Gamers XTREME - Call of Duty: Ghosts Review (PS4/X1/PS3/360/Wii U/PC): “Not Giving Up the Ghost Yet”

Argus9: "Call of Duty: Ghosts marks the second generation leap in the series’ history, making expectations for the newest iteration even higher than usual. Ghosts was released for the 7th generation consoles ahead of the next-gen versions, with the PS4 version now out and the Xbox One version serving as a launch title. Ghosts takes a trip back to Infinity Ward’s more current-day time period seen in the Modern Warfare series, but with a major twist: playing the losing side. Being a Call of Duty title, a high-budget campaign experience, riveting and addictive competitive multiplayer, and a co-op mode are assumed to be the standard fare. But is Call of Duty: Ghosts an exceptional entry in the series, or just a ghost of its former self?"

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GDDR6_20141732d ago

So the reviewer played the game on 7 platforms and they all get the same score?

Shadonic1732d ago

There all the same game and really even if they differentiated graphically or from little gameplay things like kinect integration it wouldn't be by much because you don't have to use it. from what im hearing from the non COD crazy people who have some sanity the games not that great. I still need to try it though.