Respawn Wants Titanfall to Feel Familiar, but “It’s all new”; the World Is “so Much More Open”

During the launch broadcast of the Xbox One yesterday night, Respawn Entertainment co-founder Vince Zampella was asked a few questions about Titanfall, and he shared his vision for the game.

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AngelicIceDiamond1641d ago

Here's hoping it lives up the hype. 100k pre-orders and counting.

Tctczach1641d ago

Can't wait for this game. Should have an Xbox One by then.

Pascalini1641d ago

The game all Sony users want

thorstein1641d ago

Evidence please. I admit (and have admitted) that this is the best game coming to the XOne. I am not a Xbox fan, and I won't be buying one. I wanted this game on the PS4 and am glad to hear that future titles will come to the PS4.

However, I own a PC also and will be playing the hell out of it on there.

What is wrong with wanting good games, BTW? I like Fable and Halo and Dead Rising. What, I can't want them?

And what, you can't admit to wanting SONY exclusives like the Last of Us or Uncharted?

NihonjinChick1641d ago

I'm sure a lot of them will be enjoying it on a PC if they have one.

porkChop1641d ago

PC and 360 say hi. You don't need an Xbox One to play Titanfall.

supraking9511641d ago

meh, so its CoD in a Battlefield setting. Respawn saying "familiar" means CoD

spicelicka1641d ago


what must they do to differentiate it from COD? They added freakin mechs, added parkour-like traversing, added vertical gameplay, hijacking, mech on mech fighting. Yes the shooting style reminds you of COD (and i hate cod) but it's totally something new.

Does it have to turn into super mario to look different from COD? Before you say shit like that, give a good example of what you want them to do to differentiate it.

Every other freakin FPS looks like COD then by your logic.