XBox One early adopters reporting hardware problems

With today’s launch of Xbox One, some owners are discovering various problems with their next-gen console. An IGN reader's system is in an endless cycle of crashing and rebooting. Another has issues with his headset outputting nothing but static. Others have seen the "E100" notification, indicating a total hardware failure caused by an update error.

Other new Xbox One owners have reported numerous issues to the Xbox support message board, including concerning issues with disc drives, unusual sounds coming from the machine, more spontaneous system shutdowns, missing pixels, and blank or frozen screens.


Update: One of IGN's office machines suffers from the same disc drive problem many have reported. When a disc is inserted, the Xbox One makes a grinding noise, but the disc is unaffected. However, Xbox One won't read any game discs. "Sorry, we can't play the disc," a notification says. "Try an Xbox One game, a music CD, or a movie on Blu-ray or DVD."

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Anon19741645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

A see a few more issues here than just the disc drive problem and Green Screen of Death. This is the first I'd heard of some of the other issues being reported. Hope this ends up easy to sort out and isn't widespread. I guess time will tell. MS denied there were any problems with the 360 for over a year originally and extended their warranty twice so it's not like they've historically been very open about these types of issues.

Remember these days?

"Microsoft went on to concede: "That being said, we have received a few isolated reports of consoles not working as expected.

"It's important to note that there is no systemic issue with Xbox 360 - each incident is unique and these customer inquiries are being handled on a case-by-case basis."

Microsoft has not revealed details of how many Xbox 360 units have been found faulty, but did state that the return rate is "significantly lower" than the CE industry average of between 3 and 5 per cent."

I was one of those "isolated" cases after buying into MS's denials and believing all the noise was the internet just being the internet. I ended up on my 4th console before I finally just stopped playing it. 3 dead consoles will change your gaming habits.

I really do hope it's not an issue like what I went through. I wouldn't wish that frustration on any gamer.

Kingthrash3601645d ago

green screen of death...dam that sounds bad.
hats off to all gamers with faulty consoles...well except the ones who mocked and jabbed at ps4 gamers having problems, this is nothing to be joking about imo...this is a nightmare for gamers who waited for their systems get home, open the box, smell that new console smell, over excitedly hook up the system, and bam! this happens.
i was too scared to hook my ps4 up, thank god mine has been running great so far.

reaperofsouls1645d ago

let us hope than any faults are confined to thoose who trolled the PS4 issues

elmaton981645d ago

Same thing happened to me. I was hesitating for 10 minutes but I hooked it up and hasn't had a problem so far.

Ezz20131645d ago

did you guys see this

and happened to IGN as well
and when IGN told Microsoft about it :

""Microsoft customer support suggested IGN return the faulty unit to Amazon, for quicker results than going through Microsoft""

i'm lost for words here

creatchee1645d ago

I definitely think the disc drive thing is systemic. I have the "woodpecker" in mine and it won't read any media. When I contacted Microsoft, the CS guy said he had heard some of his colleagues getting reports of the same problem. He also kept confirming that I was in Florida, which made me wonder if it was a regional or batch issue.

Other than that, the console runs perfectly and Microsoft is sending me a loaner while mine is repaired so I won't have any downtime. I'm loving Killer Instinct and Assassin's Creed, and the voice commands/UI have worked quite well. I really like the console as a whole - just wish I could play my physical games lol

Anon19741645d ago

It's good that they at least sound on top of it this time out. When I had problems with my 3rd 360 console chewing up disks, that they had just shipped me as a replacement for a rrod, the agent on the phone tried to tell me that faulty disc drives weren't covered by the regular warranty.

Luckily I had bought an extended warranty from MS and they reluctantly sent me a new console, but it was like pulling teeth and I was never compensated for the 3 games it ruined before I figured out what was happening. This was all due to a replacement unit they had shipped me just 2 weeks prior. It was unbelievable.

It's certainly nice to hear your story and thanks for sharing. It's good to hear some good customer service experiences for a change. When something goes wrong your already frustrated enough. You don't need to then get attitude from people who are supposed to be helping you.

nategrigs1645d ago

My buddy in Florida has the same issue....

OrangePowerz1645d ago

There are a few more I have heard of controllers not working or d-pad making a strange noise as well as Kinect not being recognized and graphic corruptions that show blue squares.

It's still isolated cases, but it does look like the Xbox has more unique issues while most PS4 issues where limited to mainly the same issues.

Snookies121645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

My friend got one at midnight, hopefully his isn't messed up in any way. Sucks when you buy a new console and that happens.

svoulis1645d ago

I was worried about this when I got my PS4, and I'll be worried about it when I get the XO.

This stuff happens. I am going to give Microsoft one chance this generation. They proved that they could change their ways (with DRM ETC) and I went through 5 360's before I stopped trying with them.

Heres hoping. To all those that have gotten any faulty consoles PS4 or XO my condolences

chrissx1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

This is always the risk in getting stuff on launch.never a good thing. Sucks for those early adopters hope it gets sorted out

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