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Submitted by Abriael 813d ago | opinion piece

Xbox One Issues Demonstrate that Hardware Problems don’t Pick Sides, and Neither Should You

The Xbox One launched today, and many reports are already surfacing on issues that range from the “green screen of death” to the fact that the console “eats disks”.

Of course many are taking the reports as the evidence that the Xbox One has some nasty and widespread hardware issue, exactly like they did with the PS4, only to discover afterwards that the problems affected less than 1% of the consoles Sony sold, which is well within industry standards for electronics.

The only thing demonstrated by the issues on the Xbox camp, is that hardware issues don't pick sides, and neither should you. (PS4, Xbox One)

GarrusVakarian  +   813d ago
"The only thing demonstrated by the issues on the Xbox camp, is that hardware issues don't pick sides, and neither should you."

*Applauds* Well said Abriael. I said a week back that people shouldn't be so hasty to bash the PS4's failure reports, and that they shouldn't think the X1 will be immune to hardware failures. But did they listen? Nope. I hope the failure rates continue to be as low for each console, broken consoles suck.

Though i must say (and i can only go off what i have seen myself) that i think PS gamers have been much more mature about the X1 issues then the MS gamers were about the PS4's issues last week. I haven't seen any nick names mocking the X1, no bitter troll comments, no poking fun, no false "widespread" accusations. Make of that what you will.


Im sure there has, i just haven't noticed it anywhere near as much as last week, im only talking about N4G though.
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Abriael  +   813d ago
I think there has been plenty immaturity from both sides. It's like for consoles. In Million of people there's gonna be hundreds of thousands trolls, no matter the color.
WorldGamer  +   813d ago
Well, I think we can play the game of saying "both sides are at fault", but there was a time when MS began the troll tactics.

Less we forget this.....


So, I believe that folks such as yourself should really try and keep some perspective before falling back on that two sides argument. MS opened up a can of worms long ago, and their fans have keep up this practice, even in the face of situations where they should probably be keeping their mouth shut. Just saying.
Abriael  +   813d ago
@WorldGamer: do you really, honestly believe that it wouldn't have been exactly the same if the Xbox One launched first?

Come on :D

You can't bring examples made by Microsoft's *marketing* and bunch them up with the fanbase. Mind you, Sony's marketing doesn't really hold back from jabs as well.
Software_Lover  +   813d ago
@world gamer

Really? you're gonna bring up stuff almost 9 years old. Might as well take it back to the ps2/xbox days.

That is just sad on so many levels.

Edit: and what does marketing have to do with the fanbase. some of you are so sensitive. You have held onto that anger for so long.

Anger let go you must!!!!
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Pintheshadows  +   813d ago
2436 days ago. That is a really long time.
DeadManIV  +   813d ago
I dislike the xbone, but I have refrained from harsh words regarding the failures
Gamer666  +   813d ago
The title pretty much said it all. The article after wasn't even required!
dantesparda  +   813d ago
So now suddenly, its to long ago, yet you still hear MS fanboys bringing up things from the PS2 era or Sony's comments during 2005 and thats fine and dandy. The level of hypocrisy exhibited by fanboys
cleft5  +   813d ago
Users should always side with the consumer friendly company. Right now that is Sony and last gen it was Microsoft. To ignore the actions of these companies is to allow the video game industry spin out of control. Never doubt the fact that we would still have the lame DRM if consumers didn't heavily side with Sony who was being consumer friendly.

Always pick sides, just make sure you are on the side of the consumer friendly company.
static5245  +   813d ago
Stay Calm and Game.

I'm upset at how the gaming world has turned out. Yes console wars have always been around but foremost it was about the games. I had a SNES and I loved my games but I did get jealous about some SEGA games. My cousins had a SEGA and I enjoyed that.

People stop being console brats and be gamers.
tagan8tr  +   813d ago
@Software_Lover so there is a statute of limitations on rude behavior. I think the sentiment is that this thing started somewhere WorldGamer just pointed out where, point is valid period.
pyramidshead  +   813d ago
Indeed. There was definitely advantage taken from people commenting after the PS4 launch, and most die hard fanboys knew the PS4 was gonna have some problems as all hardware does. Just nice attitudes drop after spending a week trashing the ps4 and receiving some of their own medicine, when in reality they should have expected it.
Pogmathoin  +   813d ago
Going to set mine up shortly. Been sitting in a box since the early hours of the morning here in rainy woodbridge, ontario.... Had one issue, the little plastic handle broke on the box, which is quite heavy....

Edit: @ Worldgamer, great job proving Abriael's point, both sides... You just had to get something smart in there.... Just saying...
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vitullo31  +   813d ago
i live in woodbridge! what an ugly day it is today... wish i was home playing ps4
greatmatt30  +   813d ago
Be happy its rain not snow :/
Rikuide_Furame  +   813d ago
Both console will have issues out of the gates. Having said that, one console may well have more issues than the other. The problem is identifying the severity of said issues whilst trying to sift through the array of false "reviews".
AngelicIceDiamond  +   813d ago
Having a preference is fine and normal but if you intentionally have to become puppet to these companies and narcissistic towards them, then we have a problem.

