Did Microsoft Know About the Faulty Xbox One Optical Drive?

Karam Elahi throws his opinion out about how Microsoft could have known about the faulty optical drive issue before the release of the Xbox One: "Interestingly enough, back in August of this year,, cited market analysts from the Chinese language Economic Daily News, who discovered yield rate (read as: manufactured item success rates) issues with certain components of the Xbox One, which include the optical disk drive and its assembly"

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sigfredod1768d ago

wow if the current optical drive issues and this report are indeed related M$ will be in trouble, hope not for the gamers sake

FITgamer1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

I doubt they would still try to push up the manufacturing rate if they knew the hardware was faulty. I mean they already went through this with the 360. I am not a fan of Microsoft, but this grasping at straws.

MizTv1768d ago

We'll they did it before with the 360
So why change now?

solid_snake36561768d ago

@MizTv exactly they just extended the warranty to shut people up. The production went on.

1768d ago
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1768d ago

Things I noticed...

First post has a Sony only game as avatar and uses a dollar sign to spell MS. Might be a little biased.

Another thing noticed, PS4 had problems too.. did the know about it as well?!?!?!? The horror.

BlackTar1871768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

using a $ sign for MS goes way beyond xbox.

People seem to forget how shady the actual Whole of Microsoft is.

Now both companies have issues but the length of the rap sheet for both is not even comparable.

Ther thing I've noticed
your posts "Ahhhhhhhhhh. I know this denial all to well. We went through it with our 360's RRoDing all over at launch. Yet we didn't want to believe it! And then it was a problem. Everything is really reversed this gen. Ha ha ha. #21.4"

"I'd make articles like this after the PS4 launch too. Disastrous all those PS4's bricking out there. #1.1.14"

kewlkat0071768d ago

Did Sony know consoles were going to brick..

georgenancy1768d ago

why are your comments always so bitter?

georgenancy1768d ago

why are your comments always so bitter

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1768d ago


Both consoles have some problems. Launch.

Are you scared yet?

Pogmathoin1768d ago

Well said Blacktar.... But I remember $ony saying get a 2nd job if you want to play our console... But get over it.... Its history.... All companies grow, expand and buy.... Nothing nasty about that.... Give me one real example of how 'shady' microsoft have been...

MysticStrummer1768d ago

Something I noticed…

Your comment ignores the premise of the article and automatically goes into fanboy attack/defense mode.

OT - If it's an issue with a small number of units they may or may not have known. If they knew about it but also knew the defect rate would fall within the acceptable range then it's not that big a deal, though I'm sure it would be blown out of proportion by many.

If it's a common defect, then despite my general dislike for MS I can't believe they knew about it and risked another RRoD style defect debacle, but if it's a widespread problem then MS is in trouble whether they knew about it or not.

DCfan1768d ago

Where is angiliclediamond??
Oh.. he's up there and only shows up when its sony fanboys.

BlackTar1871768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

for Beaver,

Im nto going to pull them all but

Now that said Sony has bad stuff too. But being im from america i work in computers almost my whole life i basiclly grew up on MS 486 computers its a little closer to home.

Call me a fanboy im fine with that I prefer PS family i still play 360 i still play PC i still played every single console thats ever been released ever going back to card readers and text games. I still enjoy games on every system i play games for fun. I don't however like MS too much i never have. I've used linux for 15yrs now I use open source SW whenever possible and outside of Outlook and windows XP and 7 and xbox (games) as a whole i don't like many ms products.

To add thanks for the response. I don't intend on telling you MS games suck or anything like that but i did want to point out the turning the S into $ is something that far extends past xbox divsion.

Moncole1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )


You do know Sony put rootkits in their laptops? And in Japan they have a thing called a Sony timer it is after the warrenty on a Sony product is up suddenly the product breaks. And let's not forget when PSN got hacked. Almost every company has bad stuff about them, they are a company and not your friend.

All these big companies care about is your money and they do what they can to get it and they all have different ways

BlackTar1871768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Monocle ,

I clearly stated once or twice both have issues. I also clearly stated being from a america it hits a little closer home. I also stated and is fact that the amount of negative things MS has against is dwarves almost every american company by double.

Hell you can watch a documentry on MS and all their lawsuits and antitrust anti consumer actions over the last 20 yrs.

Again i totally agree they both have bad things abotu then 100% agree. Their is one thing though Sony products are known for being quality just 10x overpriced. MS has no such products.

