The Pros and Cons of the PS4

Every system released is never perfect not even PC is perfect. PS4 is awesome and there's no doubt about it but there's some flaws that come with it and here they are!

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Hyper_Tension1401611d ago

Really those are the cons dosent really look like cons to me. At least not to most people. Kinda looks like a nitpick.

JimmyDM901611d ago

Yeah most of the cons came off as whiney and the worst of them just came off as sort of ignorant to the way the game industry works.

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solidworm1611d ago

"Not even the PC is perfect"! Lol lost me there.

Persistantthug1611d ago

PC is obviously not perfect..... It has its own downsides too.

Everything does.

Picnic1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

Agreed. To them, they obviously think that it's the equivalent of saying 'Not even a McClaren sportscar is perfect'. But a PC is only impressive from a point of view of its technical refinement. In games library it does have some that the consoles don't get but the consoles have some hugely high profile, respected, games that never appear on PC like those by Naughty Dog. Consoles have a character, a brand, differences in controller, motion control. If people don't appreciate why others might prefer consoles, I don't think that it's gaming that they're necessarily in to. It's domination- and relatively characterless domination at that.

Locknuts1611d ago

Biggest con is no killer exclusives. Sony seems to be able to sell ice to eskimos though.

staticdash221611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

Ryse having a 60 metacritic is a killer app? lol

How about dead rising 3's mediocre 78? Or what about forza's 82? None of the game are over an 85 meta, they're average. So is the ps4's games. Oh yea, I forgot about killer instinct's 74 metacritic lmao

edit: Wait, there's crimson dragon's 55 metacritic, and then locoycle's 48 meta

come_bom1611d ago

Both console have crappie exclusive launch lineup.

Conzul1611d ago

The Bone's is crappy. PS4's was fair to good.

Conzul1611d ago

Second Son will be huge, as will Uncharted once it arrives.

NeoTribe1610d ago

Look to the past for anwsers to the future. Ps3 destroyed xbox in the games department. This gen will be no different. Mark my words, last of us will win this years vga and uncharted 4 is prolly gonna win the next one. Deal with it.

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Section81611d ago

"for all intents and purposes resign yourself to paying $4 to $10 a month to join Playstation Plus"

$50/year does not equal your calculation. Besides, if you think of it as if you were going to buy such and such game anyway, then put that money in PS Plus and psychologically you will know that you paid for your digital game already but get to maintain all the benefits of Plus. This is why Plus is better than xbox by far. And c'mon, 4 free games a month.

Section81611d ago

This is probably not a problem for any significant number of people, but could we please get an all-region Blu-ray in the systems at this point?

Yes. They need this.

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The story is too old to be commented.