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Xbox One Fails to Paint Amazon’s Top 20 Best Sellers Chart Green, Beaten by BioShock and Skylanders

When the PS4 launched, it painted the top twenty best sellers chart on Amazon.com almost completely blue together with its own games and accessories on its launch day, taking sixteen spots out of twenty.

With the launch of the Xbox One the results are quite a bit more mixed. (Xbox One)

dboyc310  +   614d ago
If you take a look at the best sellers for 2013 in general the ps4 is ranked 5th where the Xbox one at the 10th slot. 500$ is just to much to shell in on a game console. There are people who have no problem but the majority just rather wait or go with a cheaper alternative.
Shadow Flare  +   614d ago | Well said
and better alternative
UltimateMaster  +   614d ago
I think people also want the better gaming platform.
Nobody cares about media apps, especially on Xbox One that are locked behind a pay wall.
If people cared about this, they would stick to the PS3 which is free all around.
ShinMaster  +   614d ago
And if the casual market wants TV and media apps, they can just get Apple TV, Chormecast, Roku, a DVR or any of the much more affordable and accessible options out there. Not a $500 gaming machine.

IPTV is the future. Good thing Sony is working towards that.
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TomShoe  +   614d ago
If you want to watch TV on your Xbox, then fine.

I will play games on my PS4.
itBourne  +   614d ago
Honestly none of this makes any logical sense to me. Hey lets support the ps4 when it has a rather meh selection of games. But when the ps3 is pumping out bad ass exclusives faster then possibly any console ever, no fuck that, lets support the 360. Which owned to top spot for like 3 years straight, 3 years of which the comparison of games is an absolute and utter joke.. Like I am talking its laughable how many games ps3 had over 360... maybe it is just the casual CoD players, and in another 2 years after all the hardcore players are locked in MS will again own the American market I do not know.
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SITH  +   614d ago
Soooo... we can not look at amazon Ps4 confirmed buyers negative reviews as as indication of ps4 failures, but when we look at Xbox one sells it is a magical indication of how well the games are selling? Because EVERYONE buys from amazon.com right?
NewMonday  +   613d ago

"I think people also want the better gaming platform.
Nobody cares about media apps"

funny thing is that the PS4 is also winning the user experience with console itself from the organized UI and faster install speeds to the unlocked media apps and video streaming.
Utalkin2me  +   613d ago

Comparing a 100 people with PS4 problems considering they have 10,000 of thousands of consoles sold is very minute.
indysurfn  +   613d ago
Follow this link, and click find a store (target). All you have to do is put your zip code, or city/state. It will show you stores with xbox ones in stock. Mine had 20 stores total 10 had stock 10 did not. So it is NOT sold out in my city. Go colts!


Xbox one has machines for sale they are NOT sold out.
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dp277407  +   613d ago
@Indy look at whats around me, also sorry for the copy paste wall. I trimmed alot off but most were in stock.
In Stock
Beechmont Area
In Stock
In Stock
South Lebanon
Out of Stock
Columbus SW
Out of Stock
In Stock
In Stock
Columbus East
In Stock
Columbus Central
In Stock
Columbus Far SW
In Stock
Cincinnati Central
Out of Stock
Out of Stock
West Chester Township
In Stock
Grove City
In Stock
Dayton, OH
Out of Stock
user5575708  +   614d ago
ugh how will i secure a copy of skylanders swap force now
SnotyTheRocket  +   614d ago
I shelled out like $504 or something. Tax was $59 bucks, plus a controller.
SaturdayNightBeaver  +   614d ago
+ more powerfull and cool
HardcoreGamer  +   614d ago
everyone is really after the console for games, and ps4 is it


so basically it wont sell yet, it may not take off.

but overtime it may blow up like the wii did because of its novelty tv features
Scatpants  +   613d ago
The wii was cheap from the start this thing is starting off expensive
Gamer1982  +   613d ago
The end of the day price is what made xbox the main console in the US last gen and its whats put them behind so far this one. The decision to include Kinect in every box has seriously hurt them.
Playstationologist  +   613d ago
Price made no difference in my choice. I would have paid $100 more for PlayStation but I wouldn't have bought xbone for $299. Xbone and ms are just a mess right now.