Both systems obviously have some sort of problems. And its to be expected nobody can help that. I don't have neither of the systems yet but hopefully when I pick one up the issues will be ironed out.

I can't stand so called "gamers" who wants everything to burn except there console.

Giving your life soul and allegiance to a company is just stupid and people like that have way too much time on their hands.

One of my favorite articles.
greatmatt30  +   813d ago
IDK i've been seeing some pretty stupid sony fan girls. People need to just buy the console they like and be happy with it cause no matter how much you want it you don't want MS or Sony to go away. It's called a monopoly (i don't count nintendo they are so far gone. its not even funny) i think they teach that concept in grade 7 in canada.

Edit. i can also guarantee the fanboy to normal consumer ratio is quite high some like 1 fanboy per 10,000 normal consumers.They just voice their opinion more and make tear making insults.
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ZBlacktt  +   813d ago
Those that have been around a few launches in our day already knew issues would happen. Only on the Internet world everything is blown way out of proportion. Not many take into account the millions of products being manufactured and shipped around the world. They just see this one guy over here. A person over there. Sure people are going to have issues. But again, 376 people vs a 1,000,000+ sold in 24 hours is not even a problem at all. Seems like people want to start more drama then just enjoying that we have two new consoles on the market. Which doesn't happened often at all.
DanielGearSolid  +   813d ago
While I'm not happy that some ppl are facing these issues on x1 im definitely happy that x1 fanboys that ridiculed the PS4 are dealing with issues as well.
Felonycarclub8  +   813d ago
Yeah its funny how quiet it got after problems started showing up with the X1.
captain_slow82  +   813d ago
its the launch of new consoles this sort of stuff happens :(

anyone can link to support forums to make problems look worse than they are but at the end of the day this stuff happens on any side of a console launch :(

but the good thing is greatness awaits us all when its really comes to it :D
unjust75  +   813d ago
KNWS  +   813d ago
This is a joke, a few people report issues, everyone things the xb1 is failing for everyone. 99 per cent of people have no issues.

I'm a member of x box forum in my home country, and out of 200 or so members, 2 reported issues, one was an update problem, the other guy had a faulty battery pack.
MasterCornholio  +   813d ago
Well you did say that the Xbox One wouldnt have any hardware issues. Im glad that you finally admit that your wrong.
KNWS  +   813d ago
I've seen a few people report, issues, not a big deal when hundreds of thousands of XB1's been sold in the last few days.

One guy i saw on Youtube was pressing the wrong side to eject disks and he said he's tray is fucked. What a dumb ass.
BlackTar187  +   813d ago
lol at him not owning up to saying it would not have any issues.

Even when confronted with fact you continue to divert your original posts.
tjg59  +   813d ago
Hope its not too widespread it would suck to get a broken console at launch.Thankfully my ps4 didn't get the blod but I feel bad for anybody that got a broken console ps4 or xb1.
mcloving  +   813d ago
well my brother xbox one got the green screen of dead but he returned to gamestop got his money back
TRD4L1fe  +   813d ago
I played all night after the midnight launch took a 2 hr break and here I am rotating between AC black flag, DR3, KI, and TV and no a single hiccup. im loving my XB1
JuniorCE  +   813d ago
The xbone is a eater of bluray disc lol
JeffGUNZ  +   813d ago
THe Green screen of death appears to be user error as well. MS appears to have failed to put a progress bar on their screen when its downloading and updating initially and people think the system is frozen. Instead of waiting it out, users are restarting their consoles in the middle of the update causing the systems to brick. MS, how do you not put a progress bar on there!? Most people, including myself if I had one, would restart after several minutes of inactivity.
GCHJR  +   813d ago
Why care about another console failing if you dont want that console in the first place. Its like ppl in America just need things to hate eachother for lol smh
BlackTar187  +   813d ago
Did you post this same response int eh ps failure articles?

Please link
GCHJR  +   812d ago
Im new to this site so no
ElementX  +   813d ago
So far I haven't had any issues with my PS4 or Xbox One.
imdaboss1  +   813d ago
bullshit dont give ms a free pass ..You know how defective their console is? there so many damn problems with it..Sony PS4 rarely have any problems..Just look at the PS3 and 360..MS 360 half of their user base have the redlightsofdeath
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LiQuiZoN  +   813d ago
I see much bigger issues coming from the xbox camp in the coming months. I have no faith in their hardware or quality assurance practices. Xbone was certainly pushed to market and made to work as quick as possible.
HaveAsandwich  +   812d ago
ive already chosen a side, whether you like it or not.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   812d ago
The 720p side i assume?

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