Like i said call me a fanboy and rightfully so but my fanboy goggles don't stop me from enjoying my favorite games regardless of system.

I gave you the agree due to the fact im not going to dispute fact based on loyalty.

Moncole1768d ago

Your not a fanboy becausw a fanboy would only game on one companies systems, think all other games are garbage and won't like of someone talks bad about their company.

GrandTheftZamboni1768d ago

rootkit fiasco was blown out of proportion by a developer who now works at Microsoft. He published a security hole in Sony DRM that he himself discovered. I don't think that hole was used by anyone to obtain private or other information or hack into someone's PC.

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Mikelarry1768d ago

Watch how now the fanboys who were mocking the ps4 failures and when the report about sabotage at foxconn came up they called it lies, watch how "polygon" will be the first to break the old news that the issue could indeed be linked to that sabotage

JeffGUNZ1768d ago

Other then like 3 diehard nerds on this, most people from both sides of the camp are expressing sympathy to fellow gammers if they received a faulty console. Every logic using human here understands defective units with electronics. Both consoles have some issues and that's why a lot of people are weary of day one consoles.

AngelicIceDiamond1768d ago

I'm guessing this is the part the tinfoil hats are coming out?

MS's evil, bad this and that the usual bliss.

MysticStrummer1768d ago

I wish we could see into an alternate reality where XB1 fanboys didn't go into attack mode last week over PS4's defects, then see if PS4 fanboy reaction to XB1 defects is any different this week.

As it is I can't really blame PS fans for being vocal about XB1's possible problems, though I do wish if any side took the high road it would be the side that happens to like my chosen console.

Abriael1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Honestly this article is REALLY reaching. "poor yield rates" means exactly the opposite, which is that the manufacturer was strict in churning out faulty units.

Here's how you create a story where there's none. And people will drink it like koolaid.

Anon19741768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

I remember back when these reports of problems with the disc drives started to come out. Microsoft denied there was an issue and denied they lowered the expected yield, but this was a company that denied there was a problem with the 360's for well over a year and never did come clean on how extensive the problem actually was.

It certainly seems looking back that there may have been truth to the reports from Chinese industry media where the Xbox drives were being manufactured. If the problem was so significant that they cut back their anticipated yield 11%, that's not an insignificant amount. Obviously faulty units would still slip through if the issues were this widespread.

edgeofsins1768d ago


The warranty was extended only for the RRoD and that was a court ordered policy or else they had to take the console off store shelves. The DVD drive problem still occurs with scratching discs and they never fixed that, probably because it wasn't court ordered so they don't care.

Do you want to just blindly follow a greedy company and spew your crap?

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KingDadXVI1768d ago

"Could the optical disk drive situation have been mitigated by Microsoft calling for higher yield standards, or shifting production plants all together? Or are these yield issues not related to the current optical drive issues at all?"

That is exactly what they did. The lowered the number of expected consoles from 7 million to 6.2 million due to yield issues. That means they were failing consoles and had to readjust their expectations for total available in 2013. If they hadn't then the could have accepted 7 million with a higher failure rate.

Kayant1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

It is probably also why they reduced their initial launch countries from 22 to 12 after the big 180s (DRM/kinect required) which increased demand.

KingDadXVI1768d ago

Good point. At the end of it I think that most fans of either console will agree that while it sucks electronics do have a DOA rate. What should be expected is for the companies involved to fix the issues quickly and graciously while learning from the failures so they can prevent them next time.

S2Killinit1768d ago

mmmm not having read the article (admittedly) I really doubt that they knew about it. if they knew about it, and it turns out to be a huge problem, even less so likely. do they suck at manufacturing consoles? sure, but i don't think they mean to.

Sloth-Eater1768d ago

Now we know why they can't meet the demand... Demand is being used on replacements.

falviousuk1768d ago

Will yo say the same about the PS4 and its several faulty issues, i doubt it.

Both consoles will have faulty units, every electronic decide has.

Deividas1768d ago

Lighten up there sunshine, it was a joke :)

mhunterjr1768d ago

"Karam Elahi throws his OPINION out about how Microsoft COULD have known about the faulty optical drive issue"

in other words, pure speculation...

Convas1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Pretty hilarious. We've seen the rabid xbox fans come out and jump on the PS4 problems, so now we'll watch the raid playstation fans return fire in kind.

Glad I understand how tech launches work.

mhunterjr1768d ago

It was funny at first, but sheesh... where can a guy go to get actual news?

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