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Feedbackula: Ryse Review Rabble

Xbox one launch title Rsye:son of rome didn't review very well,putting the mob in a uproar . Johnny grabs his gladius to see if he can't sort things out a bit(he can't ) (Ryse: Son of Rome, Xbox One)

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brosephsmith  +   232d ago
Bwahahahahahahaha!!lmfao! Lol, lol!!! To all the xbots that weeks ago were saying xbone had all the launch games, ryse this, ryse that...suck iiiiiiiit!! Ryse sucks more then Lindsay lohan! Now parden me while I go play warframe, a free ps4 game..maybe DC universe online, a free ps4 game...maybe blacklight, resogun, I think u tools with the retarded idea that xbone had the launch lineup, know where im going with this.ps hope battlefield looks as good on xb as ps4....former xb360 fan, out!
GrizzliS1987  +   232d ago
irony here is that you sound like the guys from the quotes within the video.

either way, funny vid. Sad ryse didnt turn out the way i hoped :/ KI it is.
mhunterjr  +   232d ago
Lol all but one of the games you've mentioned are old, and free on other platforms. Surely those don't justify buying a new next gen console.

I'm not here to criticize your purchase purchase, to each his own. But let's not pretend the ps4's launch is flawless.ps4 has higher quality ports than xb1, but Xb1 AAA games are reviewing better.
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Master-H  +   232d ago
lol man i love Feedbackula. I subbed to gamespot channel just for this.
Hopefully we get a dope Roman empire game in the future, i wish Crapcom would make a Shadow of Rome 2, but knowing them they would probably ruin it anyway.
thereapersson  +   232d ago
I would really love to see a next-gen Rygar. I loved the one on PS2!
brosephsmith  +   232d ago
No offense if u weren't one of the guys who were (in geek snotty voice)"xbox has best launch lineup, ryse has ten million pixels by twenty million polygons, with a twenty hundth refresh rate etc etc.they were everywhere.told one of th3m id cry laffing if ryse got bad review

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