Jack Tretton: PS3 Would “Be a Great Success” if it Ended at 80 Million Units Sold

Now that the PlayStation 4 is out in the US and Canada, the PlayStation 3′s sales are likely to slow down considerably from now on, but it did manage to sell-through 80 million units during its first 7 years. - PSLS

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Abash1608d ago

But we all know it'll hit 100 million at this rate.

GrizzliS19871608d ago

sigh. he means if sales were to stop all of a sudden, and all they sold was the 80 million that they did, it would still be considered a success...

FlameHawk1608d ago

I like to just read the titles.

darthv721608d ago

80mil is good. If the price is competitive with the wii then there is a chance it too could see triple digit sales like the PS1 and PS2.

sony says games will still be released for it so anything is possible.

UltimateMaster1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

But the PS3 won't stop at 80 million, it's going to sell over 100 million, barely beating the Wii.

turgore1607d ago

Well remember, poorer countries might still buy the ps3 since the ps4 is mad expensive there.

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TrendyGamers1608d ago

I'm expecting a good price drop at E3. Should help it get there faster.

RPG_Lover1608d ago

it will never hit 100, sales are already tanking

SoapShoes1608d ago

Yeah and I remember people saying GT5 would never hit 10mil like the others too. hahaha It still has 3-4 years to do 20 million, very very plausible, especially considering it will likely drop in price once or twice in that time.

MysticStrummer1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

They'll drop the price and sales will spike again for awhile. Just like with PS2 when PS3 released, Sony will continue to sell and support PS3 for years to come.

EDIT - @below - PS3 will still be sold for another 3-4 years if not more. People who wait that long to buy a console at that price will be happy to be able to play online for free too.

RPG_Lover1608d ago

1) THE system has been price dropped twice this year to no impact

2) sales as they are now, next year the system wont hit a million sold globally

SoapShoes1608d ago

There has been no price drop this year, the last drop they had was last year when it went from $299 to $250. Then the Super Slim came and the price stayed the same. In the US they introduced a cheaper 12GB model but no price drop.

DonMingos1608d ago

@ElementalKnight And yet PS3 has sold 5% more in 2013 than in the same period in 2012 with Black Friday and Christmas yet to come

DialgaMarine1608d ago

Yes, because 255K units in the same week that PS4 launched is sales "tanking". People seem to forget that PS2 sold 30+ million units after the release of the PS3. With more price drops, the PS3 should have no problem reaching 100M. The 360, on the other hand... Probably not.

HighResHero1608d ago

So if it does hit 100m, which is likely, will you admit your mistake? Or are you one of those people that just says wtf you feel like and doesn't take responsibility for it?

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Jay70sgamer1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

No it won't because the new systems are out ....follow me .....for the playstation 3 to reach 100000000 they would have to sell 555,000 ps3 a month for the next 3 years that's not gonna or will happen when they are averaging less than that amount now ...just saying ...that7th generation is over as far as big sells .........wii first ,ps3 and xbox back and forth 2nd and 3rd 80,000,000 is great

DialgaMarine1608d ago

You forget to take into account holiday seasons, where the system on average sells millions a month. Unlike previous PS systems, PS3 hit it's stride later on the game, which means it'll have longer so long as it continues to stay on store shelves the way PS2 did.

calis1608d ago

"555,000 a month"

If it sells 200 - 250k in the USA a month, that leaves 300k for the rest of the world in that month. Entirely plausibly.

Jay70sgamer1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

Do yall really believe it will sell 550,000 a month for the next three years when there new system is out and holidays season is only 3. Months after that it will hardly sell in the hundreds of thousands the ps4 will ....sorry it's not gonna happen you really think ps3 is gonna sell millions of ps3 hell no ...and even if they sell lets say 4 million they are still at least 16 million consoles behind .."not gonna happen ..look at vgchartz as a source it only sells about 200000 to 300000 a month world wide right now ......that's gonna get smaller in the next few months ...sorry not gonna happen

Hicken1608d ago

It's entirely possible that the PS3 will be close to 83-84 million by the end of the year. Remember, the holidays are coming up, and that's pretty much a guaranteed boost of a few million. It will also actually see some benefit from being cheaper than the new generation of consoles, as some people will opt to spend the lesser amount of money.

And that's BEFORE it hits the $199 price point.

So, let's assume a maximum of 84 million sold by the end of this year. That means it'll need 16 million over the next three years, or 5.33333 million a year. If we assume the minimum of 82 million, that'd be 6 million a year for a total of 18 million over the next three years.

With ten million likely for this year, do you REALLY think that averaging 6 mil for the next three years is unlikely? Again, keep in mind that it hasn't dropped to $199 yet, and could maintain momentum sometime after reaching that price by further dropping to $149.

Rather than improbable, I'd say the odds are extremely likely that the PS3 will see 100 million sold before its production run is over.

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AgitatedOcelot1608d ago

I'm sure it will get another hardware shrink and eventually a drop to $99 sometime in the next 3 years before it's retired. And I expect it will easily top 100 million units.

I don't doubt it will go for another 3 years. The 360, I expect it's going to be taken out behind the shed and shot by MS.

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gerol1608d ago

yeah 80 Million is not bad.. considering its "bad launch and media"..

i still find the PS3 as a good investment, since there are still exclusive games coming to the platform :)

ftwrthtx1608d ago

PS2's would still be selling if they still made them. They did stop making them, right?

Blackdeath_6631608d ago

yep, the remaining units were still being sold for a month or two after they ended production though

GT671608d ago

@ ftwrthtx

YOU RIGHT they did stop, long as ps3 is supported no need to rush buy ps4 yet. current games i play is dev. for ps3--ps4

when sony stop dev. GT,R&C, NFS for ps3 then it would be time to move to ps4.

dbjj120881608d ago

It'll sell easily 100 mil. Still one of the cheapest and best bluray players to own thanks to updates direct from Sony, 3D support, etc.


come on man, 100 and up is what were aiming for!

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