

2pacalypsenow1646d ago

I have New super Mario Bros U and its the same thing with a few added extras would not buy a console just for 1 game

weekev151646d ago

Well if you have new super mario u that means you have a wiiu already. Go on live a little. Get 3d world, invite some friends round. See what all the fuss is about. You may even have some fun...

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