Video Games Can Negatively Affect Us: So What?

IGN lies about potential negative effects of video games on children.

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Dunban671702d ago

good article-

Always intelligent

Majin-vegeta1702d ago

It only effects you if you're a dumb arse and don;t know reality from virtual.

DeadManIV1702d ago

I honestly can't say i've experienced any negative effects due to gaming. I've been gaming since I was 4, played vice city when I was 7/8 - I'm a pretty normal being, the only possible negative is that games may make it easier to just do things - it decreases our self control a little.

SaturdayNightBeaver1702d ago

Been gaming since PSone and still going. If anything it made me better

ATiElite1702d ago

The amount of violence I read and was exposed to in my American history class had a negative effect on me so if I become violent and hurt some one I'm gonna sue my college.

Hey if it works on video games why not American History class?

Jagsrock1702d ago

The main negative with games is that they can be addicting. So setting limits is a good thing especially when dealing with children. Other then that let them play.

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