PS4 UK Digital Game Sizes And Prices Confirmed

TSA writes: "The PlayStation Store has finally went live on PS4 in the UK, so we’ve been able to check and confirm the exact file size and pricing of each digital game that’s on there so far, from the rather small Resogun to the huge Killzone: Shadow Fall."

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RytGear1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Those prices are truly disgusting.

For the americans, £50 is around $80 and £60 is around $97.

We are used to £40 for games which is around $65 but if Sony really want us to embrace digital gaming then those prices need to go.

Neonridr1485d ago

Are those digital prices higher than the physical boxed prices? I agree, those prices are ridiculous..

minimur121484d ago

yeah higher, pretty stupid really, is there a reason to why they are so high? like admin crap? Anyway, I won't be buying a game on there any time soon, I told myself I would but I've decided against it now I know the prices 0.o

Salooh1484d ago

Just create a us account and buy from it . That's what we do in middle east. :)

WhittO1484d ago

tbh COD prices seem to be goung up past few years and and GTA V have both been around the £50 mark on PS3, never mind PS4

Kayant1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Oh man look at that EA tax. All their games are *£62* followed by ubisoft with £58. Surprisingly Activision's pricing is not that high compared to Sony's first parties with COD being £55.

gameforall1484d ago

Sony's first parties games are £52.99 Killzone Shadow Fall and Knack but they are still to high for digital

Mikelarry1485d ago

And they keep coming out with comments like digital is the future, not with those prices.

Livecustoms1484d ago

Gamestop UK do games for £45, buy your ps4 games from there :D

RytGear1484d ago

Even that is £5 more than they should be.

CocoWolfie1484d ago

theres pretty much no reason for that, like £5 - £10 goes to playstation and thats it, whereas retail they take into account, sony, retailers, and manufactures, so.. ugh

The_KELRaTH1484d ago

Notice the UK is paying more for the hardware than even the rest of EU. As it seems many were happy to accept that I'm not really surprised Sony thought it fine to continue ripping the UK off on software.

Angerfist1484d ago

You Brits have the cheapest Games out there, half of Europe orders Games from you because they are so cheap, so maybe its just a change from all companies so UK retailers dont steal sales from other countries. That in the end the UK costumer pays more is stupid but thats business and maybe everything is back to normal soon.

Knushwood Butt1484d ago

How many other countries in the EU have to pay 20% consumption tax (VAT)?

The UK is a rip off to start with.

The_KELRaTH1484d ago

European Vat rates 2013

As you can see th UK is much the same as some or less than quite a few others

Lior1484d ago

£63 for NBA live 14 is bank level robbery, that game is utter trash. I wouldn't pay £6.30 for that game

esemce1484d ago

Yep that truly is a disgrace £33 for Angry birds. Such a contrast compared to steam eh ? Imagine if MS got their way with the no used games policy and a all digital download system.

Even when PSN/MS store games are on sale their price are mostly still too high in my opinion.

They want to combat piracy and used games, how about they lower the damn base price.

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silvacrest1484d ago

i guess i'll be surviving on PS+ and used games because i am not paying these prices

macethedon1484d ago

Exactly! thank god the DRM thing didn't pan out for consoles.

L0wbanR1484d ago

£63? Do not want. Disc please thank you.

Honest_gamer1484d ago

the one i cant wrap my head around is angry birds how did we go from something like 69p or £1 odds to £32.99 o.0 and it sold like 2000 odd copies :O why buys this crap at that price

Pascalini1484d ago

These prices are a lot higher than xbox one

Sony are trying to make money back on games as the ps4 is cheaper

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