Get Your PlayStation 4 Clothed In White Along With Multiple Colours Through iCarbons

iCarbons is famous for their high quality skins and have been providing for a multitude of devices and now finally PlayStation 4 gets the treatment from them.

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zyphee1157d ago

Id rather pay 36 then that 300 that colorware charges, best thing ITS REVERSABLE

BattleTorn1157d ago (Edited 1157d ago )

I don't think $36 is unreasonable for a purely aesthetic add-on.

tawak1157d ago

$20 more and i get 36 months protection plan,peace of mind no matter what i do to my ps4.

Langkasuka1157d ago

I like it but I'm also looking to get mine engraved with a techno-flower design :3
*example only:

maximus19851157d ago

are there places that do engravings?

AgitatedOcelot1157d ago

I'm sure any engraver could. Best part is you can just take the hard drive cover plastic off and take it away to have it engraved without having to take in your PS4.

Conzul1157d ago

I'm planning on getting mine engraved with the Firefly symbol from TLOU, and under: Sic Parvis, Magna

kratoz12091157d ago

I would try and get them to make an Anime feel to it :D
perhaps Persona 4

TheTowelBoy1157d ago

Like a rave/neon yellow? I'd love that! lol

theXtReMe11157d ago

Yea, thats a ridiculous amount for, what amounts to, stickers. I do like the carbon fiber though. At $15, it would've been a sale.

Toon_Link1157d ago

I have their carbon skin for my vita and its pretty tough stuff, but I do agree 15-20 is my limit for an item like this.

iiwii1157d ago

Lot's of PS4 skins on eBay for under $15, some with matching controller skins

Don't know about the quality but some look pretty good.

Software_Lover1157d ago

off topic

I like the Play ps4 through XBone video on the website. Looks good. They played Forza, then played some Killzone, then snapped back to Forza.

Can't wait to try it.

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The story is too old to be commented.