​Killer Instinct: The Kotaku Review

Kotaku - "The main reason I want to keep playing Killer Instinct is to hear the announcer go absolutely crazy when I do amazing things. The first time you hear him scream out "Combo Breakkkkerrrrr!!!!" you'll understand."

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Grave1152d ago

Looks like it really needs an old school fighting stick yo.

lets_go_gunners1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

Dude the fucking dojo mode is so intense I played it for an hr and half and I still have 8 left to do. Game is awesome you don't need a review to try it and the online is consistent.

Heavenly King1152d ago

does the game has Story mode??

PixelNinja1152d ago

Yes, but not at the moment.
The way DH is giving game out is over time. At the moment the game does not have a story mode but double helix have confirmed in the coming months they will be adding one.

Deltaguy1152d ago

no because the game is unfinished

Fireseed1152d ago

Define "finished", because if it's just adding more characters and Story mode, then just wait for your "finished" copy. Meanwhile the rest of us will just go ahead and play the solid and fun foundation that's here.

mcstorm1152d ago

Really enjoying this game a good fun fighting game and a tribute to the 1st ki.