Goodbye, "Start" Button. We'll Miss You.

Launch a game from the hard drive. The title screen glows in front of you, beckoning. Time to press the start button, like you've done thousands of times before. Not anymore, though. Start's gone, shown the door by both the PS4 and Xbox One.

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xHeavYx1616d ago

To be honest, I've always used X instead of start

SpinalRemains1381616d ago

X was only a substitute for certain things.

I feel very out of place without a Start button myself.

MatrixxGT1616d ago

Im constantly reaching for a start button. Especially to pause or whatever. And options? Seriously the only reason I see it named that is because when you highlight a menu item and push options it actually gives you options. Better than no name buttons I guess but I will miss start. Maybe I can tell my future offspring about the glory days when we had a start button and watch their mind blow.

ShinMaster1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )


But options do come up when you press the Options button during a game (Resume, Restart, Settings, Main Menu, etc).

And then your future offspring will ask you why you pressed a "START" button to PAUSE... lol

Most title screens today say "Press Any Button" and the ones that do say "Press Start" allow you to just press any button anyway.

Sometimes I just press the PS button. It's easier.

Retroman1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

are we REALLY willing to give up the only button we known since NES days?? when you press that button your game comes to life im not so easily giving up on it. with out it i would not know how to START the game x is not reliable. since NES days our minds has been programmed with that button you will reach for it automaticlly. what will replace it?? PAUSE?? haaaaa

vakarian751615d ago

You used x to pause your games.

nosferatuzodd1616d ago

ha ha ha ha ha bubbles up man i spit my drinks up

Majin-vegeta1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

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KwietStorm1616d ago

I don't know what that girl got, but I'm staying far away from her.

kornbeaner1616d ago

There have been many times so far where I want to pause Resogun and I'm like "WHERE'S THE DAMN START BUTTON!"

cell9891616d ago

lol yes!! in Battlefield 4 I always bring up the Battle log feature by accidentally pressing the touch pad looking for a Start button

ShinMaster1616d ago

Or you could just press the PS button. It's a little easier and it basically pauses the game too.
Unless you're actually trying to bring up options like Restart, Settings, Main Menu, then pressing the Options button makes more sense than pressing "START" to PAUSE.

Edsword1616d ago

Nintendo did away with start on the wii. Though arguably the +\- serve as start and select.

Ripsta7th1616d ago

I was looking for the start button while playing Ac4, ended up using the PS home button and from now on i use that

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The story is too old to be commented.