I don't see how price would matter to many. I mean, you're already spending $400... if you really want xbone then what's another $100?
Idba  +   614d ago
lol Just Dance (Wii) is selling more DR3, F5 and RYSE
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Clover904  +   614d ago
Pouring salt into the wound...
Kayant  +   614d ago
Amazon uk is interesting also.

PS4 is 3th in bestsellers for 2013, Standard XB1 is 35th & Day one Fifa 14 bundle is 46th·
black0o  +   614d ago
interstIng .. This gen UK is 2nd biggest market for the Xbox, looks like MS is about to loose some market share
PlayStation_4  +   614d ago

and they've been losing market share for quite a while actually, Sony has been pushing the PS3 hard for a while over here and the sales seem to prove that it's working.

PS3 tends to sell about 2-5k less than the 360 per week (PS3 even outsells the 360 on the odd week), which is an improvement compared to a few years ago.
komp  +   613d ago
B1663r  +   614d ago
Well that is an obtuse way to look at it. Most people who mail ordered probably bought their x1 right on the xbox store.
tubers  +   614d ago
And Sony must have sold more at their own chain or other retailers.

xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   614d ago
Not even the xbox fans could co sign that.
NeloAnjelo  +   614d ago
Yeah right...
Clarence  +   614d ago
You know that's not true.
Hicken  +   614d ago
And you've caught an acute case of wrong.
ShinMaster  +   614d ago
lol You do know Sony has an online store as well, right?
Scatpants  +   613d ago
Thats where I got mine, but this is still a perfectly valid way of gauging its sales. PS4 is beating the shit out of it. XB1 will go down in history as the most blundered console launch of all time.
indysurfn  +   613d ago
Finally the 3DO can stop being the bunt of the joke!
aquamala  +   614d ago
Bioshock triple pack PC wins!

no wonder, Bioshock 1+2+Infinite for $15
azshorty2003  +   614d ago
Yea that's a smoking deal! what's funny was they were selling each for like $10 and Infinite for $15 I think. So that desk was a no brainer.
azshorty2003  +   614d ago
Part of that was because starting today, Amazon began matching some of the major retailers Black Friday deals. And Skylanders was a big one.

But I'm still not Completely shocked by this.
Godmars290  +   614d ago
Still, expect MS to be reporting they "shipped" as many units as Sony day-one.
Abriael  +   614d ago
possibly more too, but it's across a lot more countries.
Kayant  +   614d ago
If they don't that will be a bad showing tbh. Considering Gamestop just revealed recently they have upto 2.3 million waiting on PS4's.

EU is going to be crazy for Sony so if XB1 can't match NA with it's global showing then it's either demand for XB1 is not that high or MS are having some big yield issues to supply a lot of XB1's.
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S2Killinit  +   614d ago
I wonder how many more consoles PS4 sold.
Belking  +   614d ago
Doesn't mean anything. Vita was ahead of 3ds on Amazon and look how that is turning out. All people don't buy items they want from amazon. Taken with salt and this is N4g, so you know how it goes.
ShowGun901  +   614d ago
the hundred dollar difference is going to be HARD to make up, especially with parents...

Kid: i want an xbone!
Dad: its $100 more than a ps4...
Kid: i want an xbone!
Dad: i'll get you a ps4.
Dad: do you want the ps4 or nothing at all?
Kid: yay! ps4!

i know alot of people who made that decision 6 years ago and didn't buy a ps3, money is important when you dont have much...
Chris558  +   614d ago
not the mention gamers who know something about specs and are not bullshitted by teh cloud pick the ps4.
Destrania  +   614d ago
PS4 is gamers obvious choice because it was designed specifically for us and game developers. The fact that it's more powerful, amongst many other reasons, and yet is $100 cheaper than Xbone is just icing on the 10+ tier cake.
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ShowGun901  +   614d ago
thats true, they have the budget consious, and the tech-heads, and the die hard sony fans... all thats left is the die hard xbox fans. They sold a million worldwide, lets see if thats enough for them to keep buying exclusives LOL
ikk47  +   614d ago
LOL @ yay! ps4!
TMRBac  +   614d ago
Terrible article whoring for hits. BioShock and Skylanders were lightning deals today so of course those filled up the bestsellers page.
Mr_Writer85  +   614d ago

