Are video games art? Is that the right question? Paola Antonelli gets it right in this Ted Talk.

Anyone who has respect for video games as more than just toys and time-sinks should watch this video in which Paola Antonelli tells it like it is while explaining why Pac-Man, Tetris and other games are in the Museum of Modern Art.

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Thatguy-3101578d ago

If you think about the actual definition then you can say art is pretty much anything that comes from the creative mind.

Pandamobile1578d ago

A lot of video games today are about as artistic as Hollywood blockbusters.

95% of the time, you'll find the real works of art for <$15 on Steam and stuff.

zeal0us1578d ago

How many times this question going to get asked. I swear its like every 6months to a year this question gets asked.

kythlyn1577d ago

You should actually watch the video. There's more to it than the headline question.

ThatDodo1577d ago

Yes video games are art *sigh*

KingPin1577d ago

who cares
its an art form.

there are different forms of, movies, painting, sculptures, etc.
its like a bicycle transport? it has no engine like a car or motorbike, so can it really be used as a form of transport?

sometimes the answer is so simple that humans tend to over complicate it to look smart. FFS people.

Am_Ryder1577d ago

That's a great analogy, the bicycle/ transport one. I'mma use that in future! +bubble!

KingPin1577d ago

no problem bro. glad you got it. :)

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