Critics say Microsoft should separate Xbox unit

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates donned a cool leather jacket when he first introduced the Xbox onstage in 2000. More than a decade later, the video game console is still the hippest brand in Microsoft’s portfolio. But as the company on Friday began selling its first new Xbox in eight years, some critics say Microsoft should spin the gaming unit off. They argue that Xbox distracts management from the company’s fast-growing cloud computing business and its effort to catch up to rivals in tablet and smartphone sales.

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bessy671672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

How many variations of this story are we going to see? It's getting really annoying to see a rehashing of this same topic every day ever since the Stephen Elop speculation from weeks ago.

Utalkin2me1672d ago

But you decided to come read and post, go figure.

BobBelcher1672d ago

came to see if it was going to be something new... It wasn't.

kneon1672d ago

Stockholders have been bringing this up every year or so since the very first xbox, it's nothing new.

imt5581672d ago

Quote :

It is profitable in the long term: The Xbox business has been profitable for the past few years, said Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s vice president of strategy. Mehdi says the company sees the gaming industry growing from an annual $66 billion to $78 billion in 2017. And Microsoft hopes to broaden the Xbox’s appeal with features that make it more of an entertainment hub.


So, how the XB business is profitable if CEO candidate Stephen Elop said to consider selling Xbox business because it's not profitable?

Pillsbury11672d ago

Donate the division to sega :D

NatureOfLogic1672d ago

If kinect doesn't work out for MS, I can see them most likely selling Xbox. A lot of people in MS want Xbox gone. If kinect does not succeed, it could easily be their chance to get what they want.

Tuxmask551672d ago

Parting ways with Microsoft could be in Xbox's best interest.