"It’s worth mentioning, though, that the Xbox One had to compete with some quite heavy hitters: Skylanders is self explanatory, due to its massive popularity, even more so before the holidays, while the BioShock Triple pack is on sale for a rather amazing price. If you still don’t have the three games for PC you should really grab it."
bligmerk  +   614d ago
Just indicators of the XBO not selling out, not even close. Target has an in-store availability check by state and gaf people are finding XBO all over the place, while the PS4 is showing 0. Of course, for the PS4, the next big lot after the NA launch are going to the Euro launch. Then the standard launch shipments begin, into a Feb. Japan/Asia launch.
Nartzee-Ninja  +   614d ago
Ferraris sell less than skodas, but who cares really. Besides the topic,got my Xbox One today and its frickin amazing. So pleased and now so tired. Killer instinct was a great surprise too.
ltachiUchiha  +   614d ago
Not trying to be a fanboy here but if your comparison of the xbox one being a Ferrari then shouldn't the xbox one have more horse power compared to its rival? Just saying, thats a bad comparison.
ShowGun901  +   614d ago
if its more expensive it should have something more than the competition... but in this case, thats the kinect, which I REAAAAALLLYY don't care about. it isn't worth $50 to me, no less the +$100 they're basically asking for it.

glad youre having fun with it, i'm confident titanfall will be a blast! good luck!
LinuxLeaf   614d ago | Spam
C-H-E-F  +   614d ago
Sooo ps4 still outsold the Xbone even on their worldwide release opposed to JUST ps4 NA release? is that what i'm getting and it's 2:1 so it seems top 5 to top 10
HaveAsandwich  +   614d ago
just got back from best buy in central florida. there's xbones everywhere. you can buy them right out of the glass show cases.
MatrixxGT  +   613d ago
Walmart still has 2 of them today.
FANTA1180  +   613d ago
so basically most of you are saying that people are cheap and they only buy the ps4 bc its the cheaper alternative ... nice.

the x1 console had a huge strike against it after the drm debacle.

considering its selling well over the xbox 360's launch .. is an achievement within itself.

noone should be worried about its sales, esp if you dont plan on owning the console.
Ps4Console  +   613d ago
Is this anything to do with gaming ?
condemmedman  +   613d ago
God Sony fan boys are so sad. have you no games to play?
jessupj  +   613d ago
I've got plenty to play on my sexy PS4. Thanks for asking.

I just like to take a 5 min break every now and then and see what new and hilarious excuses and/or out right denial and lies ms apologists use.

It really is very entertaining.
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RU-SIX  +   613d ago
By the holy God, i hate this flamebait!

Can't sonyfanboys just accept they won the consolewar (PS3 Vs XBOX 360). Cant they just accept the PS4 is selling better than the XboxOne. So what?! Is this all about revenge?! Don't be so fu..ing childish guys.

I'm loyal to Sony. I bought the PS1/PS2/PS3, own a Sony TV and a Xperia Smartphone. But i never went so far to hate anybody. There is so much hate in this game.

I played Ryse yesterday. You now what? The game is looking freaking amazing! The XboxOne can deliver absolutely stunning nextgen graphics. Everybody who doubts this is a freaking fanboy! The XboxOne has great potential...

The fact that the XboxOne is not selling well, is because of very bad media/press. MS did a lot of bullshit. No doubt about it. But what counts is, they are trying to do things better...

As a REAL gamer, i absolutely dont want Sony to get a monopol in the gaming industry. Just like i dont want MS to build a monopol. Something that many people out there are missing: "Competition is EVERYTHING." If there is no competition, EVERY gamer will lose!

So stop that childish thinking people...
Daves  +   613d ago
Have to admit I agree with this opinion. Sony might have done things differently if it wasn't for Microsoft and the opposite is probably true.

But still, yay for PS4 \0/.
LOL, super Mario 3d world is one of Amazon's best seller
N8  +   613d ago
I think this is because of how well the ps3 was and still is supported. For me a ps4 was worth the purchase just for the sequals to tlou and infamous etc.

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