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Microsoft Has Officially Responded To Reported Xbox One Launch Day Issues

A representative from Microsoft has responded to our list of inquiries regarding Xbox One launch day issues. (Xbox One)

Update Microsoft has offered us an update on reports of defective disc drives, here's their official response: “The issue is affecting a very small number of Xbox One customers. We’re working directly with those affected to get a replacement console to them as soon as possible through our advance exchange program. Rest assured, we are taking care of our customers.” – Microsoft spokesperson

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Mikelarry  +   546d ago
Good they have acknowledged that there are users experiencing issues and are prepared to troubleshoot said issues to hopefully resolve most.
curtis92  +   546d ago
Techinically, they didn't. They said "if a customer believes they are experiencing an issue." Implying that the consumer is likely dumb and that there really isn't an issue.
MysticStrummer  +   546d ago
I agree that they didn't really acknowledge anything, but disagree that they implied people experiencing issues are dumb or that there aren't any issues to begin with. They're just saying they're ready to listen and try to help, which is all they can do at this point. Trust me, I'm no fan of MS, but it's still too early to jump to any conclusions.
ELpork  +   546d ago

Also glad to see at least one person not being a pessimistic jerk in here.
Mr_cheese  +   546d ago
Hopefully, there will be answers and fixes for all of you getting an xbox1. I'm a ps man, but would rather not have any major issues suffering either console because its bad for us as gamers.
curtis92  +   546d ago
Funny to suggest if a user thinks there is a problem, they should literally ask the console. Not bashing, just think that's funny.

I can hear the rep on the phone "So you think there is a problem? Yes. Okay, and did you ask Xbox if there is a problem?"
azshorty2003  +   546d ago | Funny
It would be kind of cool if it could troubleshoot itself like that.

Xbox, are you feeling ok?

Xbox: Well, my disc drive kind of feels upset. Maybe I should go into sleep mode for a while.
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OrangePowerz  +   546d ago
I love PR talk. "Costumers will have questions" or you could just say that some consoles are broken. That's not a dig at MS but about the PR talk of any company when dealing with things like that.
curtis92  +   546d ago
They still didn't acknowledge anything was wrong. Just that some customers might have questions or "believe" they are experiencing an issue.
OrangePowerz  +   546d ago
The part with "if customers believe they have a problem". I`m sure if the disc drive doesn`t work customers don`t only think they have a problem, they do have a problem.

I hate BS PR talk like that, and as I said that doesn`t only apply to MS.
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skoorydook  +   546d ago
“We know that with a hardware launch of this magnitude customers will have questions and we have many avenues for customers to get the answers they need and get back in the game as soon as possible. Rest assured we plan to take care of our customers. Any customer who believes they are experiencing an issue with their Xbox One should reach out to us. There are many avenues available for customers to get in touch with us including:
· Talking to a live customer support person that can call you back if you don’t want to wait. Revert back to Xbox 360.

B-radical  +   546d ago
Thankfully so far my x1 is running like a beast i hope the troubleshoot helps everyone
uncharted56  +   546d ago
Wow took them long enough man but at least they were still quick. Sony was pretty fast on this matter or at least Shu was. I love that guy :D
Bathyj  +   546d ago
Everyone loves that guy. Even those that cant admit it.
mochachino  +   546d ago
On Amazon there's currently 246 5 star reviews and 160 one star reviews with people saying the disc drive is broken and cant read discs, makes scratching sounds, or rejects discs.

Although it looks like roughly 50% failure rates I doubt xone hardware failures exceed the norm 5% for consumer electronics but it seems to be "just as bad" as PS4.

That being said, even at 1% failures, when you sell a million consoles that's 10,000 very angry people rushing to the internet to vent their woes.
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PS3n360  +   546d ago
Out of 183 0ne star reviews there are exactly 28 Verified buyers. I am calling BS on that. Some of the reviews are blatantly sony trolls. Who buys a console and calls it a "bone 720p" in their review. These dipshits need to get a life.
Hicken  +   545d ago
The same type of people doing the same type of thing for the PS4 on Amazon. And, I imagine, the same people that were doing the same things to the Wii U when it launched, too.
DevilishSix  +   546d ago
A buddy of mine got his X1 in from Amazon today and the drive does not work. He called Amazon and they are over nighting him a replacement. Thats good custoner service from Amazon, they didn't even tell him go talk to Microsoft.
Jeedai Infidel  +   546d ago
Side note, after the new year, Amazon will be paying the United States Postal Service to deliver on Sundays. 7 days a week is going to make it extremely quick to get packages. Not sure if other countries are doing the same though.

What's strange is that a year ago the USPS were going to stop delivering on Saturdays because of budget constraints, so it makes me wonder how much Amazon is paying for Sunday deliveries.
mcstorm  +   546d ago
Ive not had any issues with mine all up and running without any issues. If anyone is having a issue with there's hope it gets fixed soon,
parentsbasement  +   546d ago
I was a little worried but updated pretty dang quick....about 6 minutes maybe....but freaking Call of Duty Ghosts is one SLOW install......I know im inpatient but dang, what is the normal install time supposed to be I wonder?.....so far the voice commands work pretty good imo.....love the bing feature
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JohnnyTower  +   546d ago
Microsoft store royally fucked up my order. Their customer service is of no help. I'm holding off for the ps4/vita bundle. To hell with you Microsoft. You lost a loyal customer here.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   546d ago
Is it really necessary to say "The issue is affecting a very small number of Xbox One customers", sounds defensive to me. and yet when sony is criticized they just said, we are taking care of the issues and has released a how to fix guide. MS PR and marketing department, doing really a good job to lessen the tainted image of the company
jjind  +   546d ago
I love my xbox one...
Themba76  +   546d ago
I love my ps4
ATiElite  +   545d ago
I love my Lady friends

My PC's are cool but they are just plastic and silicon oh wait that describes most women in Phoenix, AZ.
superbomberman  +   545d ago
Too bad for those PS4 and Xbox One owners with broken systems. It's never fun to spend all that money to have a lemon. Glad my Xbox One turned out great.
bigboss1990  +   545d ago
I don't think we need new consoles yet

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